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Children; Maintenance - Husqvarna 11 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna rider operator's manual
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Do not cut close to edges, ditches or banks. The
machine can suddenly tip over if a wheel goes
over the edge of a drop or a ditch, or if a bank
gives way.
Do not cut wet grass. It is slippery and the tyres
can loose their grip so that the machine slides.
Do not try to stabilise the machine by placing
one foot on the ground.


Tragic accidents can occur if the driver does not
pay attention to children in the vicinity. Children are
often attracted to the machine and the work of
mowing. Never assume that children stay where
you last saw them.
Keep children away from the mowing area and
under the close supervision of another adult.
Be on your guard and switch off the machine if
children come into the work area.
Before and during reversing look behind and
down for small children.
Never allow children to ride on the machine.
They can fall off and become seriously injured or
obstruct a risky manoeuvre of the machine.
Never allow children to drive the machine.
Be extra careful close to corners, bushes, trees
or other objects which obstruct your view.


Petrol/gasoline and petrol/gasoline fumes are
toxic and highly inflammable. Be extra careful
when handling petrol/gasoline.
a. Store the fuel in containers approved for this
b. Never fill up the machine with fuel when the
engine is running. Let the engine cool before
filling up with fuel. Do not smoke, or fill up with
fuel in the vicinity of naked flames or sparks.
Do not smoke. Do not fill fuel in the vicinity of
sparks or naked flames.
c. Never fill up with fuel indoors.
d. If leakage has occurred in the fuel system the
engine must not be started until this is rectified.
e. Never store the machine or fuel containers
indoors if there are naked flames, such as in a
boiler room or where there is electrical equip-
ment which can emit sparks.
Check the fuel level each time before using the
machine, and leave space for the fuel to expand
since the heat from the engine and hot sun can
cause the fuel to run over.
Keep children away from the mowing area.
Never allow children to drive the machine.
Never fill up with fuel indoors.
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