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Technical Data; Applications And Functions; Delivery Contents; Setting Up Of The Dvd Player/Safety Instructions - Silvercrest KH 6506 Operating Manual


Table of Contents
KH 6506

1. Technical Data

Power supply:
Power consumption :
TV standard:
Operating temperature:
Video Output
Output level:
Horizontal resolution:
Signal-to-noise ratio:
Audio Output
Output level:
Harmonic distortion:
Dynamic range:
Signal-to-noise ratio:
Digital audio output
Co-axial output

2. Applications and functions

The SilverCrest KH 6506 DVD player is exclusively intended ...
• as an electronic entertainment device for the playback...
• ...of DVD videos in 12 cm and 8 cm (diameter) formats with
Country/Regional code 2 or
• ...of the video formats MPEG-4/MPEG-4 ASP and with DivX
3.11, DivX 4.x, DivX 5.x, DivX 6.0, multichannel DivX and
DivX Pro
• ... of video-CDs (VCDs) and Super video-CDs (S-VCDs) in
12 cm and 8 cm (diameter) formats, designated by the
• ... of audio-CDs in 12 cm and 8 cm (diameter) formats,
designated by the Logo
• ... generally the data format CD audio (.cda), MP3 (.mp3),
Windows Media Audio (.wma), DivX (.avi) and JPEG (.jpg)
on the storage mediums CD-R and CD-RW.
• ... for stationary operation in enclosed spaces
• ... for private, non commercial use
For image output with the playback of DVDs, VCDs, S-VCDs,
Audio CDs and the data format MP3, Windows Media Audio
and JPEG you can connect to the SilverCrest KH 6506 DVD
player to ...
• Stereo and Mono televisions with the television formats
PAL, SECAM or NTSC and the image format 4:3 / 16:9.
For the output of sound and/or music you can use and/or
connect to the Silvercrest KH 6506 DVD-Player ...
• from the speaker of one of the televisions connected to
the DVD player
AC 220 V - 240 V ~50 Hz
15 Watt
+5 ~ +35°C
5 ~ 90 % (no condensation)
1 + 0.2/-0.2 Vp-p (75 Ω)
> = 500 Lines
>60 dB
10 kΩ
1.8 + 0.2/-0.8 Vrms (1kHz 0 dB)
<0.01 % (JIS-A 1kHz, typical)
>80 dB (JIS-A 1 KHz, typical)
<95 dB (JIS-A 1 kHz, typical)
, designated by the Logo
• from external audio components such as a HiFi system,
receiver or surround sound system (analogue/digital)
No liability/warranty will be assumed for damage resulting
from improper use of the device!

3. Delivery Contents

1. DVD-Player
2. Infra red remote control
3. 2 Batteries for remote control, type AAA/ (Micro cells)
4. RGB-Scart cable
5. Operating manual

4. Setting up of the DVD player/Safety instructions

1 Carefully remove the DVD player and the supplied acces-
sories from the packing
2 Remove the protective foil from the front reflector.
3 Place the DVD player on an even, straight, and non slip-
pery surface
In order to avoid technical glitches, damages, and the risk
of an electric shock do not run the DVD player...
• ... in the immediate vicinity of a heat source such as an
oven, heat fans and similar devices! Heat contact can lead
to the equipment overheating and to melting of plastic
parts, whereby the DVD player could be irreparably damaged!
• Do not place any open sources of fire, like candles, on the
In case of overheating there is a risk of fire!
• ... do not play in moist environments, for example in cellars
or in the sauna! Moisure penetrating the applicance can
lead to malfunctions and cause irreparable damage to the
• This device was only designed for stationary operation
under normal climatic conditions (temperate climate).
Moisture penetrating into the device creates the risk of an
electric shock!
• ... not for use in the immediate vicinity of water, for example
in the bath tub or in the swimming pool. Do not place con-
tainers filled with water, for example flower vases, on the
DVD player.
- 4 -


Table of Contents

Table of Contents