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Safety Instructions - Maytag MMV5000 User Manual

Microwave oven maytag
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22. Do not lean on the oven door. The door is designed
materials and may soften or char if subjected to short
to close tightly and seal properly for safe operation,
periods of overcooking.
In longer exposures to
Leaning on the door may warp or break the hinges,
overcooking, the food and cookware could ignite.
23. To avoid exposure to dangerous high voltage, DO
For these reasons: 1) Use microwave-safe plastics
only and use then in strict compliance with the cook-
inside the oven cavity,
ware manufacturer's recommendations. 2) Do not
24. Liquids heated in certain shaped containers (espe-
subject empty cookware to microwaving. 3) Do not
cially cylindrical-shaped containers) may become
permit children to use plastic cookware without
overheated and splash out with a loud noise. For best
complete supervision.
results, stir the liquid several times before heating.
33. So not store anything directly on top of the
Always stir liquids several times between reheat-
microwave oven surface when the oven is in oper-
34. TV dinners may be microwaved in foil trays less
25. Read and follow specific microwave oven prepa-
ration instructions on food packages or contain-
than 3/4" deep; remove top foil cover and return tray
to box. When using metal in microwave oven, keep
ers (especially baby food). Above all, this is a-
cooking appliance designed to prepare food.
metal at least 1 inch away from the sides of the oven.
26. Use only cooking utensils and accessories made for
35. Do not defrost frozen beverages in narrow necked
use in the microwave and specifically described in
this manual.
36. Cookware may become hot because of heat trans-
27. Microwave oven manufacturers do not recommend
ferred from the heated food. Potholders may be
deep fat frying or frying in a microwave oven. Hot
needed to handle the cookware.
oil can damage oven parts and utensils and even
37. Do not try to melt paraffin wax in the oven. Paraffin
result in skin bums.
wax will not melt in a microwave oven because it
28. Plastic wrap: Use only those types designed for
allows microwaves to pass through it.
microwave oven use and avoid forming an air-tight
38. Never use sharp-edged utensils in or near the oven.
seal. Fold back a small corner or cut a small slit to
39. Hot foods and steam can cause burns. Be careful
allow steam to escape,
when opening containers of hot food, including pop-
29. Stay near the appliance while it is in use and check
corn bags, cooking pouches, and boxes. To prevent
cooking progress frequently. Leaving the appliance
possible injury, direct steam away from hands and
unattended may result in overcooked food and pos-
sibly a fire in your oven.
40. Clean the vent hood often. Do not allow grease to
30. Foods cooked in liquids (such as pasta) may tend to
build up on the hood or the filter.
boil over more rapidly than foods containing less
41. Use care when cleaning
the vent hood filter.
moisture. Should this occur, refer to the Care and
Corrosive cleaning agents, such as lye-based oven
Cleaning section for instructions on how to clean the
cleaners, may damage the filter.
inside of the oven.
42. When flaming foods are under the hood, turn the
31. So not use a thermometer in food you are microwav-
fan off. The fan, if operating, may spread the flame.
ing unless the thermometer is designed or recom-
mended for use in the microwave oven.
32. Plastic cookware designed for microwave cooking is
very useful, but should be used carefully.
microwave-safe plastic may not be as tolerant of
overcooking conditions as are glass or ceramic


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