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Maintenance; Air Filter; Fuel Handling; Cleaning The Drain Hose - Husqvarna 356BTx Workshop Manual

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8 Maintenance

8.1 Air filter
A heavily used air filter can never be completely clean. Therefore
the filter should be regularly replaced. Always replace a
damaged filter.
Oil the filter. Always use Husqvarna filter oil, part number
531 00 60-76. The filter oil contains a solvent to spread it evenly
in the filter. Avoid skin contact. Put the filter into a plastic bag
and pour the oil on. Knead the bag to spread the oil. Squeeze
the filter out in the bag and pour off the excess oil before
mounting the filter in the machine. Never use ordinary motor oil.
It will sink through the filter quickly and lie on the bottom.

8.2 Fuel handling

The following precautions reduce the risk
of fire:
Do not smoke and do not place any hot objects
near fuel.
Do not fill up the tank with the motor running.
Let the motor cool before filling.
If the machine is not used for a long period of time the fuel tank
should be emptied and cleaned. Ask your local petrol station
where excess fuel can be drained.

8.3 Cleaning the drain hose

Remove the hose between the exhaust system and the
resonance tube. Clean the nipple on the hose using a drill bit.
Clean the drain hose. Empty any condensate from the
resonance tube.
8 Maintenance



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