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Connecting Audio Components To The Dvd Player; Connecting A Hifi System; Connecting Digital Audio Components Via Digital Cables - Silvercrest KH 6506 Operating Manual


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KH 6506

7. Connecting audio components to the DVD player

Besides sound replay of DVDs, VCDs/S-VCDs and from Audio
and MP3-CDs via...
• the loud speaker of the television, to which the DVD player is
connected sound replay can also be produced via external
Audio components such as HiFi systems, Dolby Digital/DTS
receiver or Surround Sound systems.
You have the following options here:

7.1. Connecting a HiFi system

In order to enjoy a full sound experience when playing DVDs
with the DVD player you can connect a HiFi system to the
player. Before connecting check with the HiFi system's instruc-
tion manual to verify...
• if the HiFi system is suitable for connection to a DVD player.
If yes...
• if the HiFi system is equipped with cinch sockets; if yes,
you can connect the HiFi system to the DVD player via
cinch cables.
In order to connect a HiFi system...
• Insert the white cinch cable plug into the cinch socket
inscribed "FL" on the rear panel of the DVD player.
• Then insert the white plug at the other end of the cinch
cable into the left channel cinch socket on the HiFi system.
• Insert the red cinch cable plug into the cinch socket inscribed
"FR" on the rear panel of the DVD player.
• Insert the red plug at the other end of the cinch cable into
the right channel cinch socket of the HiFi system.
• Check with the instruction manual which settings on the
HiFi system may be necessary in order to reproduce sound
via the HiFi system during the playback of a DVD, VCD/
S-VCD, Audio or MP3 CD from the DVD player.
For an optimal sound experience place your HiFi system's loud
speakers to the left and to the right of the television, on
which you connected the DVD player.
If you connected the DVD player to the television via a Scart
cable the Audio signal will be transmitted via the cinch cable
to your HiFi system as well as via the Scart cable to the tele-
vision. In this case, set the volume of the television to the
lowest value.

7.2. Connecting digital audio components via digital cables

In order to enjoy Surround Sound during playback of corres-
pondingly equipped DVDs (recognisable by the Dolby Digital
or DTS-Logo) you can connect the DVD player to
digital Audio components, for example a Dolby Digital or DTS
receiver or a suitable Surround system.
The necessary cable for the following described connection
variant can be purchased from the dealer.
First check, by means of the audio components instruction
manual, if a connection to the DVD player via a co-axial cable
is possible.
Connection via coaxial cable
In order to connect the DVD player to a digital audio compo-
nent with a digital coaxial cable...
• Connect the "COAXIAL" inscribed plug to the correspond-
ing socket on the digital audio component.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents