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Maytag MMV5000 User Manual page 22

Microwave oven maytag
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About Your Microwave
Oven ..............................
Q. Can I open the door when the oven is operating?
Q. What do the various beeps mean?
A. The door can be opened anytime during the cooking
A. Short beep = any pad is touched.
operation. The oven will automatically stop cooking
Three short beeps = incorrect entry.
and the time setting will maintain until the door is
closed and the START Pad is touched.
One long beep = oven plugged in.
Three long beeps = end of cooking (microwave will
Q. What causes the oven interior light and display to
turn off).
dim when using a Variable Power Level?
A. This is normal and indicates the oven is operating
Series of three short beeps = check food to see if
and cycling properly,
turning or rearranging is needed.
Q. Why does steam and/or vapor escape around the
Q. Can the oven be used with the glass tray or roller
door and moisture droplets form on the inside of
guide removed?
the oven door?
A. No. Both the glass tray and roller guide must always
A. This is normal occurrence - as food cooks, steam is
be used in the oven when cooking.
given off.
All these things are normal
Charcoal Filter Kit
with your microwave
There is a recirculating charcoal filter kit included for
the microwave oven if it is not vented to the outside. See
• Steam or vapor escaping from around the door.
installation guide for details.
• Light reflection around the door or outer case.
• Dimming oven light and change in blower sound may
occur while operating at power levels other than high.
• Dull thumping sound while oven is operating.


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