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Maytag MMV5000 User Manual page 13

Microwave oven maytag
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Two Stage Cooking
This feature lets you program two sequential operations
• When the START Pad is touched, both Stage 1 and
such as defrosting and cooking or cooking using two
2 indicator lights come on in the Display. Stage 1
different power levels. It automatically changes power
indicator light starts blinking during the first stage of
settings and cooking time.
cooking. At the end of the first stage of cooking, the
oven will beep and Stage 2 indicator light starts
Basic Instructions
blinking as the second stage of cooking starts.
1. Toflch the COOK TIME Pad.
• Three beeps signal the end of cooking. "END"
2. Touch the appropriate number pads to enter the
appears in the Display.
cooking time.
• The audible beep between stages can serve as a
3. Touch the POWER Pad.*
reminder to add foods or ingredients.
4. Touch the number pad for the power level you
* Skip steps 3 and 4 or 7 and 8 iffull power is desired.
5. Touch the COOK TIME Pad again.
6. Touch the appropriate number pads to enter the
cooking time for the second stage of cooking.
7. Touch the POWER Pad.*
8. Touch the number pad for the power level you
9. Touch the START Pad.
Features ..................................................
Dinner Plate
Basic Instructions
Basic Instructions
1. Touch the POPCORN Pad once for 3.5 oz. package
1. Touch DINNER PLATE Pad.
2. Touch the POPCORN Pad twice for 1.75 oz. package.
• The display will briefly show "12" and then "3:30"
as cooking begins.
• The POPCORN Pad has been automatically set for
• Place meat and dense vegetables to the outside of
the correct cook time for 3.5 oz. and 1.75 oz. bags
the plate.
of popcorn.
• Place delicate foods in the center of the plate.
• Listen as the popcorn pops and stop the microwave
when the popping slows down to 3 seconds apart.
• Cover the plate with wax paper to hold steam
around most foods except rare meats or vegetables
• Do not try to repop unpopped kernels or reuse a bag.
with crisp exteriors.
• Pop only one package at a time.
If prepackaged popcorn is a different
weight than the recommended weight, do not use
the POPCORN Pad. Inadequate popping or a fire
may occur. Follow manufacturer's instructions.


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