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Maytag MMV5000 User Manual page 16

Microwave oven maytag
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Features ............... .... ..................... .... ........
Auto Start
The AUTO START feature allows you to program your
Do not use foods containing baking powder or yeast
oven to begin cooking at a preset time of day - up to a
when using AUTO START. They will not rise prop-
delay of 11 hours and 59 minutes. You can program two
sequential operations using two different power levels.
• Warning:
Do not use foods that will spoil while
waiting for cooking to start, such as dishes with milk
Basic Instruc.tions
or eggs, cream soups and cooked meats or fish. Any
1. Touch COOK TIME Pad.
food that has to wait for cooking to start should be
very cold or frozen before it is put in the oven.
2. Enter the cooking time.*
Unfrozen foods should never stand more than two
3. Touch the POWER LEVEL Pad.
hours before cooking starts.
4. Enter the power level.
Do not allow food to remain in the oven for more
5. Touch COOK TIME Pad.
than two hours after end of cooking cycle.
6. Enter cooking time.
To Check Auto Start
Touch the CLOCK/AUTO
START Pad, The pro-
7. Touch the POWER LEVEL Pad.
grammed Auto Start time will appear in the Display for
8. Enter the power level.
3 seconds.
9. Touch the CLOCK/AUTO START Pad.
71ps on Setting
Auto Start
10, Enter the clock time you want the oven to start.
• Before setting, check that the correct time of day is
1l. Touch the START Pad.**
• If you hear the fan start when you touch the START
Pad, you have not set the oven properly. Touch the
• If you wish to cook with one Stage, omit steps 5, 6, 7 &
CANCEL/OFF Pad and start over.
• * The oven will start cooking at the set time. lfthe door
is opened before the start time is reached, touch the
START Pad to resume the Auto Start option.
You cannot use the Auto Start with the following
options: Popcorn, Frozen Pizza, Drink, Dinner
Plate, Baked Potato, Warm, Add Minute, Timer,
Favorite Choice, Auto Defrost and Sensor Cook.


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