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Air Filter; Spark Plug - Husqvarna 225 HBV Operator's Manual

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Air filter

The air filter (A) must be cleaned regularly to
remove dust and dirt. This will prevent:
Carburetor malfunctions
Starting problems
Reduced performance
Unnecessary wear on engine parts
Abnormal fuel consumption
Elevated content of harmful exhaust fumes
Clean the filter after 25 hours of operation or more
often if the air is exceptionally dusty in the work
To clean the air filter
Dismantle the air filter cover (B) and remove the
filter medium. Wash it clean in a solution of soap
and warm water. Make sure that the filter is dry
before reassembling.
An air filter, which has been used for some time, can-
not be cleaned completely. Therefore,the filter must
be replaced by a new one at regular intervals. A
faulty filter must always be replaced.

Spark plug

The condition of the spark plug is influenced by:
An incorrectly adjusted carburetor.
Wrong fuel mixture (too much oil in the
Poor quality gasoline and/or oil.
A dirty air filter.
These factors cause deposits on the spark plug
electrodes, which may result in malfunction and
difficulty starting the blower.
If the engine is low on power, difficult to start or
runs poorly at idling speed, always check the
spark plug first.
The spark plug is accessible under the cylinder
shrouding, which can be removed by unscrewing
four screws.
If the spark plug is clogged, clean it and check the
electrode gap. Re-adjust if necessary. The correct
gap is 0.5 mm (0.020"). The spark plug should be
replaced after about one month of operation or
earlier if the electrodes are badly eroded.
NOTE! Always use the recommended type of spark
plug! See under "Technical data". An incorrect spark
plug can severely damage the piston/cylinder.
– English
0,5 mm

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