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Important Warranty Notes - Silvercrest KH 6506 Operating Manual


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Audio CDs
Audio CDs contain exclusively audio data; they are also avail-
able in 8 cm and 12 cm (Diameter) formats. The playback du-
ration for the audio data stored on them amounts to 20 mi-
nutes (8 cm format) and/or 74 minutes (12 cm format). Audio
data is stored on audio CDs in CDA format.
MP3 denotes a process and/or format developed by the
Fraunhofer Institute for the compression of audio data. In
the MP3 format compressed music pieces are only a fraction
of their original size, which, for example, on CD-Rs/CD-RWs
allows for storage of a considerably greater volume of music
than on commercially available audio CDs, on which audio
data is stored in the CDA format.
WMA ("Windows® Media Audio") is a data format developed
by Microsoft® for audio data.
JPEG ("Joint Photographics Expert Group") denotes a wide
spread graphic format, developed by the organization with
the same name, with which image data of the colour and
grey scales are compressed.
DivX is a coding format for videos and multimedia data,
invented by the DivX Networks, Inc company.
MPEG ("Moving Picture Experts Group") refers to a video
compression format.
What are files?
As opposed to audio CDs the title on a CD-R/CD-RW with
MP3-, WMA- or JPEG data can be stored in files, for example,
in order to file titles from different genres.
The structure of an MP3-CD can, for example, appear as
follows, if the MP3 data is stored in files:

16. Important warranty notes

The warranty for this appliance is 3 years from the date of
purchase. Should you, in spite of our high quality standards,
have grounds for complaint please contact our Service Hotline.
In the event that processing of your complaint is not possible
by telephone here you will receive
• a processing number (RMA number) as well as
• an address, to which you can send your product for
warranty processing.
In the case of a mail-in shipment please enclose a copy of the
purchase receipt (sales slip). The appliance must be securely
packed and rhe RMA number clearly visible. Shipments wi-
thout an RMA number can not be processed.
NOTE: The warranty provisions cover only material or
factory defects.
The warranty provisions do not cover
• worn out parts
• damage to breakable parts like switches or rechargeable
This product is for private use only and is not intended for
commercial use. The warranty is void in the case of abusive
and improper handling, use of force and internal tampering
that was not carried out by our authorized service branch.
Your legally committed warranty claims are not restricted by
this warranty.
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KH 6506


Table of Contents

Table of Contents