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Operating Basics - Maytag MMV5000 User Manual

Microwave oven maytag
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Basics .......................... ... ...... ... ...... .....
Time-of-Day Clock
After plugging in the oven or after a power outage,
Basic instructions
the Display will flash "1:00", "T/TABLE ON". Set
1. Touch the CLOCK/AUTO
START Pad. The
the clock following the directions above.
Display will show "CLOCK".
The "time-of-day" clock is a 12 hour clock.
2. Set the time of day by touching the appropriate
If set, the time of day will always be displayed when
no other cooking function is being used.
3. Touch the CLOCK/AUTO START Pad.
The colon will flash.
The time of day returns to the current time when the
oven turns off.
Cook Time
Basic Instructions
* Note: Full power is automatic. If you wish to use a
1. Touch the COOK TIME Pad.
different power level, touch the POWER LEVEL
Pad. Enter the power level desired by touching the
2. Enter the cooking time by using the number pads.
For example, for 1 1/2 minutes touch numbers 1, 3,
appropriate number pad. (See Cooking Guide on
page 9).
Start with the shortest recommended time and add
3. Touch the START Pad.
more time as needed.
The cooking time will appear in the Display
Check the food as it cooks.
The oven door can be opened any time during oper-
• The oven will start cooking and time countdown
will begin,
ation. It will automatically stop and maintain the
time setting until the door is closed and the START
• The oven will stop automatically when the time is
Pad is touched again.
done and beep three times.
If the START Pad is touched and the oven does not
• "END" appears in the Display.
operate, check the area between the door and door
seal for obstructions. The oven will not start until the
door is completely closed.


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