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    An authorized service representative must perform any service, other than cleaning or user maintenance. There are no user serviceable parts. © 2000 Life Fitness, a division of Brunswick Corporation. All rights reserved. Life Fitness, and Heart Rate Zone Training are registered trademarks and Go System-QuickStart ™...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    How To Stabilize The Life Fitness Cross-Trainer ........

  • Page 4: Getting Started

    • To reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric shock or injury, always connect each product to a properly grounded electrical outlet. • Never operate a Life Fitness product if it has a damaged power cord or electrical plug, or if it has been dropped, damaged, or even partially immersed in water.

  • Page 5: Parts List

    1.2 P ARTS The following parts are illustrated in actual size on the following two pages. Accessory Bracket Fastner Qty: 2 1/4"-20 x 3/4" LONG 3226603 Phillips Pan Head Screw – Clevis Cover Fastener Qty: 4 10-32 x 3/8" LONG 3223401 Electronics Console Mounting Fastener Qty: 4...

  • Page 6: Parts Description

    1.3 P ARTS ESCRIPTION The parts shown below are actual size and can be matched to the parts list on page 5 by the number next to them. 3226603 3223401 3225905 3226003 3223301 3223308...

  • Page 7

    1.3 P ARTS ESCRIPTION CONTINUED 3223310 3102802 3102807 6866601 6866701...

  • Page 8: Setup

    1.4 S ETUP Tools required: Socket set, Phillips Screwdriver, 9/16 open ended wrench Please read instructions carefully before assembly. Be sure to assemble the unit where it is to be used. Remove machine from packaging. Carefully lay out and count each part before assembly. Refer to the parts list on page 5 of this manual.

  • Page 9

    1.4 S ETUP CONTINUED 6. Insert two (#4) 1 inch bolts and two (#9) washers into backside of connector joint on base frame. Start each bolt, and then tighten with a 9/16 socket wrench. 7. Tighten four (#5) 3-inch bolts with a 9/16” socket wrench. (#10) (#3) 8.

  • Page 10

    1.4 S ETUP CONTINUED Attach heart rate accessory tray to upright assembly: NOTE: This step applies to model x3i only. 1. Before attaching the accessory tray, it is helpful to form the threads in the console plate. Using a 3/8” socket wrench, start the (#0) self-tapping screws into the holes.

  • Page 11

    1.4 S ETUP CONTINUED Screws (#2) Attach display console to console plate: 1. Line up the four holes in the back of the console plate with the four holes in the back of the display console. 2. Attach the display console using the four (#2) screws. Be careful not to pinch cables between the console and the console plate.

  • Page 12

    1.4 S ETUP CONTINUED Attach clevis covers to clevis brackets: 1. Secure clevis cover to clevis bracket using two (#1) #10 tapping screws. NOTE: Threads are formed in the holes as the screw goes in. A power screw- driver is recommended if available. 2.

  • Page 13: How To Stabilize The Life Fitness Cross-trainer

    1.6 P LUGGING IN THE ROSS RAINER Your Life Fitness Cross-Trainer comes with a standard U.S. power supply. Insert the power adapter jack into the barrel plug on the back of the Cross- Trainer. Then insert the transformer into the wall outlet (or the universal power supply if outside the U.S.).

  • Page 14: The Display Console

    2. T ISPLAY ONSOLE 2.1 D ISPLAY ONSOLE VERVIEW The on-board computer lets you to tailor your workout to fit your exact individual fitness capabilities and goals. It’s also an excellent way to measure your fitness improvement from one workout to the next. The easy-to-use computerized display console makes it simple to follow the progress of each workout.

  • Page 15: X3i Display Console Descriptions

    3i D ISPLAY ONSOLE ESCRIPTIONS LEVEL/MODE KEYS: Allows you to make data Target Zones entries, cycle through and select workouts, change level or change Target Heart Rate (THR) during Zone Training workouts. ENTER KEY: This key is used to enter the data displayed in the Message Center.

  • Page 16: Accessories

    75% to 85% of the theoretical maximum heart rate. Life Fitness offers five exclusive workouts designed to take full advantage of the benefits of Heart Rate Zone Training. The effect of the exercise activities can be varied by switching between the Fat Burn and Cardio workouts at any time during a workout, or by entering a new target heart rate with the Up or Down Arrow keys.

  • Page 17: Heart Rate Monitoring The Heart Rate Chest Strap

    5.1.3 F On featured Life Fitness cardiovascular equipment, The Fat Burn workout focuses on Heart Rate Zone Training at a level that maximizes the use of your body’s fat stores for fuel. Using an optional heart rate chest strap or the Lifepulse System, it helps you maintain a specific heart rate (65% of a theoretical maximum heart rate †...

  • Page 18: Cardio

    5. T ORKOUTS CONTINUED 5.1.4 C ARDIO The Cardio workout is virtually identical to the Fat Burn workout except for a higher target heart rate, (80% of the theoretical maximum heart rate †) , which places a heavier workload on the heart muscle to promote cardiovascular improvement. To add variety and extend the focus of exercise benefits, switch between the Fat Burn and Cardio programs during your workout.

  • Page 19: Manual

    ANDOM RANDOM gives you a workout with an endless variety of changing resistance levels and patterns. The Life Fitness on-board computer randomly selects hill and valley terrain which varies with each and every workout, resulting in more than one million combinations.

  • Page 20: Hill

    To vary the Cross-Trainer exercise and maximize the lower-body workout, the Cross-Train Reverse workout directs the user to use a forward motion for five minutes followed by backward motion for two minutes. By making the most of the Life Fitness Cross-Trainer’s forward and reverse feature, this program provides an effective workout for the thighs,...

  • Page 21: Using The Workouts (chart)

    Enter jog level Enter Target Heart Rate† Enter Target Heart Rate Begin workout Begin workout Begin workout CARDIO (opt. on x3) FAT BURN (opt. on x3) Enter time Enter time Enter weight Enter weight Enter age Enter age Enter Target Heart Rate†...

  • Page 22: My Workouts

    5.3 M ORKOUTS 5.3.1 M – I Y WORKOUT NTRODUCTION • My Workout is a custom programmed profile that can be used by the user as the optimal quick start. • My Workout is used to store statistics for up to 4 different (see below) •...

  • Page 23: Workout, Programming

    5.3.5 W ORKOUT ROGRAMMING 1. If the user presses My Workout while the message center is displaying “PRESS ENTER TO EDIT NAME – PRESS MY WORKOUT TO EDIT WORKOUT” The message center will then display “PRESS ENTER TO EDIT WORKOUT – PRESS MY WORKOUT TO ACCESS STATISTICS”.

  • Page 24: User Menu

    6.1 O VERVIEW The User Menu on the Life Fitness x3 and x3i Consumer Cross-Trainers allows you to choose and vary specific features of the cross-trainer. To enter and use the User Menu follow the instructions listed below. 6.2 E NTERING USER MENU The User Menu can only be used in the idle mode.

  • Page 25: Service And Technical Data

    • The chest strap is battery operated and will eventually stop functioning. If the chest strap transmitter battery is depleted, contact Life Fitness Customer Support Services at 1-800-328-9714 for instructions on how to have the chest strap replaced. Heart Rate Reading Is Erratic Or Extremely High When exercising with the Optional Heart Rate Chest Strap, you may encounter electromagnetic signals strong enough to cause abnormally elevated heart rate readings.

  • Page 26: How To Obtain Product Service

    ERVICE At Life Fitness, we stand behind our products completely and are anxious to help you remedy any problems. However, before calling for service, please take a moment to review the operating instructions to try and locate the solution to your problem. If you are still having difficulties, please: 1.

  • Page 27: Specifications For X3i & X3

    8. S 3i & PECIFICATIONS FOR X The New Life Fitness ® X-Series Cross-Trainers OWER AND ERFORMANCE Levels of Intensity 20 levels Resistance System MagnaForce ™ Resistance System RECISION ROGRAMMING Number of workout programs 6 (8 w/optional heart rate kit)

  • Page 28 Part# 6985001...

  • Page 29

    X 3 T O T A L - B O D Y E L L I P T I C A L C R O S S - T R A I N E R B A S E U S E R M A N U A L...

  • Page 30

    ORPORATE EADQUARTERS 5100 North River Road Schiller Park, Illinois 60176 • U.S.A. NTERNATIONAL FFICES LIFE FITNESS ASIA PACIFIC LTD LIFE FITNESS IBERIA LIFE FITNESS UK LTD Room 2610, Miramar Tower C/Frederic Mompou 5,1º 1º Queen Adelaide 132 Nathan Road...

  • Page 31: Able Of Ontents 1. Introduction

    AFETY AUTION Thank you for purchasing a Life Fitness Total-Body Elliptical Cross-Trainer. Before using this product, please read this user manual in its entirety to ensure that you have the knowledge to safely and properly operate all of the features of your Cross-Trainer. We hope you achieve the product experience that you expect, but if you do have any service issues, please go to the How to Obtain Product Service section which will provide information on obtaining product service.

  • Page 32

    See Section 7, Specifications, in this manual for product-specific features. Statement of Purpose: The Life Fitness Total-Body Elliptical Cross-Trainer is an exercise machine that combines low- impact elliptical pedaling, where resistance is independent of speed, with push/pull arm motion to provide an efficient, effective total body workout.

  • Page 33: Table Of Contents

    ABLE OF ONTENTS 1. Introduction ................2 Welcome/Safety/Caution .

  • Page 34

    Not Authorized // Effect Of U.S. State Laws // Warranty Periods © 2008 Life Fitness, a division of Brunswick Corporation. All rights reserved. Life Fitness is a registered trademark of Brunswick Corporation. Any use of these trademark, without the express written consent of Life Fitness is forbidden.

  • Page 35: Important Safety Instructions

    Use caution when mounting or dismounting the Total-Body Elliptical Cross-Trainer. While exercising, always hold onto the user arms or stationary handlebar. • Never operate a Life Fitness product if it has been dropped, damaged, or even partially immersed in water. Contact Life Fitness Customer Support Services. •...

  • Page 36

    Keep hands and feet away from all moving parts. • To ensure proper functioning of this product, do not install attachments or accessories that are not provided or rec- ommended by Life Fitness. • Use this product in a well-ventilated area.

  • Page 37

    • Close supervision is necessary when this appliance is used by, on, or near children, invalids, or disabled persons. • Use this appliance only for its intended use as described in this manual. Do not use attachments not recommended by the manufacturer. •...

  • Page 38: Assembly Instructions

    SSEMBLY NSTRUCTIONS Parts List: M3.5 X 8 mm Black Zinc M5 X 8mm Black M10 X 15mm Silver Hex Head Bolt (Qty. 4) Phillips Head Screw (Qty. 6) Phillips Head Screw (Qty. 4) M5 X 12mm Black Phillips Head Screw (Qty. 4) M10 X 20mm Clear Zinc Hex Head Bolt (Qty.

  • Page 39

    Flat W asher 10mm ID (Qty. 2) Large Flat Washer (Qty. 2) Plastic End Cap (Qty. 2) Wave W asher (Qty. 2) M10 X 74mm Black Hex Head Bolt (Qty. 2)

  • Page 40

    Tools Needed: 17mm Socket Wrench, Phillips Screwdriver, Rubber Mallet Step 1 Packaging Parts: None Remove all packaging and place main components to the side of the box. Break box down in each of the four corners. Step 2 Assemble the Stabilizer Parts: Hardware Bag #1 (2, M10 X 15mm Silver Hex Head Bolts) Tools: 17mm Socket Wrench...

  • Page 41

    Step 3 Assemble the Console Upright Parts: Hardware Bag #2 (3, M10 X 70mm Silver Hex Head Bolts) (1, M10 X 20mm Clear Zinc Hex Head Bolt) Tools: 17mm Socket Wrench The console upright tube (D) is pre-assembled with one bolt so that you can simply lift the upright into place by pivoting upward.

  • Page 42

    Step 5 Assemble the Rocker Arms Parts: Hardware Bag #3 (2, Wave Washers, 2 Large Flat Washers) (2, Flat Washers) (2, M10 x 20mm Clear Zinc Hex Head Bolts) (2 Plastic End Caps) Tools: 17mm Socket Wrench, Phillips Screwdriver, Rubber Mallet Slide one large Flat Washer (I) and one Wave Washer (J) onto the user right pivot shaft (K).

  • Page 43

    Step 6 Assemble Moving Arms to Pedal Arms; Pedal / Moving Arm Joint Pivot Covers Parts: Hardware Bag #4 (2, M10 X 74mm Black Hex Head Bolts) (2, M10 Hex Nuts) (4, M5 X 8mm Black Phillips Screws) Tools: 17mm Socket Wrench, Phillips Screwdriver Lift the front end of the user left pedal lever (Q) to meet the left rocker arm clevis (R).

  • Page 44

    Step 7 Assemble Front Base Shroud; Console Bracket to the Upright Parts: Hardware Bag #5 (8, M5 X 12mm Black Phillips Head Screws) (2, M10 X 15mm Silver Hex Head Bolts) Tools: Phillips Screwdriver, 17mm Socket Wrench Position the left side base shroud (W) over the metal bracket (X) and screw in with four M5 X 12mm Black Phillips Head Screws (Y).

  • Page 45

    Step 8 Connect all Console Wiring; Console to Console Bracket; Back Plastic Shell Parts: Hardware Bag #6 (4, M5 X12mm Black Phillips Screws) (6, M3.5 X 8mm Black Zinc Screws) Tools: Phillips Screwdriver Position the console (B1) close to the console bracket (C1) and follow the below instructions to connect all wiring.

  • Page 46: Initial Setup

    NITIAL ETUP Read the entire User Manual before setting up the Total-Body Elliptical Cross-Trainer. HERE TO LACE THE OTAL LLIPTICAL ROSS RAINER After following all safety instructions move the Total-Body Elliptical Cross-Trainer to the place where it will be used. See specifications for full dimensions if needed. The Total- Body Elliptical Cross-Trainer is equipped with front and rear wheels so that it is simple to push or pull the Total-Body Elliptical Cross-Trainer to its final destination.

  • Page 47

    ROSS RAINER Your Life Fitness Total-Body Elliptical Cross-Trainer may come with either a U.S. power supply or one of several international power supplies. Insert the appropri- ate power adapter jack into the connector (B) on the back of the Total-Body Elliptical Cross-Trainer.

  • Page 48: Main Features

    EART The X3 includes hand pulse sensors on the stationary handlebar that are a built-in heart rate monitoring system. During a workout grasp the hand pulse sensors to monitor your heart rate. If your console comes equipped with a heart rate chest strap we recommend using it during workouts and using the hand pulse sensors to only occasionally monitor your heart rate when not using the chest strap.

  • Page 49

    CCESSORIES The X3 comes standard with two water bottle holders (C) and an accessory tray (D). USHIONED EDAL NSERT The X3 comes equipped with a cushioned pedal insert (E) for increased comfort during workouts.

  • Page 50: Coachzone

    OACH ™ OACH ONE ™ VERVIEW The CoachZone is designed to provide extra workout variety and motivation through additional instruction and feedback. The ArmToner and GluteToner workout enhancements help users target specific muscle groups and break the workout into manageable increments. The appropriate muscle groups that you should be using will illuminate when you perform specific movements.

  • Page 52: Coach Zone Descriptions

    ™ OACH ESCRIPTIONS This section lists and describes the functions for the keys and LEDs on the CoachZone. A. WORKOUT ENHANCEMENT SELECTON KEYS: Select the ArmToner or GluteToner to concentrate on specific upper body or lower body muscles. B. SELECTION INDICATOR LEDs: A light next to the selected workout enhancement will illuminate.

  • Page 53: Armtoner

    ™ ONER The ArmToner selection utilizes a pre-programmed series of prompts and intervals focused on upper-body muscles. CTIVATE ONER Press the ArmToner key during any workout to activate the selection. AUSE ONER Press the ArmToner key once while using the ArmToner selection. PAU will display on the CoachZone Timer. Press the ArmToner key again to resume.

  • Page 54

    ArmToner Coach and Muscle Indicator Chart ™ Coach Indicator Muscle Indicator Push Chest; Tricep Pull Bicep Use Fixed Handles Upper body gets a rest Note: Upper body motions will always work in conjunction with lower body movements.

  • Page 55: Glutetoner

    ™ LUTE ONER The GluteToner selection utilizes a pre-programmed series of prompts and intervals focused on lower body muscles and glutes. CTIVATE LUTE ONER Press the GluteToner key during any workout to activate the selection. AUSE LUTE ONER Press the GluteToner key once while using the GluteToner selection. PAU will display on the CoachZone Timer. Press the GluteToner key again to resume.

  • Page 56

    GluteToner Coach and Muscle Indicator Chart ™ Coach Indicator Muscle Indicator Forward Hamstring; Glute Reverse Quad; Calf Squat Glute; Quad; Hamstring Note: The squat motion should only be done while pedaling in reverse and holding the fixed or stationary handles.

  • Page 57: Timer

    RESS The Resistance Level UP/DOWN Arrow Keys only function after a user selects and begins a workout using the X3 main console. The UP/DOWN Level Arrow Keys control the brake resistance level (1-20) during a Quick Start or Manual workout.

  • Page 58: Coach Zone Settings

    ™ OACH ETTINGS The CoachZone allows the user to change certain settings. UDIO DJUSTMENT NSTRUCTIONS A beeping sound occurs whenever the timer reaches zero or a new program is selected. The user can turn off the beep- ing sound by pressing and holding the GluteToner key for seven seconds. A beep will sound to confirm the change in settings.

  • Page 59: Service & Product Maintenance

    & P ERVICE RODUCT AINTENANCE ROUBLESHOOTING OWER Check to see that the power cord is fully plugged into the back of the Total-Body Elliptical Cross-Trainer and into the wall. Make sure the power cord is fully seated into the back of the Total-Body Elliptical Cross-Trainer. ULSE ENSORS ORKING OR...

  • Page 60

    OTAL OOSE Remove the moving arm pivot covers and check to make certain the bolt holding the total body arms in place is fully tightened. If the total body arms still feel loose, you may need to disassemble the total body arms and make sure all of the proper hardware from the assembly instructions was used.

  • Page 61: Preventative Maintenance Tips

    REVENTATIVE AINTENANCE The safety of the Total-Body Elliptical Cross-Trainer can be maintained only if the equipment is examined regularly for damage or wear. If maintenance is required, keep the equipment out of use until defective parts are repaired or replaced. Pay special attention to parts that are subject to wear outlined in the Preventative Maintenance Schedule. The following preventative maintenance tips will keep the Total-Body Elliptical Cross-Trainer operating at peak perform- ance.

  • Page 62: How To Obtain Product Service

    Telephone: (+55) 11.7295.2217 FAX: (+43) 1615.7198.20 FAX: (+55) 11.7295.2218 Life Fitness Atlantic BV Life Fitness Benelux Life Fitness Asia Pacific Ltd Life Fitness Japan Telephone: +31 (0) 180 64 66 66 Telephone: (+852) 2891.6677 Telephone: (+81) 3.3359.4306 FAX: +31 (0) 180 64 66 99 FAX: (+852) 2575.6001...

  • Page 63: Specifications

    PECIFICATIONS Designed Use: Home Max User Weight: 350 lbs / 159 kilograms Resistance System: Eddy Current Stride Length: 20 inches CoachZone ™ : Contact Heart Rate: Cushioned Pedal Insert: Accessories: 2 water bottle holders and 1 accessory tray Power Supply: 120 Volt (U.S.), 220 Volt (Europe), 240+ Volt (Australia) ASSEMBLED / WORKING DIMENSIONS Length...

  • Page 64: Warranty Information

    WHO PAYS SHIPPING & INSURANCE FOR SERVICE: If the Product or any warranted part must be returned to a service facility for repairs, Life Fitness will pay all shipping and insurance charges during the warranty period (within the United States only). The purchaser is responsible for shipping and insurance charges after the warranty has expired.

  • Page 65

    Product as specified in the Manual; notify Customer Service of any defect within 10 days after discov- ery of the defect; if instructed, return any defective part for replacement or, if necessary, the entire Product for repair. Life Fitness reserves the right to decide whether or not a product is to be returned for repair.

  • Page 66

    CHANGES IN WARRANTY NOT AUTHORIZED: No one is authorized to change, modify or extend the terms of this limited warranty. EFFECT OF U.S. STATE LAWS: This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary from state to state. WARRANTY PERIODS:MODEL LIFETIME...

  • Page 67

    Life Fitness offers a full line of premier fitness equipment for the home. T O T A L - B O D Y E L L I P T I C A L C R O S S - T R A I N E R S | T R E A D M I L L S | L I F E C Y C L E E X E R C I S E B I K E S | G Y M S Y S T E M S ®...

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