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Starter device
To change a broken or worn cord
1. Unscrew the screws (A) to remove the starter
device from the blower.
2. Pull out the cord approx. 30 cm (12") and lift it
up into the notch in the periphery of the pulley.
3. Rotate the pulley counterclockwise until the
recoil spring is no longer tensioned.
4. Unscrew the pulley center screw and washer.
If the recoil spring is tensioned on
the pulley, the spring can pop out
and cause injury. Always wear
protective goggles and gloves.
5. Lift up the pulley and remove the cord.
6. Fit the new cord and tie a knot at the bottom end
as shown in the bottom figure.
7. Insert and pull the other end of the cord through
the opening in the starter housing and through
the handle. Then tie a knot in the cord to secure
it in the handle.
8. Refit the pulley by rotating it until it falls into
place when the pulley hook engages in the re-
coil spring. Refit and tighten the center screw
and washer to secure the pulley .
9. Re-tension the recoil spring as described on the
next page.
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