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Control Panel - Maytag MMV5000 User Manual

Microwave oven maytag
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Your Touch Control Panel .....................................
The Touch Control Panel allows you to set the oven controls with the touch of a finger.
It's designed to be easy to use and understand.
1. DISPLAY - Displays time of day, time or tempera-
10. NUMBER PADS - Touch these pads to enter cook-
ture during cooking functions, power level being
ing time, defrosting time, time of day, power level,
used, cooking mode and instructions,
or food weights for Auto Defrost.
SENSOR COOK - Will automatically compute the
11. FROZEN PIZZA - Touch this pad to heat frozen
microwave power and cook time.
pizza. The oven will start automatically. (Page 13)
Refer to Sensor CookGuide. (Page 14)
12. BAKED POTATO - Touch this pad to cook 1-4
AUTO DEFROST - Touch this pad and enter food
potatoes. The oven will start automatically.
weight, then START. The oven automatically sets
power levels and defrosting time. (Page 10)
13. DINNER PLATE - Touch this pad to reheat a din-
ADD MINUTE - Touch this pad for 1 minute of
net plate full of chilled leftovers. (Page 12)
cook time, to add 1 minute of cook time as it's
- Touch this pad to recall
counting down or for an "instant on" for 1 minute,
three cooking instructions placed in memory. (Page
(Page 9)
5. POPCORN - Touch this pad to cook prepackaged
15. TIMER - This feature uses no microwave energy.
microwave popcorn weighing 1.75 or 3.5 ounces.
It functions as either a kitchen timer, as a holding
The oven will start automatically. (Page 12)
period after defrost or as a delay timer before time
6. COOK TIME - Microwave for a selected amount
cooking. (Page 9)
of time.
16. POWER LEVEL - Touch this pad if you want to
• Power Level 10 (High)is automatic but lower heat
change from automatic Power Level 10 (High) for
levels may be programmed. (Page 8)
cooking. (Page 8-9)
7. WARM - Touch this pad and Safely keep food
17. TURNTABLE (ON/OFF) - Touch this pad to turn
warm for up to 30 minutes. (Page 13)
the turntable on and off. (Page 16)
START - Touch this pad to enter
- When touched, it shuts off the
time of day or check time of day while microwav-
oven and erases all settings (except time of day).
ing. (Page 8)
19. START - After all selections are made, touch this
AUTO START allows you to program your oven to
pad to start the oven or timer.
begin cooking at a preset time of day up to a 12 hour
20. VENT FAN - Touch HI, LO, OR OFF for the dif-
delay. (Page 15)
ferent fan speeds. (Page 17)
DRINK - Touch this pad to reheat a beverage. The
21. LIGHT - Touch ON to turn on the surface light.
oven will start automatically. (Page 13)
Touch NIGHT to turn on the night light. (Page 17)


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