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Maytag MMV5000 User Manual page 5

Microwave oven maytag
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Remove all packing materials b,G_ outside and inside
Do not under any circumstances cut or remove the third
the oven before using the oven. The oven requires free
(ground) prong from the power cord. Do not use an
movement of air for proper operation. Do NOT block
adapter plug with this appliance. See reference pages 1 •
air vents located by the top air grill and underneath the
and 2 of the Installation Guide for acceptable extension
cord specifications.
Grounding Instructions
Interference Note
This appliance must be grounded. In the event of an
Microwave ovens generate radio frequency energy dur-
electrical short circuit, grounding reduces the risk of
ing operation, and if not installed properly may cause
electric shock by providing an escape wire for the elec-
interference to radio and television reception. You can
tric current. This appliance is equipped with a cord hav-
determine if this unit is causing interference by turning
ing a grounding wire with a grounding plug. The plug
it on and off while the interference is occurring. If inter-
must be plugged into a 120v, 15amp. outlet that is prop-
ference occurs, it may be corrected by one or more of
erly installed and grounded,
the following measures:
- Improper
use of the grounding plug
• clean door and sealing surfaces of the oven;
can result in a risk of electric shock.
• reorient the television or radio receiving antenna;
Consult a qualified electrician or service technician if
• relocate the oven with respect to the television or
the grounding instructions are not completely under-
radio receiver, and/or
stood, or if doubt exists as to whether the appliance is
• plug the oven into a different outlet so that it and the
properly grounded,
television or radio receiver are on different circuits.
Where standard two-prong wall receptacle is encoun-
If the interference persists, you may want to consult an
tered, it is your personal responsibility and obligation to
experienced radio/television technician for additional
have it replaced with a properly grounded three-prong
wall receptacle.
Fan Protection
Cooking appliances installed under the oven may, under
fan cannot be manually turned off, but it will automati-
some heavy usage conditions, cause temperatures high
cally turn off when the internal parts have cooled. The
enough to overheat some internal parts of the microwave
fan may stay on up to approximately 30 minutes after
the range and microwave oven controls have been
turned off.
To prevent overheating from taking place, the exhaust
fan is designed to automatically turn on at a low speed if
excessive temperatures occur. Should this happen, the
• Make sure all cookware used in your microwave
dish. Microwave 1 minute at high. If the dish heats,
oven is suitable for microwaving. Most glass cook-
it should not be used for microwaving. If the dish
ing dishes, measuring cups, custard cups, pottery or
remains cool and only the water in the cup heats,
china dinnerware, which does not have metallic trim
then the dish is microwave-safe.
or glaze with metallic sheen, can be used.
• Paper towels, waxed paper and plastic wrap can be
• If you are not sure if a dish is microwave-safe, use
used to cover dishes in order to retain moisture and
this test: Place in the oven the dish you are testing
prevent spattering. Be sure to vent plastic wrap so
and a glass measuring cup filled with one cup of
steam can escape.
water. Set the measuring cup either in or next to the


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