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Husqvarna 11 Operator's Manual page 44

Husqvarna rider operator's manual
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Work done
Pre-delivery service
1. Top up battery with acid and recharge for four hours.
2. Fit steering wheel, seat and any optional equipment.
3. Adjust cutting unit:
Adjust the lifting springs (the "weight" of the cutting unit should
be 12-15 kg). Only applies to BioClip.
Adjust cutting unit so that rear edge is about 2–4 mm higher
than front edge.
Adjust cutting unit height setting so that cutting height limit is 5
mm above the frame of the unit at the lowest cutting height.
4. Check that engine has correct amount of oil.
5. Check that the right amount of oil is in the transmission. (Not
Rider 11)
6. Check and adjust tyre pressure (60 kPa, 0.6 bar).
7. Connect battery.
8. Fill with fuel and start engine.
9. Check that machine does not move in neutral. (Not Rider 11)
10. Check:
Forward drive.
Reverse drive.
Operation of blades.
Seat safety switch.
Lift lever safety switch.
Safety switch for hydrostatic pedals/neutral setting.
11. Check engine revs 2 950 rpm.
12. Tell customer about:
Need and benefits of following the service schedule.
The need and advantages of leaving the machine for regular
The effects of maintenance on the machine's second hand
Range of applications for BioClip.
13. Complete proof of sale, etc.
After first 5 hours
1. Change engine oil.
Date, mileage, stamp, sign
Pre-delivery service carried out.
No outstanding problems.
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