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Husqvarna 225 HBV Operator's Manual page 7

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Safety equipment
The blower must never be used if
any of the safety devices or
guards are missing, damaged or
not in working order.
Safety while operating the
1. Do not allow bystanders or animals to be in the
work area, i.e. 10 metres from the operator.
2. The blower may throw objects at high velocity
that can ricochet and hit the operator. This may
cause serious eye damage.
3. Never point the blower nozzle toward people or
4. Stop the engine before fitting or dismantling
accessories or other components.
5. Never operate the blower if any of the guards is
6. Never operate the blower in poorly ventilated
spaces where exhause fumes might otherwise
be inhaled.
7. Stop the engine before refueling.
8. The catalytic muffler is extremely hot while the
blower is running and after it has stopped. The
same applies when the blower is running at
idling speed. Be aware of the danger of fire,
especially while operating the blower near
combustible materials and/or where combustible
fumes are present.
9. Be careful, particurlarly if left hand operation is
applied. Avoid any direct body contact with the
exhaust outlet area.
10. Do not operate the blower while standing on a
ladder or a stand.
The blower is equipped with a number of safety
devices and guards for the prevention of accidents.
These are described in the general description of
the blower on page 8.
The safety devices and guards also require regular
inspection and maintenance. These measures and
the interval at which they should be carried out are
specified under "Maintenance" on pages 23 and 24.
Other safety measures
1. Operate the blower only at reasonable hours,
i.e. not early in the morning or late at night when
people might be disturbed. Comply with times
listed in local ordinances. Usual recommend-
ations are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday
through Saturday.
2. Operate the blower at the lowest possible
throttle setting to do the job.
3. Check the condition of the blower before opera-
tion, especially the muffler, air intake and air
4. Use a rake or a broom to loosen ground debris
before blowing.
5. Under dusty conditions, slightly spray the work
area with a hose or use a mister attachment
when water is available.
6. Conserve water by using blowers instead of
hoses for many lawn and garden applications,
including areas such as roof gutters, screens,
patios and gardens etc.
7. Watch out for children, pets, open windows or
freshly washed cars, and blow debris safely
8. Use the full nozzle extension so the air stream
can work close to the ground.
9. After using the blower, clean up and dispose of
debris in trash receptacles
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