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Audio Settings; Rating Settings - Silvercrest KH 6506 Operating Manual


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• Then keep pressing the button "VIDEO_OUT" on the
remote control until the Image reappears on the television
- Smart Picture:
In this menu you can set the image para-
meters of the output video signal and
thus align with the playback quality of
the image on the connected picture screen.
Select the preset image parameter
"Standard", "Bright", or "Soft". With the
setting "Dynamic" you can set the follow-
ing image parameters separately:
- Brightness:
Here you set the brightness value
(-20...+20) of the DVD player.
- Contrast:
Here you set the contrast value
(-16...+16)of the DVD player.
- Tint:
Here you set the red-green ratio (-9...+9)
of the DVD player.
- Color:
Here you set the colour saturation
(-9...+9) of the DVD player.

8.4. Audio settings

In this OSD-Menu you can administer the settings for Bass
Management, the size of individual loud speakers, Test Sound,
Delays, Digital Audio Outputs, Night Mode and ProLogic.
-Bass Management: Here you can Activate/Deactivate the
Bass-Management. Activation (on) is ne-
cessary if you are not using a 5.1 ampli-
fier with its own speaker management
but rather want the sound output trans-
mitted via a particular amplifier. In this
case the DVD player must be informed
which kind of speaker (Small/Large) is to
be run from the respective sound output.
In this way the sound and the separation
of Highs, Middles and Basses can be opti-
mally conformed.
- Front, Center,
Here you can Activate/Deactivate the par-
ticular speaker type and set the size.
Small: Bass deactivated (selectable only
None: no loudspeaker connected
- Test tones:
Here you can switch on a test tone for
each individual audio output in order to
check your 5.1 surround settings.
Bass activated,
when Bass-Management is
- Center, Surround
Here you set the delay for the centre and
rear surround loudspeakers. Each increase
of the distance setting corresponds to a
delay of one millisecond. With optimal
settings the sound reaches your ears si-
multaneously from all directions.
Center: No delay, 0.3, 0.6, 1, 1.4, 1.7 m.
Surround: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.1 m
- Digital Output:
Here you set the DVD players digital out-
put signal.
PCM: two channel digital audio compo-
RAW: multi channel digital audio com-
- Night mode:
Here you can activate/deactivate the night
mode. This setting facilitates an optimal
sound playback with reduced volume.
The loud passages are suppressed and
the quieter passages are played back a
little louder. This function is only possible
when using a digital audio component.
- ProLogic:
Here you set the Dolby ProLogic compati-

8.5. Rating settings

In this menu you can implement the settings for child security
and change the password.
- Parental control:
Here you set the child security in three
G: Only DVDs without age restrictions
PG-13: No DVD with an age release from
Adult: All DVDs, including those with an
- 11 -
no digital audio component con-
nent connected via co-axial cable
or optical cable.
ponent, i.e. DTS receiver, connec-
ted via co-axial cable or optical
no Dolby ProLogic compatible audio
component is connected to the
analogue stereo output (FL/FR).
a Dolby ProLogic compatible audio
component is connected to the
analogue stereo output(FL/FR) of
the DVD player.
can be played back.
13 years can be played back.
age release from 18 years, can be play-
ed back.
KH 6506


Table of Contents

Table of Contents