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Misc Settings; Initial Operation Of The Dvd Player; Inserting The Dvd - Silvercrest KH 6506 Operating Manual


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KH 6506
In order to activate the age release you must select "Parental
control" in the OSD menu "Rating" and enter the password
(8888). Confirm your entry by pressing the "OK" button.
Select the item "Parental control" again and now you can set
the desired child security position. Confirm your entry by
pressing the "OK" button.
- Set Password:
Here you can change the preset password
(8888) and enter your own password.
Only the numbers 0-9 can be used.
To change the password select the item "Set Password" in the
OSD menu. Enter the valid password. Confirm your entry by pres-
sing the "OK" button. Select the item "Set Password" again
and enter the new password. Confirm your entry by pressing the
"OK" button.
In the event that you forget your new password you can use
the factory preset password (8888).

8.6. Misc settings

In this menu you can reset the DVD player to the factory
default settings and set the playback priority of DVDs.
- Default
Here you reset the DVD players factory
default settings.

9. Initial operation of the DVD player

After you have ...
• placed the DVD player in a suitable location
• connected the DVD player to a television by one of the
designated connection options
• connected the DVD player, if desired, to a HiFi or Surround
system (analogue/digital) for example a Dolby Digital or
DTS receiver
• made the remote control ready for operation by inserting
the batteries
• and know how to activate and operate the OSD menu
with the remote control
... the DVD player is ready for operation.

9.1. Inserting the DVD

To play a disc with the DVD player:
• Switch on your television.
• Make sure that the DVD player is ready for operation.
If the television, the DVD player and possibly other connected
devices (i.e. an audio component) are ready for operation and
are switched on and the DVD player is connected correctly to
the television you will now see the SilverCrest logo on the TV
If no disc is inserted into the DVD player's disc tray:
The message "No disc" apears on the TV screen.
• Open the disc tray by pressing the button
on the remote control or on the front panel of the DVD
player. "Open" will appear on the TV screen.
• Insert the disc in the disc tray with the inscribed/labled side
up. For twin-sided discs: The side you would like to play
must face down.
• After you have inserted the disc press the button
"OPEN/CLOSE" on the remote control or on the front pa-
nel of the DVD player again to close the disc tray.
• The contents of the disc will now be loaded; this may take
a few seconds. In the meantime the message "Loading"
appears on the TV screen.
- 12 -


Table of Contents

Table of Contents