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Siemens Advance Network Gateway User Manual

Gateway with ethernet
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Advance Network
Gateway with Ethernet (ANG_EN)
December 2000
Siemens Applied Automation
Siemens Applied Automation
User's Manual



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  Summary of Contents for Siemens Advance Network Gateway

  • Page 1 Siemens Applied Automation Siemens Applied Automation Advance Network Gateway with Ethernet (ANG_EN) December 2000 User’s Manual 2000590-001...
  • Page 2 Copyright Notice 2000 by Siemens Applied Automation Bartlesville, Oklahoma, 74005, U.S.A. All rights reserved. This publication is for information only. The contents are subject to changes without notice and should not be construed as a commitment, representation, warranty, or guarantee of any method, product, or device by Siemens Applied Automation.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Preface Technical Support Safety Practices and Precautions Advance Network Gateway Chapter 1: Introduction Specifications Installation Chapter 2: Introduction Unpacking & Inspection Pre Installation Planning Wall or Rack Mounting Installation CE Installations Wiring Connections AC Power (Mains) Connections...
  • Page 4 Table of Contents, Continued Parts Catalog Chapter 5: Introduction Available Parts Power Supply Assembly Removal Data Hiway Testing Appendix Glossary Definitions of Important Terms Table of Contents 2000590-001...
  • Page 5: Preface

    ANG_EN by installation personnel. The manual provides the following information: Chapter Contents Topic Page Chapter 1. Advance Network Gateway Chapter 2. Installation Chapter 3. Data Communication Setup Chapter 4. Troubleshooting Chapter 5. Parts Catalog Appendix.
  • Page 6: Technical Support

    Technical Support At Siemens Applied Automation we take pride in the on going support we Getting Help provide our customers. When you purchase a product, you receive a detailed manual, which should answer your questions; however, our technical support service provides a special “hot” line as an added source of information.
  • Page 7: Safety Practices And Precautions

    Safety Practices and Precautions This product has been designed and tested in accordance with IEC Pub- Safety First lication 1010-1, Safety Requirements for Electronic Measuring Appara- tus, and has been supplied in a safe condition. This manual contains in- formation and warnings, which have to be followed by the user to ensure safe operation and to retain the product in a safe condition.
  • Page 8 Safety Practices and Precautions, Continued Before switching on the power, check that the operating voltage listed on Correct Operating the equipment agrees with the available line voltage. Voltage Any interruption of the grounding conductor inside or outside the equip- Danger Arising from ment or loose connection of the grounding conductor can result in a dan- Loss of Ground gerous unit.
  • Page 9: Advance Network Gateway

    Chapter 1 Advance Network Gateway Introduction The Advance Network Gateway with the Ethernet (ANG_EN) option connects Overview Siemens Applied Automation’s equipment residing on an Advance Data Hi- way to a high speed Ethernet communication system. The ANG_EN is a self- contained unit with its own power supply and electronics.
  • Page 10 SAA Part Number CSA/NRTL, Div 2, ADH to Ethernet, Wall Mount, CE 2015840-001 (Copper) CSA/NRTL, Div 2, ADH to Ethernet, Rack Mount, CE 2015838-001 (Copper) CENELEC, ZONE 1, ADH to Ethernet, Wall Mount, CE 2015850-001 (Copper) Advance Network Gateway 2000590-001...
  • Page 11: Specifications

    Rack Mounted Package Configuration See Figure 1-2 for Outline Drawing and Dimensions Wall-Mounted Package Configuration See Figure 1-3 for Outline Drawing and Dimensions Zone 1 - Wall-Mounted Package Configuration See Figure 1-4 for Outline Drawing and Dimension 2000590-001 Advance Network Gateway...
  • Page 12 0-99% relative humidity (non-condensing) maximum 0-75% relative humidity year-round average (Purge with dry air or nitrogen if required in tropical conditions.) Must not be exposed to direct sunlight. Must be protected from rain. Storage and Transport: -25° to +65°C Advance Network Gateway 2000590-001...
  • Page 13 18 1/4 Rack Depth of Case Only 16 1/4 Rack Depth Including Cable Housing 22 1/8 Handle Depth in Front of Rack 1 3/8 Height of Rear Access Panels Width of Rear Access Panels 7 ½ 2000590-001 Advance Network Gateway...
  • Page 14 Wall Mount Holes Horizontal Spacing 15 9/16 Wall Height of Case Only 16 1/4 Wall Height Including Cable Housing 22 1/8 Wall Mount Holes Vertical Spacing 17 11/16 Left Side Wall Clearance for Door 2 3/8 Opening Advance Network Gateway 2000590-001...
  • Page 15 9 threaded cable entry holes each on left and right sides M25 x 1.5 2 threaded cable entry holes on bottom M25 x 1.5 2 threaded cable entry holes on top 1-1/4 x 11 NPT 2 threaded cable entry holes on top 3/4 x 14 NPT 2000590-001 Advance Network Gateway...
  • Page 17: Installation

    Installation Introduction This chapter is intended for installation personnel. After completing the pro- Overview cedures, within this Chapter, the Advance Network Gateway will be ready for operation. Ensure that all AC Power (Mains) Specification requirements and advisories WARNING are met. Failure to do so, and operating the equipment in a manner not specified, may impair the safety protection provided by the equipment.
  • Page 18: Unpacking & Inspection

    Open unit and visually inspect interior mounted assemblies, con- nectors and printed circuit boards for damage. If there is any damage, notify your local Siemens Applied Automation repre- Reporting Damage sentative. Keep all shipping materials as evidence of damage, for carrier’s inspection.
  • Page 19: Pre Installation Planning

    Network Gateway (ANG_EN) can be used to physically extend a single loop of the Advance Data Hiway (ADH) and a Fiber optic installation. Before installing the Advance Network Gateway (ANG_EN) within an existing CAUTION LAN consult with the LAN administrator. You should also adhere to all the ANG_EN Specification requirements;...
  • Page 20 Pre Installation Planning, Continued Figure 2-2 illustrates how a ANG_EN can be used to physically extend a sin- Figure 2-2. ANG_EN gle loop of the Advance Data Hiway (ADH) by providing a conversion from Installation the ADH media to Ethernet, and back to the ADH media. All segments of the system labeled “Advance Data Hiway”...
  • Page 21 Figure 2-3. ANG_EN Fiber optic equipment including converters, hubs and interconnecting cable are not Optics Installation provided by Siemens Applied Automation. As shown in Figure 2-3. multiple ANG_EN’s may be interconnected into a single large system by using appropriate Ethernet hubs.
  • Page 22: Wall Or Rack Mounting Installation

    Wall or Rack Mounting Installation The Advance Network Gateway Unit (ANG_EN) should be: Instructions Installed in a location that is free from shock and vibration. Protected from direct sunlight and extremes of temperature. It is recommended that the ANG_EN be mounted within a shel- ter.
  • Page 23: Ce Installations

    (bulkhead); use Siemens Ap- plied Automation P/N 2015729-001 contained in the CE Installation Kit or an equivalent part. For Zone 1 Installation use Siemens Ap- plied Automation P/N 1311001-014 Installation Kit. 2. The Data Hiway cables shields must be terminated in a 360-degree termination at the enclosure or bulkhead;...
  • Page 24 Continued 3. A split ferrite must be clamped to Data Hiway cables and fixed im- mediately to the outside of the ANG_EN; use Siemens Applied Automation part number 1173000-013 ferrite contained in CE Instal- lation Kit. This is required to meet the Conducted Immunity require- ment for CE/EMC Heavy Industrial.
  • Page 25: Wiring Connections

    Wiring Connections All input ac power and communications connections are made to con- Description nectors located on the chassis power supply assembly. To gain access to the assembly, open the front panel of the ANG_EN. For Zone 1 units refer to the Figure 1-4, Zone 1 Outline Drawing. Figure 2-4.
  • Page 26: Ac Power (Mains) Connections

    AC Power (Mains) Connections The ANG_EN Power Supply can accept 90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz inputs ANG_EN Power without the need for setting switches or jumpers. Supply WARNING Installation personnel shall adhere to all AC Power (Mains) Specification requirements; see Chapter 1. Specifications; page 3. Failure to do so, and operating the equipment in a manner not specified, can impair the safety protection provided by the equipment.
  • Page 27 AC Power (Mains) Connections, Continued Step Action Locate the power-input connector on the power supply as- sembly. Loosen the wire retaining screws on top of con- nector. Strip the insulation ¼ -inch back from each of the power supply leads. Insert each lead in the correct location, and tighten down retaining screws.
  • Page 28: Data Hiway Connections

    Pin 6- Ground The Advance Data Hiway requires a low capacitance, twin axial, 150- Data Hiway Cable ohm cable. The cable can be purchased from Siemens Applied Automa- tion. See the table below for ordering the correct cable: Dual Channel Installation...
  • Page 29 Data Hiway Connections, Continued For technical information on the Data Hiway refer to Appendix A in the More Information Optichrom Advance Library Set, Volume 2, Board Installation and Strap- ping Manual. Step Action Instructions Place the ANG_EN AC Power Supply (Mains) circuit breaker to OFF.
  • Page 30 Data Hiway Connections, Continued Step Action Instructions, continued Connect the Channel A Data Hiway cable to port 1, ADH + and - terminals. Repeat for port 2 for Channel B Data Hi- way Cable. Pin 1 Data Hiway Port 1 & 2 Connections Pin 1-ADH-A+ Pin 2-ADH-A-...
  • Page 31: Ethernet Connections

    Ethernet Connections The DataNET Gateway connects to the Ethernet local area network via Description the RJ-45 STP connector located on the topside of the ANCB. Figure 2-7. RJ-45 STP Connector Read the following notes. Before You Begin 1. The 10BASE-T data cable requires a minimum of two twisted pair (transmit pair and a receive pair).
  • Page 32 Ethernet Connections, Continued Do not perform the following procedure until you have defined the IP and Installation Subnetmask addresses; see Chapter 3. Data Communications Setup. Step Action Connect the incoming Ethernet line from the Hub to the RJ-45 STP connector on the ANCB board. RJ45 STP Connector Place the ANG_EN AC Power Supply (Mains) circuit...
  • Page 33: Data Communication Setup

    Data Communications Setup Introduction This chapter provides maintenance personnel instructions for configuring Overview the Advance Network Gateway (ANG_EN). Once configured the ANG_EN will “tunnel” Advance Data Hiway (ADH) messages across Ethernet to another ADH by way of an Advance Maxum Analyzer or another ANG_EN.
  • Page 34: Configuring Your Pc

    Configuring Your PC The Advance Network Gateway (ANG_EN) has a built-in utility for con- Description figuring the ANG_EN. The Windows HyperTerminal program, which resides on most PCs, can be used to access the utility. Other serial communication packages that support the following settings can also be used.
  • Page 35 Configuring Your PC, Continued 5. Click OK. The Connect to dialog box opens 6. From the Connect Using scroll list choose the COM port number you will be using on the PC to connect to the ANG_EN configuration port. 7. Click OK to save the selection. The COM Properties box opens 2000590-001 Data Communications Setup...
  • Page 36 The Main Menu will appear. 10. Click File and choose Properties from the drop-down menu. The Advance Network Gateway Properties box will appear 11. Click Setting tab. 12. From the Emulation scroll list select VT100. Do not change the de- fault settings for the other parameters.
  • Page 37 13. Click Terminal Settings button. The Terminal Settings dialog box will appear 14. Click OK to accept the default settings. The Advance Network Gateway Properties box will appear 16. Click ASCII Setup button. The ASCII Setup dialog box will appear 17.
  • Page 38: Establishing A Connection

    Establishing a Connection Once your PC is set up, as described in Configuring Your PC, you are Description ready to connect to an Advance Network Gateway (ANG_EN). … read through this Chapter prior to performing any procedures. Getting Started 1. Ensure that the ANG_EN is not connected to the network by remov-...
  • Page 39 The local prompt indicates that your are communicating with the ANG_EN connected directly to the PC. 2.0.1 You are now ready to configure the Advance Network Gateway (ANG_EN) with its own Network Address and ADH Loop and Unit Num- ber; go to page 33.
  • Page 40 Establishing a Connection, Continued If your PC is connected to the ANG_EN configuration port you can con- Remote Connection nect to any other ANG_EN on the same network if you know the IP ad- Log On dress of the device. 1.
  • Page 41: Setting Network Address & Loop And Unit Numbers

    Setting Network Address & Loop and Unit Numbers This section provides instructions to configure an Advance Network Description Gateway (ANG_EN) with its own Network Address. 1. Open Windows Hyper Terminal program on your PC; reference Con- Before You Begin figuring Your PC, page 26. 2.
  • Page 42 Setting Network Address & Loop and Unit Numbers, Continued unit: Unit refers to a numeric number assigned to a de- vice on the Advance Data Hiway (ADH). Typically an ANG device can have a unit number from 0- to 31. However, If the ANG is connected to an Ad- vance Network Interface Unit (NIU), the ANG unit number must not be set to 0.
  • Page 43 Setting Network Address & Loop and Unit Numbers, Continued Enter. 3. Press The following message appears Configuration Change verified. Type: reset - to save configuration changes prompt type: reset 4. To save your entry, at the Local 5. To configure the ANG_EN subnetmask, at the Local prompt type: config netmask Where is the subnet mask for your network.
  • Page 44 Setting Network Address & Loop and Unit Numbers, Continued prompt Type: reset 10. Save all changes. At the Local This forces the ANG_EN to save the Configuration Information and reboot using the new values. The ANG_EN has now been configured. To display the current set- prompt: config display tings, type at Local 11.
  • Page 45: Assigning An Ip Address

    Assigning an IP Address Each Advance Network Gateway (ANG_EN) unit on a network must be Overview assigned an IP address. This 32-bit number defines each ANG_EN’s network ID and host ID. The IP address is assigned by the user before the Gateway is physically connected to a network.
  • Page 46: Editing The Address Translation Table

    Editing the Address Translation Table The Advance Network Gateway (ANG_EN) monitors the “local” ADH bus Overview for messages with a “remote” destination address. The ANG_EN determines if the message destination is “remote” by searching it’s Address Translation Table (ATT). If the destination address is located remotely, the ANG_EN encapsulates the ADH message within the data portion of an IP packet and sends the message out the Ethernet port.
  • Page 47 Editing the Address Translation Table, Continued The Address Translation Table (ATT) can be displayed using the Displaying the ATT Configuration Management routines. 1. Log on locally to the ANG_EN. prompt: display all 2. To display the entire ATT type at the Local 3.
  • Page 48 Editing the Address Translation Table, Continued 4. To display the ATT by IP number type: display ip Where is the IP address. If you leave off the IP ad- dress, the IP portion will default to the value of the local ANG_EN. Note: and are not allowed.
  • Page 49 Editing the Address Translation Table, Continued 2. To delete all ATT entries associated with a single IP address type: del ip Where is the IP address in dotted decimal notation. Note: and are not allowed. 3. To delete all entries in the ATT type: delete all 2000590-001 Data Communications Setup...
  • Page 50 Editing the Address Translation Table, Continued 4. To add entries to the ATT type: add adh loop unit Where loop is the ADH loop number (1 - 8) and unit is the ADH unit number (1-31). All parameters must be specified. You can only add entries that are local to the ANG_EN.
  • Page 51: Firmware Updates

    Firmware Updates Periodically we will provide our ANG_EN users with firmware upgrades. Description Perform the following instructions to download a new ANG_EN firmware upgrade to the Communications board. A firmware upgrade will take ap- proximately 5 minutes. The following procedure assumes that the Windows Hyper Terminal pro- Instructions gram residing on your PC has been configured, the ANG_EN is opera- tional and the PC is connected to the ANG_EN.
  • Page 52 Firmware Updates, Continued 4. Click on Send Text File. The Send Text File dialog box will appear. 5. Under Files of type select All files (*.*). 6. Under File name type in the upgrade version file name (for this ex- ample Gateway.hex).
  • Page 53: Command Summary

    Command Summary This section summarizes the command syntax for the Advance Network Description Gateway (ANG_EN) software. Adds an ADH Unit to the Address Translation Table format: add adh loop unit Where loop is a number in the range 1- 8. Where unit is a number in the range 1-31.
  • Page 54 Command Summary, Continued This command starts download of ANG_EN firmware (used for up- download grades) format: download Generates and displays error log errorlog format: errorlog Displays Command Summary List Help Permits User access to display and configuration commands login format: login password Permits a User to end a User session logout format: logout...
  • Page 55: Troubleshooting

    Chapter 4 Troubleshooting Introduction This chapter provides installation personnel with troubleshooting infor- Overview mation to solve problems associated in the setup of the Advance Net- work Gateway. Before beginning the installation process read through this Chapter to Chapter Highlights familiarize yourself with the information provides. Topic See Page ANCB Description...
  • Page 56: Ancb Description

    ANCB Description The ANCB (Advance Network Communication Board) is the communica- Description tions electronics for the unit. The ANCB plugs into to PCI slot located on the power supply assembly. A bracket fastens it to the chassis. See Fig- ure 2-4 Power Supply/ANCB Assembly. Figure 3-1.
  • Page 57: Ancb Leds Description & Operation

    ANCB LEDs Description & Operation This section provides maintenance personnel with information on how to Description use the ANCB LEDs for troubleshooting the Advance Network Gateway (ANG_EN). Communications Board LEDs 2000590-001 Troubleshooting...
  • Page 58 ANCB LEDs Description and Operation, Continued During normal operation the Green LED for ADHA or ADHB will blink to ADHA and ADHB - indicate either receive or transmit activity on the ANG_EN channel. If a message retry is sent the Yellow LED will blink. The ADHA and ADHB LEDs are status indicators.
  • Page 59 ANCB LEDs Description and Operation, Continued The Green TX LED blinks whenever a message is transmitted on the Ethernet Controller - Ethernet channel. The Green RX LED blinks whenever a message is received on the Ethernet channel. The Red CL LED indicates there was a collision on the Ethernet.
  • Page 60: Ethernet Troubleshooting Guide

    Ethernet Troubleshooting Guide The most common problems associated with the Ethernet and how to Description correct them are given in the table below. Fault Probable Cause Collisions Excessive collisions are most often caused by a physical media problem such as: 1.
  • Page 61 Ethernet Troubleshooting Guide, Continued Fault Probable Cause Jabber Error Jabbering can be caused by faulty NIC or driver, cabling, or grounding problems Possible causes (listed by highest probability): 1. Faulty Cable/Connectors 2. Ground problem - Induced noise 3. Faulty NIC or HUB Ghosts Error Possible causes (listed by highest probability): 1.
  • Page 62: Guide To Network Health

    Guide to Network Health There are no magic numbers for good, or bad, network parameters (such Recommendations as: utilization and collisions). The parameters that are acceptable for a for Network Health healthy network are determined by many variables. 1. Utilization should average less than 40%. If you have extended peaks of greater than 70% you may want to investigate the causes and consider configuration changes to lower the average utilization.
  • Page 63 Obtaining Diagnostics Information You can access the following Diagnostic information from an Advance Description Network Gateway (ANG_EN). Ethernet Network Status ADH Channels Status Error Log The following procedures assumes that the Windows Hyper Terminal Before You Begin program residing on your PC has been configured, the ANG_EN is op- erational, the PC is connected to the ANG_EN and you have logged on.
  • Page 64: Obtaining Diagnostic Information

    Obtaining Diagnostic Information, Continued To display the current diagnostic information for the ADH channels: ADH Channel Information 1. Log on to the ANG_EN. prompt type: netstat adh (a or b). 2. At the The display shows the number of packets received, transmitted and the number of errors detected for each of the 31 units on the as- signed loop.
  • Page 65: Parts Catalog

    Introduction This chapter provides maintenance personnel with a list of replaceable Overview parts and assemblies for the Advance Network Gateway (ANG_EN). Subsequent information includes how to remove and replace the re- placement part or assemblies. Parts can be ordered from:...
  • Page 66: Available Parts

    Available Parts The available ANG_EN assemblies and parts and applicable part num- Description bers are shown below. Part Description Ordering Number Power Supply, Base Assembly 2015849-802 ANCB Communication Board; Ethernet to Data 2020951-801 Hiway Gateway Debug Port Extension Cable 2020914-001 Power Supply to Circuit Board Cable 2020276-001 Advance Data Hiway Connector...
  • Page 67: Power Supply Assembly Removal

    Power Supply Assembly Removal The following procedure removes the power supply assembly from the Instructions ANG_EN enclosure. Step Action Open the front panel of the ANG_EN by loosening the four captive screws located on each corner; use 4mm Allen wrench. Shut off the primary AC Power Supply line to this location.
  • Page 68: Data Hiway Testing

    Appendix Data Hiway Testing How to Test the Data Hiway The following test procedure tests the Channel A and Channel B Data Post Installation Test Hiway cable connections. These test procedures insures that the signal lines are correctly installed. Referenced testing points are CH A and CH B (+) and negative (-) and shield ground termination's.
  • Page 69: Data Hiway Testing

    How to Test the Data Hiway, Continued Data Hiway shield lead continuity can be checked by performing the fol- Measuring Shield lowing procedures: Continuity Ground Data Hiway cable shields at only one end of each segment. This practice reduces ground loop noise. Step Procedure With Data Hiway communicating with connected Nodes,...
  • Page 70 Glossary Definitions This section defines important Terms. Overview The Advance Network Gateway Ethernet (ANG_EN) is a wall- (or rack-) Advance Network mounted unit that is self-contained with power supply and all electronics. Gateway Ethernet It provides internal field termination points to connect standard Advance Data Hiway cable “on one side”...
  • Page 71: Glossary

    Definitions, Continued A Late Collision is one that occurs after the first 64 bytes in a frame or Late Collision packet. Since the smallest Ethernet frame (packet) is 64 bytes in length, late collisions will not be detected on small packets. Ethernet controllers do not retransmit packets with late collisions resulting in lost packets.
  • Page 72 Siemens Applied Automation 500 West Highway 60, Bartlesville, OK 74003 Phone 918-662-7000, Fax 918-662-7052...