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When operating the blower, the blower and
collection bag must be secured in the shoulder
strap. The strap should be worn over the shoulder
as shown in the adjacent figure.
Always check that the collection
bag is intact and the zipper is
closed before starting the blower.
Never use a damaged bag. There is
risk of injury due to flying debris.
Be careful, particurlarly if left hand
operation is applied. Avoid any
direct body contact with the
exhaust outlet area.
Start the blower as described on page 13. Work ac-
cording to the following instructions:
1. Do not vacuum large solid objects that can
damage the fan, such as wood, cans (tins) or
lengths of string or ribbon.
2. Do not let the vacuum tube strike the ground.
3. The bag can be emptied after having opened
the zipper on the side.
Never start the blower if the
inspection cover is not closed, is
damaged or cannot be closed.
(Exception: When the vacuum tube
is fitted).
Do not operate the blower while
standing on a ladder or a stand.
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