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Starting And Stopping - Husqvarna 225 HBV Operator's Manual

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Never start the blower if the
inspection cover is not closed, is
damaged or cannot be closed.
(Exception: When the vacuum tube
is fitted).
Starting a cold engine
A cold engine should be started in the following
1. Move the stop switch to the start position.
2. Set the choke to the choke position. Setting the
chock will automatically set the throttle damper
to the start throttle position.
Do not pull out the starter cord completely
and do not release the starter handle from
the fully pulled out position. Doing so will
damage the starter
3. Press the blower against the ground and pull the
starter handle slowly until resistance is felt (when
the starter pawls engage). Then pull it with quick,
vigorous movements.
4. Move the choke control back immediately when
the engine ignites and proceed according to
item 3 above.
5. When the motor starts, rapidly give it full throttle.
The throttle latch will then automatically disen-
Starting a warm engine
A warm engine can be started in the same manner
as a cold engine, but with the following exception:
Set the throttle to the start position by first moving
the choke forward, and then back again. The
choke should not be used when the engine is warm.
The engine is stopped by switching off the ignition.
Move the stop switch to the stop position..


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