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To change the recoil spring
1. Dismantle the pulley according to items 1 to 5 in
the instructions on the preceding page.
The recoil spring may pop out and
cause injury. Wear protective
goggles or a visor.
2. Carefully lift out the recoil spring.
3. Fit the new recoil spring held together by a wire
or holder, so that its looped end is on the pin in
the starter housing.
4. Fit the starter pulley by rotating it slightly so that
it will fall into place where the pulley hook
engages in the recoil spring. Refit and tighten
the screw and washer that secure the pulley.
5. Re-tension the recoil spring as described below.
To tension the recoil spring
1. Pull out the cord approx. 30 cm (12") in the
notch in the pulley.
2. Rotate the pulley until the cord is correctly
To check the tension of the cord
A. Pull out the cord as far as you can without
B. From this point, it should be possible to turn
the starter pulley an additional one half or
three quarters of a turn.
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