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Storage; Winter Storage; Service - Husqvarna 11 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna rider operator's manual
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Winter storage

At the end of the season the machine should
immediately be put in order for storage, also if it is
going to stand idle for more than 30 days. Fuel
which is left to stand for long periods (30 days or
more) can leave tacky deposits which can block
the carburettor and interfere with the engine.
Fuel stabiliser is an acceptable alternative to avoid
tacky deposits during storage. If alkylate petrol
(Aspen) is used stabiliser is not necessary since
this fuel is stable. However, one should avoid
changing from standard to alkylate petrol since
sensitive rubber parts can harden. Add stabiliser to
the fuel in the tank or the storage container. Always
use the mixing ratios indicated by the manufacturer.
Run the engine for at least 10 minutes after adding
the stabiliser so that it will reach the carburettor. Do
not empty the fuel tank and carburettor if stabiliser
has been added.
Never place an engine with fuel in
the tank indoors or in poorly
ventilated areas where petrol fumes
can come into contact with naked
flames, sparks or pilot flames in
boilers, hot water heaters, or
drying cabinets, etc. It is highly
inflammable and negligent usage
can cause severe person injury
and material damage. Drain off
the fuel in an approved container
outdoors and well clear of naked
flames. Never use petrol for cleaning
purposes. Use degreasing agents
and hot water instead.


To put the machine in order for storage follow these
1. Carefully clean the machine, especially under
the cutting unit. Touch-up paint damage to avoid
2. Inspect the machine for worn or damaged parts
and tighten loose screws and nuts.
3. Change the oil, and take care of the waste oil.
4. Empty the fuel tank. Start the engine and run it
until the carburettor is emptied of fuel.
5. Remove the spark plug and pour about a table-
spoon of engine oil into the cylinder. Pull round
the engine to distribute the oil and screw the
plug back on.
6. Grease all grease nipples, joints and axles.
7. Remove the battery. Clean it, charge it, and
store it is a cool place.
8. Store the machine is a clean and dry place and
cover it over for extra protection.


When ordering spare parts state the purchase year,
model, type, and serial number.
Always use genuine parts.
Annual inspection or trimming by an authorised
service workshop is a good way of getting the best
out of your machine the next season.
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