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Special Features - Maytag MMV5000 User Manual

Microwave oven maytag
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Special Features ........................... ........................
Frozen Pizza
Basic Instructions
Basic Instructions
l. Touch the WARM Pad.
The display will show
1. Touch the FROZEN PIZZA Pad.
• Time set is for 6.0 - 7.5 oz. pizzas.
2. Touch the START Pad.
• Cook only one pizza at a time.
• The microwave oven will safely keep cooked foods
• Follow manufacturer's directions,
warm for up to 30 minutes.
• Use only frozen pizza labeled microwaveable.
Opening the door cancels the warm setting.
• If cheese pizza does not melt sufficiently, cook a few
• Foods that were covered during cooking should be
seconds longer,
covered during warming.
• Complete meals on a dinner plate should be covered.
Baked Potato
Basic Instructions
Basic Instructions
1. Touch the DRINK Pad once for ! cup
1. Touch the BAKED POTATO Pad -
(8 oz.)/mug,
e once for 1 medium potato
• twice for 2 medium potatoes
2. Touch the DRINK Pad twice for 2 cups
• three times for 3 medium potatoes
(16 oz,)/mugs,
e four times for 4 medium potatoes
3. Touch the DRINK Pad three times for 3 cups
(24 oz,)/mugs.
Favorite Choice
To Program
Choice Setting:
To Change Favorite
Choice Setting:
1. Touch the COOK TIME Pad. Set cooking time.
• Touch and hold FAVORITE CHOICE Pad for
3 seconds. Display shows PROG 1. Previously
2. Touch the POWER LEVEL Pad.
set information will be erased.
3. Enter power level. Example "5" for 50% power
• Follow previous steps 1-5 to program new set-
4. Touch the FAVORITE CHOICE Pad.
To use Favorite
5. Touch the CANCEL/OFF Pad to place in memory.
1. Put food in oven and close door.
NOTE: Repeat steps 1-5 for FAVORITE CHOICE
2. Touch FAVORITE CHOICE Pad. PROG 1 will
Programs 2 and 3.
appear in the display.
• To select program 2 or 3 press FAVORITE
Pad until desired program number
appears in the display.
3. Touch the START Pad.
The oven will cook
according to your preprogrammed instructions.


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