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Make sure that there are no obstacles located between
the remote control and the DVD player.
Be situated no more than five meters from the DVD player
when using the remote control.
Playback language/ Subtitle language do not correspond to
the settings in the OSD menu
The playback language/Subtitle language setting in the OSD
menu is not available on the inserted disc.
One or several functions can not be switched on
The selected function may not be available on all
DVDs/VCDs/S-VCDs! If you attempt to carry out a function
that is not available the symbol
will be displayed on the
television screen.
None of the buttons on the appliance or on the remote control
are functioning/other malfunctions
Switch off the DVD player by pressing the POWER button.
Wait ten seconds, then press the "Power" button again
once to switch the DVD player back on.
If the malfunction is still present: Reset the DVD player to its
default settings.
For this see chapter 8.6. "Diverse settings".
Contact one of our service partners in your area if …
the described remedys do not work for the indicated
malfunction or
something other than the indicated malfunction occurs
For this see chapter 16. "Important warranty information".

15. Glossary / Key Word Index

What are DVDs, VCDs and S-VCDs?
DVD is the short form for "Digital Versatile Disc". DVDs are a
storage medium for audio and video data; they are available
in 8 cm and 12 cm (Diameter) formats. Because of the much
higher storage capacity as compared to CD-Rs/CD-RWs, DVDs
can provide a playback duration of up to eight hours for the
audio and video data stored on them.
KH 6506
"Video CD" (VCD) and "Super Video CD" (S-VCD) are designa-
tions for two processes of compressed storage, thus space
saving, of films on CDs. VCDs and S-VCDs are available in 8 cm
and 12 cm (Diameter) formats. Their storage capacity is a great
deal lower than that of DVDs. For this reason they only offer
a playback duration, for the saved audio and video data on
them, of 20 minutes (8 cm format) and/or 74 minutes (12 cm
VCDs are available in two versions:
• With version 1.1 VCDs/S-VCDs only audio and video data
can be played back.
• With version 2.0 VCDs/S-VCDs, PBC (Playback Control) func-
tions are available. In addition still images can be played
back in a higher resolution.
Playback Control (PBC)
Version 2.0 VCDs/S-VCDs have Playback Control (in short "PBC")
at their disposal. Then on the VCD/S-VCD a main menu is avail-
able, by which various functions of the VCD/S-VCD are allowed
to be operated.
What are Title and Chapter?
Title is the name given to the largest units of image and
sound units on DVDs; on many DVDs the (Main) film has the
title number 01. For bonus material (i.e. Film trailer, back-
ground information etc.), that is available on many DVDs,
other possible title numbers can be used.
Chapter is the name given to the next smaller image and
sound units beneath title. If the DVD/VCD/S-VCD or its title is
divided into chapters, numbers are assigned to you, through
the input of which the chapter can be selected direct.
Bear in mind that not on all DVDs …
• are the DVD or the title divided into (numbered) chapters
• Chapters are also designated as "Scenes" (i.e. in the main
menu of DVDs)
What are SCart, S-Video, Composite video Progressive scan
and YUV?
Scart denotes a 21 pole standardized plug connection, via
which the RGB signal, video signal and S-Video signal as well
as a number of control and auxiliary signals are transmitted.
When the DVD player is connected to a television via S-Video
the brightness and colour signals are seperated; in this way
a greater image sharpness and a reduced so called "Colour
noise" is achieved.
Colour noise refers to the overlaying of the colours, mostly
heavily saturated parts of a video image, through an irregular,
restive breakdown structure.
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