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Cooling System - Husqvarna 225 HBV Operator's Manual

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Some mufflers are fitted with a catalytic converter. See
"Technical data" to see whether you clearing saw is
fitted with a catalytic converter.
The muffler is designed to dampen the noise level and
to direct the exhaust fumes away from the user. The
exhaust fumes are hot and can contain sparks, which
can result in fire if the exhaust fumes are directed
towards a dry and inflammable material. Some mufflers
are equipped with a special spark arrest screen. If your
machine is fitted with this type of screen it should be
cleaned regularly. This is done using a wire brush. On
mufflers without a catalytic converter the screen should
be cleaned weekly, or replaced if necessary. On mufflers
fitted with a catalytic converter the screen should be
checked and cleaned monthly. If the screen is
damaged it should be replaced. If the screen is
frequently blocked, this can be a sign that the function
of the catalytic converter is impaired. Contact your
dealer to inspect the muffler. A blocked screen will
cause the engine to overheat resulting in damage to
the cylinder and piston. Also see under "Maintenance" .
Never use a machine with a defective muffler.

Cooling system

The engine is equipped with a cooling system for
maintaining the right operating temperature.
The cooling system consists of the following
1. Air intake on the starter device.
2. Fan blades on the flywheel.
3. Cooling fins on the cylinder.
4. Cylinder cowling (guides cooling air flow against
cylinder surfaces).
Clean the cooling system by brushing once a week,
or more often, if necessary.
A dirty or blocked cooling system will cause the
blower to overheat and this will damage the cylinder
and piston.
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