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Silvercrest KH 6521 Operating Instructions Manual

Kompernass dvd player user manual
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Table of Contents
KH 6521
KH 6522
DVD Player
Operating instructions
DVD predvajalnik
Navodila za uporabo
ID-Nr.: KH6521/22 - 07/09-V4


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Silvercrest SILVERCREST KH 6521

  • Page 1 DVD PLAYER KH 6521 KH 6522 DVD Player Operating instructions DVD predvajalnik Navodila za uporabo KOMPERNASS GMBH · BURGSTRASSE 21 · D-44867 BOCHUM ID-Nr.: KH6521/22 - 07/09-V4...
  • Page 2 KH 6521 / 6522 2&...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    7.3 Replacing the batteries ..................4 8. Connecting the DVD player to a television 8.1 Connecting to a television via ScartCable/RGB .
  • Page 4: Technical Data

    AVI, MPEG 4, Xvid, JPEG (Foto-CD) Regional code: 2. Intended use The SilverCrest KH 6521/22 DVD player is intended exclusively for stationary use in enclosed spaces. The device is intended exclusively for private, non-commercial use. The device is intended for use as a home entertainment device.
  • Page 5: Setting Up Of The Dvd Player

    Remove the protective foil from the display. Place the DVD player on a flat, even and firm base. Do not subject the device to any external heat or moisture source. Make sure that the device has sufficient ventilation on all sides. Do not place any television directly on top of the DVD player.
  • Page 6: Remote Control

    The DVD player can be connected to televisions which operate with the PAL and NTSC standards. If you want to use the DVD player on a television with the NTSC standard you must change the video setting in the DVD players "OSD menu". There PAL is set as the television standard at the factory.
  • Page 7: Connecting To A Television Via Scartcable/Rgb

    8.1 Connecting to a television via ScartCable/RGB Note: Connecting the DVD player to a television with a Scart cable via the RGB input offers a high quality connection. Select this connection variation in the case of televisions equipped with an RGB input. If you are not sure if the television is equipped with an RGB input then you can check this by consulting the television's instruction manual.
  • Page 8: Connecting To A Television Via Hdmi

    DVD player. If you connected the DVD player to the television via a Scart cable the audio signal will be transmitted via the cinch cable to your HiFi system as well as via the Scart cable to the television.
  • Page 9: Connecting Audio Components Via An Analogue Cable

    Connection via coaxial cable To connect the DVD player to a digital audio component with a digital coaxial cable: • Connect the "COAXIAL" inscribed plug to the corresponding socket on the digital audio component. Connecting via optical cable To connect the DVD player to a digital audio component with an optical cable: •...
  • Page 10: Osd Menu Settings

    • To switch the DVD player on activate the of the DVD player. If the DVD player is already switched on but is in STANDBY standby mode, press the button switch the DVD player on. Standby mode is identified by the green LED in the display on the front panel of the device.
  • Page 11: Setup Menu Audio

    Deactivate function. The disc playback starts back at the begining after removing and then reinserting. Note: POWER If the DVD player is turned off with the be preserved. 10.3 Setup menu AUDIO In this OSD menu you can, for example, carry out settings for the analogue as well as the digital audio outputs.
  • Page 12: Setup Menu Dolby

    Note: This setting is only active if the HDMI setup is deactivated. The composite video output on the DVD player is always activated. If the selected setting deviates from the actual connection variation (apart from composite video) it is possible that no image or a poor image will be displayed on the television screen.
  • Page 13: Setup Menu Preference

    Only a few DVDs have a technical age restriction available. If there is no technical age restriction on the DVD your DVD players child lock feature can not be activated. The child lock can only function if it is activated on the DVD player and a corresponding code is available on the inserted DVD.
  • Page 14: Initial Operation Of The Dvd Player

    Silvercrest logo on the TV screen If no disc is inserted into the DVD player's disc tray: The message NO DISC is displayed on the television screen. •...
  • Page 15: Removing Memory Cards/Usb Memory Sticks

    OPEN/CLOSE button. O O P P E E N N now appears in the display on the front panel of the DVD player and on the television screen. • Insert a DVD/VCD/S-VCD disc in the disc tray with the inscribed/labled side up.
  • Page 16: Features During Playback Of A Dvd, Vcd Or S-Vcd

    (Background information, "Making of" etc.) If such a menu is present on the DVD inserted in the DVD player you can access it during playback by pressing the You can select particular menu options by pressing the control buttons...
  • Page 17 Title number input via the number buttons Note: This function may not be available on all DVDs! If you attempt to execute a function that is not available, the symbol screen. Instead of using the Skip function you can also enter the title from within the film on the inserted DVD/VCD/S-VCD direct by entering the title number via the number buttons on the remote control.
  • Page 18 Image enlargement (Zoom) Note: This function may not be available on all DVDs! If you attempt to execute a function that is not available, the symbol screen. During the playback of an inserted DVD/VCD/S-VCD you can enlarge the image on the television screen in three levels. For this press the on the remote control to set the following enlargement levels: With the control buttons sections of the enlargement can be...
  • Page 19 During the programmed playback the notice PROGRAM appears in the display. To delete the programmed playback press twice, during playback, the button on the front panel of the DVD player or on the remote control. Note: If you are not sure what number a title and/or chapter to be programmed has...
  • Page 20: Playback Of Jpeg-Photo Cd/Wma/Mp3/Mpeg4

    Switching off the DVD player To switch off the DVD player: • In the event that a disc inserted into the DVD player is playing back, first cancel playback by pressing the DVD player or on the remote control twice.
  • Page 21: Cd Ripping Function

    14. CD Ripping function With the DVD player you can transfer music and speech files in the format .cda (CD Audio) or from a disc onto a USB memory stick. Thereby files in the MP3 format will be saved onto the USB memory stick.
  • Page 22: Cleaning Of The Dvd Player

    This can be the case especially if the DVD player has been subjected to strong temperature fluctuations. If this is the case place the DVD player in a dry environment at normal room temperature. First remove the currently inserted disc from the disc tray.
  • Page 23: Glossary / Key Word Index

    DVD player". Using the television's instruction manual check to see if current settings to the television are necessary in order to use the DVD player with the tele- vision. Check by means of the operating instructions for a potential connected audio component if settings to it are necessary in order to use it with the DVD player.
  • Page 24: Dolby Prologic

    The Silvercrest KH 6521/KH 6522 DVD player is equipped with an AC-3 Decoder (for Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound signals). Dolby Surround...
  • Page 25: Warranty And Service

    The warranty is void in the case of abusive and improper handling, use of force and internal tampering not carried out by our authorized service branch. Your statutory warranty claims are not restricted by this warranty. 20. Importer KOMPERNASS GMBH BURGSTRASSE 21 D-44867 BOCHUM
  • Page 27 First name Street City/Town Country Telephone Date/Signature Description of the defect: Warranty DES Ltd Tel.: 0870/787-6177 Fax: 0870/787-6168 e-mail: Kompernass Service Ireland Tel: 1850 930 412 (0,082 EUR/Min.) Standard call rates apply. Mobile operators may vary. e-mail:
  • Page 29 KAZALO VSEBINE 1. Tehni ni podatki 2. Predvidena uporaba 3. Obseg dobave 4. Upravljalni elementi 5. Postavitev DVD predvajalnika 6. Varnostni napotki 7. Daljinski upravljalnik 7.1 Vstavitev baterij ................... . .30 7.2 Uporaba daljinskega upravljalnika .
  • Page 30: Tehni Ni Podatki

    AVI, MPEG 4, Xvid, JPEG (foto CD) Regionalna koda: 2. Predvidena uporaba DVD predvajalnik Silvercrest KH 6521/22 je namenjen izključno za stacionarno uporabo v zaprtih prostorih. Naprava je namenjena izključno za privatno in ne za obrtno uporabo. Predvajalnik je namenjen za uporabo kot naprava zabavne elektronike.
  • Page 31: Postavitev Dvd Predvajalnika

    C. Daljinski upravljalnik OPEN/CLOSE : odpiranje/zapiranje predal ka za plo e tevilske tipke PLAY/PAUSE : zagon/prekinitev predvajanja MUTE : izklop/vklop tona V-MODE : nastavitev video izhoda DIMMER : nastavitev svetlosti zaslona DISPLAY : prikaz informacij o plo i SKIP FWD VOL +/- : zvi anje/zni anje glasnosti zvoka SKIP BWD...
  • Page 32: Daljinski Upravljalnik

    Nevarnost! Lasersko sevanje! Naprava obsega "laser 1. razreda". • Naprave nikoli ne odpirajte. • Naprave ne posku ajte popravljati. • V notranjosti naprave se nahaja nevidno lasersko sevanje. Ne izpostavljajte se laserskemu arku Napotek: Bolj agresivni laki na pohi tvu lahko nagrizejo gumijaste podstavke naprave. Napravo po potrebi postavite na nedrse o podlago.
  • Page 33: Priklju Itev Na Televizijski Sprejemnik S Pomo Jo Scart Kabla/Rgb-Vhoda

    8.1 Priklju itev na televizijski sprejemnik s pomo jo Scart kabla/RGB-vhoda Napotek: Kvalitativno visoko povezavo predstavlja priklju itev DVD predvajalnika na televizor s pomo jo Scart kabla preko RGB-vhoda. Izberite to vrsto priklju ka, e ima televizijski sprejemnik RGB-vhod. e niste prepri ani, ali ima va televizijski sprejemnik RGB-vhod, to preverite v navodilih za uporabo televizijskega sprejemnika.
  • Page 34: Priklju Itev Na Televizijski Sprejemnik Preko Hdmi

    Na hrbtni strani DVD predvajalnika najdete priklju ne konektorje Y, U/Pb in V/Pr. Priklju itev DVD predvajalnika preko komponentnega signala: U/Pb • Pove ite konektorje (zelen), (moder) in konektorji televizorja. MIX L/R • Pove ite izhodne avdio konektorje jalnika preko avdio cinch kabla z ustreznimi avdio vhodi televizorja. Pri tem upo tevajte rde e in bele barvne oznake.
  • Page 35: Priklju Itev Avdio Komponent S Pomo Jo Analognega Kabla

    Priklju itev preko koaksialnega kabla Za priklju itev DVD predvajalnika z digitalnim koaksialnim kablom na digitalno avdio komponento: • Konektor z napisom COAXIAL pove ite z ustreznim konektorjem digitalne avdio komponente. Priklju itev preko opti nega kabla Za priklju itev DVD predvajalnika z digitalnim opti nim kablom na digitalno avdio komponento: •...
  • Page 36: Nastavitve V Osd-Meniju

    10. Nastavitve v OSD-meniju Vse nastavitve na DVD predvajalniku lahko izvajate z daljinskim upravljalnikom preko tako imenovanega "OnScreen Display" menija (zaslonski prikaz; na kratko "OSD-meni"). OSD-meni se prika e na televizijskem zaslonu. Opomba: V teh navodilih je opisan angle ki OSD-meni. Jezik tega menija lahko kadar koli prestavite na svoj jezik, tako kot je opisano pod "GENERAL >...
  • Page 37: Meni Za Nastavitve Audio

    ANGLE MARK e so bile scene na plo i DVD posnete pod razli nimi zornimi koti, se prisotnost te funkcije avtomatsko naznani s simbolom kamere na zaslonu. Pritisnite tipko daljinskem upravljalniku za prikaz razli nih zornih kotov. -OFF Funkcija deaktivirana. Na zaslonu se ne pojavi noben simbol.
  • Page 38: Meni Za Nastavitve Dolby

    EQUALIZER -SOUND MODE Izberite ta menijski vnos, e pri predvajanju zvoka elite izbrati eno od vnaprej nastavljenih stopenj izena evalnika ROCK, POP, LIVE, DANCE, TECHNO, CLASSIC ali SOFT. Za deaktiviranje te funkcije izberite vnos OFF. -BASS BOOST Izberite nastavitev ON, e elite oja ati predvajanje basovskih tonov.
  • Page 39: Meni Za Nastavitve Preference

    RESOLUTION V tem menijskem vnosu lahko nastavite razli ne lo ljivosti (480i/576i/720p/1080i/1080p) za izhod HDMI/ komponentni video izhod. Napotek: Upo tevajte, da je treba za televizijski standard PAL izbrati nastavitev s 50 Hz, za televizijski standard NTSC pa nastavitev s 60 Hz. COLOR SETTING V tem menijskem vnosu lahko izvedete nastavitve za npr.
  • Page 40: Zagon Dvd Predvajalnika

    11. Zagon DVD predvajalnika Potem, ko ste sedaj… • DVD predvajalnik postavili na primernem kraju • DVD predvajalnik z eno od na tetih mo nosti priklju itve priklju ili na televizor • DVD predvajalnik, e to elite, priklju ili na HiFi ali surround napravo (analogno/digitalno) oz.
  • Page 41: Odstranitev Pomnilni Kih Kartic/Usb-Klju Ev

    USB-klju (USB) DVD predvajalnik podpira USB-klju e 1.1 in 2.0 do kapacitete 4 GB. USB-klju e morate potisniti v vti no mesto za USB. • Pritisnite tipko na daljinskem upravljalniku. e ste v napravo vtaknili ve pomnilni kih medijev (USB in pomnilni ko kartico), ve krat pritisnite tipko USB, dokler se ne prika e vsebina USB-pomnilni kega klju a.
  • Page 42: Funkcije Pri Predvajanju Medijev Dvd, Vcd Ali S-Vcd

    Na zaslonu na sprednji strani DVD predvajalnika se prika ejo: Pri DVD-jih: • "DVD" • tevilka trenutno predvajanega poglavja • do sedaj pretekli as trenutno predvajanega DVD-ja v minutah in sekundah Pri plo ah VCD/S-VCD: • "VCD" ali "S-VCD" • tevilka trenutno predvajanega naslova •...
  • Page 43 Vnos tevilke naslova s pomo jo tevil nih tipk Napotek: Ta funkcija ni na razpolago pri vseh DVD-jih!! e poskusite izvajati neobstoje o funkcijo, se na televizijskem zaslonu prika e simbol Namesto s funkcijo Skip lahko naslove znotraj filma na vstavljeni plo i DVD/ VCD/S-VCD vna ate tudi direktno preko vnosa tevilke naslova s pomo jo tevil nih tipk na daljinskem upravljalniku.
  • Page 44 Pove anje slike (Zoom) Napotek: Ta funkcija ni na razpolago pri vseh DVD-jih! e poskusite izvajati neobstoje o funkcijo, se na televizijskem zaslonu prika e simbol Med predvajanjem vstavljene plo e DVD/VCD/S-VCD lahko sliko na televi- zijskem zaslonu pove ate v treh stopnjah. V ta namen pritisnite tipko daljinskem upravljalniku za nastavitev naslednjih stopenj pove ave: S tipkami za krmiljenje se lahko pove ana povr ina premika.
  • Page 45 Programirano predvajanje ( PROG Napotek: Ta funkcija ni na razpolago pri vseh plo ah DVD/VCD/S-VCD! e poskusite izvajati neobstoje o funkcijo, se na televizijskem zaslonu prika e simbol S funkcijo programiranja lahko sestavite svoj lasten filmski program, tako da na vstavljeni plo i DVD/VCD/S-VCD za predvajanje izberete samo dolo ena poglavja.
  • Page 46: Predvajanje Formatov Jpeg-Photo Cd/Wma/Mp3/Mpeg4

    Funkcija ponavljanja pri plo ah MP3/WMA-/MPEG-/ JPEG/Xvid Med predvajanjem ve krat pritisnite tipko REPEAT ponavljanja (nastavljena funkcija se pojavi na zaslonu): RANDOM Slu ajno predvajanje naslovov na plo i oz. podatkovnem nosilcu. SINGLE Enkratno predvajanje trenutnega naslova/slike. REPEAT ONE Neskon no ponavljanje trenutnega naslova/slike. REPEAT FOLDER Ponavljanje aktualnega imenika.
  • Page 47: Funkcija Kopiranja Cd-Ripping

    • Na levi strani je seznam datotek (datote no okno). Imeniki se predstavijo s simbolom • Za prikaz imenikov na plo i ve krat pritisnite tipko prikaz FOLDER spodaj na zaslonu. • Pritisnite tipko PROG ponovno ve krat, dokler se spodaj na zaslonu ne prika e FILELIST.
  • Page 48: I Enje Dvd Predvajalnika

    Pojavi se okno, v katerem se postopek kopiranja prika e z napredujo o rto. • Za pred asno zaklju itev kopiranja izberite vnos CANCEL in izbiro potrdite ENTER s tipko Pozor! Med postopkom kopiranja USB-klju a nikoli ne odstranite iz vti nega mesta za USB! Druga e lahko pride do izgube podatkov na pomnilni kem mediju.
  • Page 49: Slovar Ek/Seznam Klju Nih Izrazov

    Preverite, ali so nastavitve v OSD-meniju primerne za razli ico priklju ka, s katerim ste avdio komponente priklju ili na DVD predvajalnik. V zvezi s tem si poglejte poglavje 9. "Priklju itev avdio komponent na DVD predvajalnik". Na podlagi navodil za uporabo televizorja (ali video projektorja) preverite, ali so na televizorju (ali na video projektorju) morebiti potrebne nastavitve, da se DVD predvajalnik lahko uporablja s televizorjem.
  • Page 50 (npr. surround naprave) imeti tako imenovani dekoder, ki kodirane signale ponovno pretvori v glasbo oz. ton. DVD predvajalnik Silvercrest KH 6521/KH 6522 ima AC-3 dekoder (za zvo ne signale Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround). Dolby Surround...
  • Page 51: Garancija In Servis

    V primeru zlorabe ali nepravilne uporabe, uporabe sile in pri posegih, ki jih ni izvedel pooblaščeni servis, garancija preneha veljati. Vaših zakonsko določenih jamstvenih pravic ta garancija ne omejuje. 20. Proizvajalec KOMPERNASS GMBH BURGSTRASSE 21 44867 BOCHUM, GERMANY - 49 -...
  • Page 53 Pri tem imejte pripravljen svoj blagajni ki ra un. Po iljatelj, itljivo vnesite: Priimek Ulica Po tna t./kraj Dr ava Telefon Datum/podpis Opis napake: Garancija Birotehnika Phone: +386 (0) 2 522 16 66 Fax: +386 (0) 2 531 17 40 e-mail:

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