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Life Fitness Essential XT4 User Manual

Life fitness cross-trainer user manual.
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XT4 Cross-trainer


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   Summary of Contents for Life Fitness Essential XT4

  • Page 1

    XT4 Cross-trainer U S E R M A N U A L...

  • Page 2

    LIFE FITNESS ASIA PACIFIC LTD Room 2610, Miramar Tower 132 Nathan Road Tsimshatsui, Kowloon HONG KONG Telephone: (+852) 2891.6677 FAX: (+852) 2575.6001 LIFE FITNESS ATLANTIC BV LIFE FITNESS BENELUX Bijdorpplein 25-31 2992 LB Barendrecht THE NETHERLANDS Telephone: (+31) 180.646.666 FAX: (+31) 180.646.699 Telephone: (+32) 87.300.942...

  • Page 3

    ENTIRE operation manual and ALL installation instructions. and in instructing others on how to use it correctly and safely. FCC Warning - Possible Radio / Television Interference NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC rules.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Cross-trainer Specifications ............19 © 2002 Life Fitness, a division of Brunswick Corporation. All rights reserved. Life Fitness is a registered trademark of Brunswick Corporation.

  • Page 5: Unpacking And Assembly

    NPACKING THE ROSS TRAINER 1. Carefully cut and remove the SHIPPING BANDS. 2. Carefully cut the tape securing the TOP FLAPS. 3. Fold the TOP FLAPS outward fully. 4. Remove the UPRIGHT TUBE ASSEMBLY and PEDAL LEVER. Remove the CENTER STYROFOAM SPAC- 5.

  • Page 6

    SSEMBLING THE ROSS TRAINER Tools required: Metric Socket set, Phillips Screwdriver, Metric Wrench set Position the base unit near the desired location for use (Refer to the "Getting Started" section of this manual for proper location). Locate and install the four LEVELER FEET (A) into the front and rear STABILIZERS as shown.

  • Page 7

    If, at any time while exercising, the user experiences faintness, dizziness, pain, or shortness of breath, he or she must stop immediately. Life Fitness Essential cross-trainer: for product-specific features.

  • Page 8: Operation

    Use caution when mounting or dismounting the cross-trainer. While exercising, always hold onto the user arms. • Never operate a Life Fitness product if it has a damaged power cord or electrical plug, or if it has been dropped, damaged, or even partially immersed in water. Contact Life Fitness Customer Support Services.

  • Page 9: Setup

    ETUP Read the entire Operation Manual before setting up the cross-trainer. HERE TO LACE THE ROSS Following all safety instructions in Section 1.1, move the cross-trainer to the location in which it will be used. See Section 5, titled Specifications, for the dimensions of the footprint. Allow one foot (30.4 cm) of clearance in front of the cross-trainer to allow for movement of the pedal levers.

  • Page 10: The Display Console

    ISPLAY ONSOLE ISPLAY ONSOLE The computerized display console on the cross-trainer allows the user to tailor a workout to personal fitness abilities and goals and to monitor progress. With this easy-to-use console the user can track fitness improvement from one workout to the next.

  • Page 11: Display Console Descriptions

    ISPLAY ONSOLE The functions for the keys and display windows on the cross-trainer console are listed and described in this section. See Section 4, titled The Workouts, for detailed information on using the console to set up workouts. START/STOP/HOLD TO PRESET: Use this key to initiate a number of different functions on the cross-trainer. •...

  • Page 12: The Reading Rack And Water Bottle Holder

    EADING ACK AND ATER OTTLE OLDER A reading rack (A) for supporting a book or magazine is located at the base of the upper panel of the console. A water bottle holder (B) is mounted on the monocolumn of the cross-trainer.

  • Page 13: Correct Usage

    RAKING ESISTANCE The Life Fitness Cross-Trainer features speed-dependent braking resistance. For a set resistance level on the monitor, the resistance increases with speed. The faster you go, the greater the resistance. The computer makes no adjustments to maintain the resistance level based on your speed.

  • Page 14: The Workouts

    ORKOUTS ORKOUT VERVIEWS This section lists the cross-trainer’s pre-programmed workouts. For more detailed information, see Section 4.2, titled Setting Up and Using the Workouts. QUICK START MANUAL MODE is the fastest way to begin exercising, and it bypasses the steps involved in selecting a specific workout program.

  • Page 15

    NTERING EIGHT After a workout is selected, the top DATA WINDOW flashes a default weight. Press ENTER to accept the default. Or, to change the weight, use the ARROW keys. Then, when the weight appears in the DATA WINDOW, press ENTER to accept it.

  • Page 16: Workout Descriptions

    SING THE EART ONE TO Research shows that keeping the heart rate within a certain range while exercising promotes muscular and cardiovascular conditioning for maximum health benefits. This range is between 60 percent and 85 percent of a given user’s theoretical maximum heart rate.

  • Page 17

    ANUAL MANUAL is a workout in which the resistance level does not change automatically. When a MANUAL workout is in progress, the user can vary the resistance levels by pressing the UP and DOWN ARROW keys. PEAK is intended to burn fat by maintaining a constant level of resistance throughout the workout. As the profile diagram indicates, the resistance level begins gradually, maintains a plateau and then gradually declines.

  • Page 18: Service And Technical Data

    ERVICE AND ECHNICAL REVENTATIVE AINTENANCE The cross-trainer is backed by engineering excellence and is one of the most rugged and trouble-free pieces of exercise equipment on the market today. The manufacturer’s products have proven to be durable in health clubs, colleges, military facilities, and other locations the world over.

  • Page 19: How To Obtain Product Service

    FAX: (+39) 0472.833.150 Toll-free telephone: 800.438836 Life Fitness Vertriebs GmbH Telephone: (+43) 1615.7198 FAX: (+43) 1615.7198.20 ERVICE Life Fitness Asia Pacific Ltd Telephone: (+852) 2891.6677 FAX: (+852) 2575.6001 Life Fitness Latin America and Caribbean Telephone: (+1) 847.288.3964 FAX: (+1) 847 288.3886 Life Fitness Brazil Telephone: (+55) 11.7295.2217...

  • Page 20: Cross-trainer Specifications

    ROSS TRAINER PECIFICATIONS Designed use: Consumer Maximum user weight: 300 pounds / 136 kilograms Resistance system: Eddy current CONSOLE: Displays: DATA DISPLAYS with time, RPM, distance, calories, and level DOT MATRIX WINDOW indicating workout profile Summaries: Time, distance WORKOUTS: Quck Start Manual Mode, Interval, Random, Manual, Peak, Slope, Challenge Intensity levels: Pedal size 16 inches by 7 inches / 41 centimeters by 18 centimeters...

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