Silvercrest KH 6515 Operating Instructions Manual

Kompernass dvd player operating instructions
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KH 6515/6516
Operating instructions
ID-Nr.: KH6515/16-10/07-V2


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  • Page 1 LETTORE DVD KH 6515/6516 DVD PLAYER Operating instructions KOMPERNASS GMBH · BURGSTRASSE 21 · D-44867 BOCHUM ID-Nr.: KH6515/16-10/07-V2...
  • Page 2 KH 6515/6516 q w e r k l ; 2) 2@ 2# 2$ 3& 2& 2&...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Setting up of the DVD player Safety instructions Remote control Connecting the DVD Player to a television 8.1 Connecting to a television via ScartCable/RGB 8.2 Connecting to a television via S-Video 8.3 Connection to a television via video input (Composite Video) 8.4 Connection via component signal (YPbPr/progressive scan and YUV)
  • Page 4: Technical Data

    Memory Cards of the type CF I, CF II, SD, MS, MSPro, MMC und SM. You can connect to the Silvercrest KH 6515/ KH 6516 DVD player for image outputs during playback of DVDs, VCDs, S-VCDs, Audio CDs and the MP3 data formats, Windows Media Audio and JPEG •...
  • Page 5: Setting Up Of The Dvd Player

    Place the DVD player on a flat, even and firm base. Attention! Do not plug the DVD player into an electrical outlet at this time. Wait until you have connected the DVD player to a television set. In the event that you wish to change the type of video or audio connection...
  • Page 6: Remote Control

    Otherwise interferences can occur during operation of the DVD player functions with the remote control. 7.3. Replacing the batteries If the operation of the DVD player via the remote control does not function properly or does not function at all the batteries must be replaced •...
  • Page 7: Connecting The Dvd Player To A Television

    The DVD player can be connected to a television that operates with the PAL, NTSC and SECAM standards. If you want to use the DVD player on a television with the NTSC standard you must change the video setting in the DVD players "OSD menu". There PAL is set as the television standard at the factory.
  • Page 8: Connection To A Television Via Video Input (Composite Video)

    • an YUV cable (not supplied) These can be obtained from your dealer. On the rear panel of the DVD player you will find the three so called "Component Colour Out" sockets "Y", "Pb/Cb" and "Pr/Cr". Connecting the DVD player via component signal: PB/CB •...
  • Page 9: Connection Via Vga

    • Insert the white audio cinch cable plug into the cinch socket inscribed " " on the rear panel of the DVD player. • Then insert the white plug at the other end of the audio cinch cable into the left channel audio socket on the television.
  • Page 10: Connecting Audio Components To The Dvd Player

    DVD player. If you connected the DVD player to the television via a Scart cable the Audio signal will be transmitted via the cinch cable to your HiFi system as well as via the Scart cable to the television.
  • Page 11: Connecting Audio Components Via An Analogue Cable

    "OnScreen display" menu (in short "OSD Menu"). The OSD Menu will be superimposed on the television screen. Before you use the DVD player for the first time for playback of DVDs, VCDs/S-VCDs or Audio-/MP3-CDs you must implement a few settings via the OSD Menu.
  • Page 12: Using The Osd Menu

    Here you set the Image format, in which the film should be displayed on the television screen (4:3 or 16:9). The correct setting depends on the television to which you would like to connect the DVD player. View Mode: Here you can align the height and width of the image presentation with the playback appliance being used, i.e.
  • Page 13: Audio Settings

    In the event that you set an incorrect Video output, for example "P-Scan", although your television is not capable of Progressive Scan, then the tele- vision screen will suddenly become black. This is not a defect of the television or the DVD player! STOP In this case press the button on the front panel of the DVD player or on the remote control.
  • Page 14: Menu Rating

    In the event that you forget your new password you can use the factory preset password (8888). 10.6 Diverse settings (Misc) In this Menu you can return the DVD player to its factory defaults and set the DVD playback priority. Use Default Settings: Here you reset the DVD player's factory default settings.
  • Page 15: Inserting Memory Cards/Usb Memory Sticks With Mp3/Wma/ Divx/Jpeg Data

    DVD player is connected correctly to the television you will now see the Silvercrest logo on the TV screen If no disc is inserted into the DVD player's disc tray: The message No Disc is displayed on the television screen.
  • Page 16: Removing Memory Cards/Usb Memory Sticks

    Open the disc tray on the front panel of the DVD player by pressing the button OPEN/CLOSE remote control. OPEN will now appear In the display on the front panel of the DVD player and on the television screen. • Insert a DVD/VCD/S-VCD disc in the disc tray with the inscribed/labled side up.
  • Page 17: Features During Playback Of A Dvd, Vcd Or S-Vcd

    (Background information, "Making of" etc.) If such a menu is present on the DVD inserted in the DVD player you can access it during playback by pressing the You can select particular menu items by pressing the control buttons on the remote control;...
  • Page 18 . The number of the respectively selected chapter will be displayed on the front panel of the DVD player to the left of the played back so far time. Title number input via the number buttons...
  • Page 19 PLAY • To continue playback press the button on the front panel of the DVD player or on the remote control. Image enlargement (Zoom) Note: This function may not be available on all DVDs! If you attempt to carry out a function that is not available the symbol the television screen.
  • Page 20 DVD player or on the remote control. • To cancel the programmed playback press the front panel of the DVD player or on the remote control twice during playback. Note: If you are not sure what the title and/or chapter number is that you want...
  • Page 21 In the case of VCDs/S-VCDs: • the already played back time of the currently playing VCD/SVCD in hours, minutes and seconds • the time to the end of the currently playing film in hours, seconds and minutes • the type of inserted disc (VCD/S-VCD) •...
  • Page 22: Playback Of Jpeg-Photo Cd/Wma/Mp3/Mpeg4

    Switching off the DVD player To switch off the DVD player... • In the event that a disc inserted into the DVD player is playing back first cancel playback by pressing twice the of the DVD player or on the remote control.
  • Page 23: Rotation (Jpeg Images Only)

    • You shift in the data window by pressing the control button the data that you want to include in your programme by pressing the button. A check mark appears in front of the selected data. • When you have marked all the desired data select Add to program from the settings window.
  • Page 24: Cleaning Of The Dvd Player

    14. Cleaning of the DVD player Clean the casing of the DVD player with a soft damp cloth and a mild detergent only. When cleaning make sure that no moisture gets into the DVD player! Clean the inside of the disc tray, if necessary, with a clean dry brush only (i.e.
  • Page 25: Glossary / Key Word Index

    Check by means of the televisions operating instructions to see if settings to the television may be necessary in order to use the DVD player with the television. Check by means of the operating instructions for a potential connected audio component if settings to it are necessary in order to use it with the DVD player.
  • Page 26: Audio Cds

    The Silvercrest KH 6515/KH 6516 DVD player is equiped with an AC-3 Decoder (for Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound signals). Dolby Surround...
  • Page 27: Warranty & Service

    Bilston Industrial Estate Oxford Street Bilston WV14 7EG Tel.: 0870 787 6177 Fax: 0870 787 6168 e-mail: Kompernass Service Ireland c/o Irish Connection 41 Harbour view Howth Co. Dublin Tel: 087-99 62 077 Fax: 18398056 e-mail: 19. Importer...
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