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Before You Call - Maytag MMV5000 User Manual

Microwave oven maytag
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Before You Call ...................................................
the following
to be sure a service
call is necessary.
ff nothing
on the oven operates:
ff the interior
of oven collects
• check for a blown circuit fuse or a tripped main cir-
• this is normal. Food gives off moisture when cook-
cult breaker,
ing and the steam collects on the door and the oven
• check if oven is properly connected to electric circuit
surface. Wipe off excess moisture from oven after
in house,
each use.
• check that controls are set properly.
If food cooks unevenly:
• check that the cooking time is set.
• refer to your recipe for proper cooking procedures.
If the oven interior
does not work:
- be sure food is evenly shaped.
• the light bulb may be loose or defective. Check the
• be sure food is completely defrosted before cooking.
light by following directions on page 20 or call a
• check placement of aluminum strips used to prevent
qualified servicer,
ff oven will not cook:
ff food is undercooked:
• check that control panel was programmed correctly.
• check recipe to be sure all directions (amount, time,
• check that door is firmly closed,
and power levels) were correctly followed.
• check that START Pad was touched.
• check household voltage.
• Auto Start may have been set.
• try plugging the oven into an outlet on a separate
electrical circuit.
• the Control Lockout may have been set.
• be sure food was completely defrosted before cook-
- check the area between the door and seal for obstruc-
If food is overcooked:
If oven takes longer
than normal
to cook
• check recipe to be sure all directions (amount, time,
or cooks too rapidly:
and power levels) were correctly followed.
• be sure the Power Level is programmed properly.
• the initial temperature of food may have been higher
• check instructions on food density, etc.
than normal.
• verify that voltage to the microwave oven is not low.
If arcing
If the time-of-day
clock does not always
• be sure microwave-safe dishes were used.
• be sure wire twist ties weren't used.
• check that the power cord is fully inserted into the
• be sure oven wasn't operated when empty.
outlet receptacle.
• check that the oven is properly grounded.
If the display
a time counting
• try plugging the oven into an outlet on a separate
but the oven is not cooking:
electrical circuit.
• check that door is firmly closed.
If oven floor or glass tray are hot:
• this is normal. The floor is absorbing heat from the food.
For further assistance contact your Maytag Dealer or call Maytag Customer Service:
U.S. 1-800-688.9900 or Canada 1-800-688-2002


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