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The SilverCrest KH 6506 DVD player contains copyright protection technology, which protects it from process
claims of certain US patents, for example other intellectual property rights of the Macrovision corporation and
other copyright owners.
The use of this technology for copyright protection must be approved by Macrovision Corporation and is inten-
ded exclusively for non-commercial, private use; any other use requires the express approval of Macrovision
Reverse engineering and disassembling are expressly prohibited.
Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories, Inc.
Dolby and the double-D-symbols are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories,
Inc. Confidential Unpublished Works.
1992-1997 Dolby Laboratories, Inc. All rights reserved.
This appliance is protected by the US patents 4.631.603, 4.577.216, 4.819.098, 4.907.093 and 6.516.132.
The license applies exclusively for private use.
The SilverCrest KH 6506 DVD player is licensed as a DivX Certified Product.


Table of Contents

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