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Fuel Handling - Husqvarna 225 HBV Operator's Manual

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Fuel mixture
The machine is fitted with a two-stroke engine and
must always be run on a mixture of gasoline and two-
stroke oil. It is important to measure the quantity of oil
accurately, to ensure the correct mixture ratio. Small
discrepancies in the amount of oil have a great bearing
on the proportions of the fuel mixture when mixing
small amounts of fuel.
Allow adequate ventilation while
handling fuel.
Always use an oil-mixed quality gasoline (at least 87
octane). If your machine is equipped with a catalytic
converter, (see "technical data") an unleaded, oil mixed
quality gasoline should always be used. A leaded
gasoline will destroy the catalytic converter.
This engine is certified to operate on
unleaded gasoline.
The lowest recommended octane rating is 87. If
you run the engine on lower octane rating than
87 so-called "knocking" can occur. This leads to
an increased engine temperature, which can
result in a serious engine breakdown.
When working at continuous high revs a higher
octane rating is recommended.
Two-stroke oil
For the best performance, use HUSQVARNA
two-stroke oil, which has been specially
developed for Husqvarna two-stroke engines.
Mixing ratio: 1:50 (2%).
If HUSQVARNA two-stroke oil is not available,
you may use another two-stroke oil of good
quality that is intended for air-cooled engines.
Contact your dealer when selecting an oil.
Never use two-stroke oil intended for water-
cooled marine outboard motors, so-called
outboard oil.
Never use oil intended for four-stroke engines.


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