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Life Fitness X9 User Manual

Total-body elliptical cross-trainer.
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X 9
T O T A L - B O D Y E L L I P T I C A L C R O S S - T R A I N E R



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   Summary of Contents for Life Fitness X9

  • Page 1

    T O T A L - B O D Y E L L I P T I C A L C R O S S - T R A I N E R U S E R M A N U A L...

  • Page 2

    LIFE FITNESS ASIA PACIFIC LTD Room 2610, Miramar Tower 132 Nathan Road Tsimshatsui, Kowloon HONG KONG LIFE FITNESS ATLANTIC BV LIFE FITNESS BENELUX Bijdorpplein 25 - 31 2992 LB Barendrecht THE NETHERLANDS LIFE FITNESS DO BRAZIL Av. Dr. Dib Sauaia Neto 1478...

  • Page 3

    ENTIRE operation manual and ALL installation instructions be read. and in instructing others on how to use it correctly and safely. Avant toute utilisation de ce produit, il est indispensable de lire ce manuel d'utilisation dans son INTÉGRALITÉ, ainsi que TOUTES les instructions d'installations. Ce manuel explique comment installer l'équipement et comment FCC Warning - Possible Radio / Television Interference NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    To Begin a Workout // Selecting and Using Quick Start // Selecting a Workout // Entering Weight // Entering Age // Entering Time // Selecting and Adjusting the Resistance Level // Selecting a Workout Mode // Switching Workouts on the Fly // Life Fitness Cross-trainer Workout Setup Steps (chart) // Pausing Workouts // Ending Workouts Early ®...

  • Page 5

    Sports Training, My Workouts, Heart Rate Hill, Heart Rate Interval, Extreme Heart Rate, and Lifepulse are trademarks of Brunswick Corporation. Polar is a registered trademark of Polar Electro, Inc. Any use of these trademarks, without the express written consent of Life Fitness or the corresponding companies is forbidden.

  • Page 6

    45; or smokes, has high cholesterol, is obese, or has not exercised regularly in the past year. Life Fitness also recommends consulting a fitness professional on the correct use of this product.

  • Page 7: Getting Started

    • Never operate a Life Fitness product if it has a damaged power cord or electrical plug, or if it has been dropped, damaged, or even partially immersed in water. If this occurs, contact Life Fitness Customer Support Services.

  • Page 8

    • Do not use this product outdoors, near swimming pools or in areas of high humidity. • Never operate a Life Fitness product with the air openings blocked. Keep air openings free of lint, hair or any obstructing material. •...

  • Page 9: Setup

    LACE THE Following all safety instructions in Section 1.1, move the Life Fitness cross-trainer to the location in which it will be used. See Section 7, titled Specifications, for the dimensions of the footprint. Allow one foot of clearance in front of the Life Fitness cross-trainer to allow for movement of the pedal levers.

  • Page 10: Plug In The Life Fitness Cross-trainer

    Insert the power adapter jack into the barrel plug on the back of the Life Fitness cross-trainer. Then insert the power supply into the wall outlet (A) (or the universal power supply if outside the U.S. (B). Make sure the cord is routed so that it doesn't bind and will not be walked on.

  • Page 11: The Display Console

    ONSOLE The computerized display console on the Life Fitness cross-trainer allows the user to tailor a workout to personal fitness abilities and goals and to monitor progress. With this easy-to-use console, the user can track fitness improvement from one workout to the next.

  • Page 12: Display Console Descriptions

    ISPLAY ONSOLE This section lists and describes the functions for the keys and display windows on the console. See Section 4, titled The Workouts, for detailed information on using the console to set up workouts. ENTER: Press this key after entering each value, such as weight or workout time, when prompted by console display messages.

  • Page 13

    G COOL DOWN: workouts end automatically in a Cool Down mode, which lowers the intensity level. Press the COOL DOWN key at any desired point during a workout to go immediately into Cool Down mode. In this phase of a workout the body begins to remove lactic acid and other accumulated by-products of exercise, which build up in muscles during a workout and contribute to muscle soreness.

  • Page 14

    If programmed to do so, the MESSAGE CENTER displays any or all of these three values each time the intensity level changes during the workout: • Calories per Hour: the rate of calories burned per hour. • Watts: effort level in Watts. The Watt is a unit of power output or the expression of the mechanical rate of work. •...

  • Page 15: The Accessory Tray / Reading Rack

    CCESSORY EADING The accessory tray (A), which is mounted near the base of the console, provides dual storage trays with space for items such as water bottles, personal stereos, and cell phones. Additionally, an integrated reading rack (B) for supporting a book or magazine is located at the base of the uppper panel of the console.

  • Page 16: Heart Rate Zone Training Exercise

    Research shows that maintaining a specific heart rate while exercising is the optimal way to monitor the intensity of a workout and to achieve maximum results. That is the idea behind the Life Fitness HeartSync™ zone training approach to exercise.

  • Page 17: Heart Rate Monitoring

    The Life Fitness cross-trainer features exclusive workouts designed to take full advantage of the benefits of heart rate zone training exercise: FAT BURN, CARDIO, HEART RATE HILL, HEART RATE INTERVAL, EXTREME HEART RATE. Each workout offers different benefits, as discussed in Section 4, titled The Workouts.

  • Page 18: Telemetry Heart Rate Monitoring

    TRAP The Life Fitness cross-trainer is equipped with Polar telemetry, a heart rate monitoring system in which electrodes, pressed against the skin, transfer heart rate signals to the console. These electrodes are attached to a chest strap that the user wears during the workout.

  • Page 19: The Workouts

    ORKOUT VERVIEWS This section lists the Life Fitness cross-trainer’s pre-programmed workouts. For more detailed information, see Section 4.2, titled Using the Workouts. The following workouts are accessbile via the ARROW keys. QUICK START is the fastest way to begin exercising, and it bypasses the steps of selecting a specific workout. Once the QUICK START key is pressed, a constant-level workout begins.

  • Page 20

    HEART RATE INTERVAL alternates between a hill, which brings the heart rate up to the target rate, and a valley, which brings the heart rate down to 90 percent of the target. The user must grasp the Lifepulse system sensors or wear a Polar heart rate chest strap.

  • Page 21: Using The Workouts

    ORKOUT To mount the Life Fitness cross-trainer, grasp the handles, and carefully step on the pedals. To dismount, step off the pedals while still holding the handles. Then, let go of the handles. Press START or simply begin pedaling to activate the console.

  • Page 22

    ENTER. Adjust the level as needed or desired during the workout. • Resistance level: The Life Fitness cross-trainer provides a selection of 20 resistance levels. The resistance level appears in the WORKOUT PROFILE window as rows of lights arranged in columns. Selecting a low intensity level at first is recommended.

  • Page 23

    ELECTING A ORKOUT Two workout mode options on the Life Fitness cross-trainer feature alternate ways to vary workouts. • Total Body Mode: This workout mode simulates the experience of working out with a trainer. Throughout the workout, the MESSAGE CENTER displays prompts to vary the workload and emphasize different muscle groups, such as upper- and lower-body.

  • Page 24: Life Fitness Workout Setup Steps

    QUICK START Press QUICK START Begin workout MANUAL Select MANUAL Enter weight Enter time Select level Begin workout RANDOM Select RANDOM Enter weight Enter time Select level Begin workout SPORT TRAINING Select SPORT TRAINING Enter weight Select time Select level Begin workout EZ RESISTANCE Select EZ RESISTANCE...

  • Page 25: Pausing Workouts

    ITNESS CASCADES Select CASCADES Enter weight Enter time Select level Begin workout FOOT HILLS Select FOOTHILLS Enter weight Enter time Select level Begin workout INTERVAL Select INTERVAL Enter weight Enter time Select level Begin workout KILIMANJARO Select KILIMANJARO Enter weight Enter time Select level Begin workout...

  • Page 26: Workout Descriptions

    NDING ORKOUTS ARLY To end a workout before the pre-set duration expires, press CLEAR once. The MESSAGE CENTER then displays a workout summary, which includes the distance travelled, the total calories burned, and other statistics. Press CLEAR a second time, and the MESSAGE CENTER displays “SELECT WORKOUT USING ARROW KEYS OR PRESS QUICK START”...

  • Page 27

    EZ R ESISTANCE In this workout, the gradual changes in resistance are extremely subtle, lowering perceived exertion. The changes in resistance also are independent of user’s pedaling speed. The cardiovascular workout is effective, efficient, and enjoyable at the same time. The workout consists of one hill.

  • Page 28

    ARDIO The CARDIO workout is virtually identical to FAT BURN; however the target heart rate is calculated at 80 percent of the theoretical maximum. As with FAT BURN, the user grasps the Lifepulse system sensors or wears a Polar heart rate chest strap throughout the CARDIO workout.The higher target promotes cardiovascular improvement by placing a heavier workload on the heart muscle.

  • Page 29: Heart Rate Hill

    EART ORKOUT This program consists of three hills that target three heart rate goals: The first hill brings the heart rate to 90 percent of the target rate*. The second hill increases the rate to 95 percent. The third hill matches the target heart rate. The valley always is defined as 85 percent of the target.

  • Page 30

    EART NTERVAL This program alternates between a hill, which brings the heart rate up to the target rate*, and a valley, which brings the heart rate down to 90 percent of the target. After a warm-up, the workout progresses toward the first hill and heart rate goal. Once the goal is reached, the hill continues for three minutes.

  • Page 31

    XTREME EART This intense, varied workout is designed to help more experienced users to break through fitness improvement plateaus. The workout alternates between two target heart rate* goals as quickly as possible. The effect is similar to that of running sprints.

  • Page 32

    The Life Fitness-patented HILL workout offers a variety of configurations for interval training. Intervals are periods of intense aerobic exercise separated by regular periods of lower-intensity exercise. The WORKOUT PROFILE window represents these high and low intervals as columns of light, which together have the appearance of hills and valleys. The computerized interval training workout has been scientifically demonstrated to promote greater cardio-respiratory improvement than steady-pace training.

  • Page 33

    Each column, as seen in the WORKOUT PROFILE window and the chart above, represents one interval. The overall duration of the workout determines the length of each interval. Each workout is made up of 20 intervals, so the duration of each interval is equal to the duration of the entire workout divided by 20. 1 to 9 minutes: A workout with a duration of less than 10 minutes is insufficient for the Hill program to complete all four phases adequately.

  • Page 34

    OTAL ORKOUT During this workout, the MESSAGE CENTER displays prompts to emphasize different muscle groups. To emphasize upper-body muscles, the MESSAGE CENTER displays prompts to focus on pushing and pulling the moving arms at various times. To emphasize lower-body muscles, MESSAGE CENTER displays prompts to rest the hands on the stationary handlebar, thus forcing the legs to do all the work.

  • Page 35: Using My Workouts Personal Programs

    SING ORKOUTS The MY WORKOUTS personal programs feature on the Life Fitness cross-trainer makes it possible to pre-set up to seven workouts with personal setup information, such as age or duration, and then store the workouts in the console memory.

  • Page 36

    ORKOUTS ROGRAMMING THE Press the MY WORKOUTS key to scroll through all My Workouts. The default My Workouts names will be MY WORKOUT 1 through MY WORKOUT 7. Once the desired MY WORKOUT appears, press and hold the MY WORKOUTS key for editing options.

  • Page 37

    ORKOUTS IEWING THE TATISTICS TATISTICS Press the MY WORKOUTS key to scroll through all My Workouts. The default My Workouts names will be MY WORKOUT 1 through MY WORKOUT 7. Once the desired MY WORKOUT appears, press and hold the MY WORKOUTS key for editing options.

  • Page 38: Optional Settings

    Use the Optional Settings feature to change default settings, or to enable or disable certain workouts or displays on the Life Fitness cross-trainer console. To enter the Optional Settings, while the unit is on, hold down the UP ARROW key and press CLEAR twice. The MESSAGE CENTER displays OPTIONAL SETTINGS, and then, the first configuration option.

  • Page 39: Service And Technical Data

    REVENTATIVE AINTENANCE The Life Fitness cross-trainer is backed by the engineering excellence of Life Fitness and is one of the most rugged and trouble-free pieces of exercise equipment on the market today. Commercial Life Fitness products have proven to be durable in health clubs, colleges, and military facilities the world over.

  • Page 40: Preventative Maintenance Schedule

    • Long fingernails may damage or scratch the surface of the console; use the pad of the finger to press the selection buttons on the console. • Clean the housing and moving arms thoroughly on a regular basis. NOTE: When cleaning the exterior of the unit, a non-abrasive cleaner and soft cotton cloth are strongly recommended.

  • Page 41: Troubleshooting The Polar Heart Rate Chest Strap

    The Polar heart rate chest strap is battery operated and will eventually stop functioning. If the chest strap transmitter battery is depleted, contact Life Fitness Customer Support Services at 1-800-351-3737 for instructions on how to have the chest strap replaced.

  • Page 42: How To Obtain Product Service

    2. Locate the serial number plate, which is at the back end of the unit. Document the serial number, which consists of three letters followed by six numerals. 3. Contact Life Fitness Customer Support Services via the Web at:, or call the nearest Life Fitness Customer Support Services group:...

  • Page 43: Warranty Information

    WHO PAYS SHIPPING & INSURANCE FOR SERVICE: If the Product or any warranted part must be returned to a service facility for repairs, Life Fitness will pay all shipping and insurance charges during the warranty period (within the United States only). The purchaser is responsible for shipping and insurance charges after the warranty has expired.

  • Page 44

    Product as specified in the Manual; notify Customer Service of any defect within 10 days after discovery of the defect; if instructed, return any defective part for replacement or, if necessary, the entire Product for repair. Life Fitness reserves the right to decide whether or not a product is to be returned for repair.

  • Page 45

    CHANGES IN WARRANTY NOT AUTHORIZED: No one is authorized to change, modify or extend the terms of this limited warranty. EFFECT OF U.S. STATE LAWS: This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary from state to state. MODEL LIFETIME 5 YEARS...

  • Page 46: Specifications

    PECIFICATIONS X9i C ITNESS ROSS Designed use: Residential Maximum user weight: 350 pounds / 160 kilograms Power requirements: 120 volt, 1.0 amp (U.S. & Canada); 100-240 volt, 1.0 amp (outside U.S. & Canada) Console: Type: MESSAGE CENTER with ARROW keys Displays: Elapsed time, RPM, level, calories, heart rate, distance, calories burned per hour (when enabled), Mets (when enabled) and Watts (when enabled)

  • Page 47

    Heart rate monitor: Lifepulse digital heart rate monitoring system sensors Polar telemetry heart rate monitoring system Polar heart rate chest strap Resistance Levels: Pedal speed range: 25 - 100 RPM Drive type: Belt/alternator Accessory Tray: Standard Integrated Reading Rack: Standard Color: Slate gray with red and black accents PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS:...

  • Page 48

    Life Fitness offers a full line of premier fitness equipment for the home. T O T A L - B O D Y E L L I P T I C A L C R O S S - T R A I N E R S | T R E A D M I L L S | L I F E C Y C L E E X E R C I S E B I K E S ®...

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