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Life Fitness X1 Base User Manual

Total body elliptical cross-trainer.
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X 1 T O T A L - B O D Y E L L I P T I C A L C R O S S - T R A I N E R


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  • Page 1

    X 1 T O T A L - B O D Y E L L I P T I C A L C R O S S - T R A I N E R B A S E U S E R M A N U A L...

  • Page 2

    EADQUARTERS 5100 North River Road Schiller Park, Illinois 60176 • U.S.A. NTERNATIONAL FFICES LIFE FITNESS ASIA PACIFIC LTD LIFE FITNESS IBERIA LIFE FITNESS UK LTD Room 2610, Miramar Tower Pol. Ind. Molí dels Frares. c/C, nº 12 Queen Adelaide 132 Nathan Road 08620 Sant Vicenç...

  • Page 3

    Before using this product, it is essential to read this ENTIRE operation manual and ALL installation instructions. This will help in setting up the equipment quickly and in instructing others on how to use it correctly and safely. FCC Warning - Possible Radio / Television Interference NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC rules.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Specifications ..............17 © 2006 Life Fitness, a division of Brunswick Corporation. All rights reserved. Life Fitness is a registered trademark of Brunswick...

  • Page 5

    This Operation Manual describes the functions of the following products: Life Fitness cross-trainer: See Section 6, titled Specifications page in this manual for product-specific features. Statement of Purpose: The cross-trainer is an exercise machine that combines low-impact elliptical pedaling with push/pull arm motion to provide an efficient, effective total body workout.

  • Page 6: Getting Started

    Use caution when mounting or dismounting the cross-trainer. While exercising, always hold onto the user arms. • Never operate a Life Fitness product if it has a damaged power cord or electrical plug, or if it has been dropped, damaged, or even partially immersed in water. Contact Life Fitness Customer Support Services.

  • Page 7

    Keep hands and feet away from all moving parts. • To ensure proper functioning of this product, do not install attachments or accessories that are not provided or recommended by Life Fitness. • Use this product in a well-ventilated area.

  • Page 8: Setup

    ETUP Read the entire Operation Manual before setting up the cross-trainer. HERE TO LACE THE ROSS TRAINER Following all safety instructions in Section 1.1, move the cross-trainer to the location in which it will be used. See Section 6, titled Specifications, for the dimensions of the footprint. Allow one foot (30.4 cm) of clearance in front of the cross-trainer to allow for movement of the pedal levers.

  • Page 9: The Reading Rack And Water Bottle Holder

    EADING ACK AND ATER OTTLE OLDER A Reading Rack (A) for supporting a book or magazine is located at the base of the upper panel of the console. A Water Bottle Holder (B) is mounted on the monocolumn of the cross-trainer.

  • Page 10: Correct Usage

    ORRECT SAGE OUNTING AND DISMOUNTING THE ROSS RAINER If mounting from the user right side of the Cross-Trainer, grasp the user right handlebar with the right hand. Place the right foot on the user right pedal and carefully step over the Cross-Trainer, grasp the user left handlebar with the left hand, and place the left foot on the user left pedal.

  • Page 11

    RAKING ESISTANCE The Life Fitness Cross-Trainer features speed-dependent braking resistance. For a set resistance level on the monitor, the resistance increases with speed. The faster you go, the greater the resistance. The computer makes no adjustments to maintain the resistance...

  • Page 12: Service And Technical Data

    ERVICE AND ECHNICAL REVENTATIVE AINTENANCE The cross-trainer is backed by engineering excellence and is one of the most rugged and trouble-free pieces of exercise equip- ment on the market today. The manufacturer’s products have proven to be durable in health clubs, colleges, military facilities, and other locations the world over.

  • Page 13: Preventative Maintenance Schedule

    REVENTATIVE AINTENANCE CHEDULE Follow the schedule below to ensure proper operation of the product. ITEM WEEKLY MONTHLY BI-ANNUALLY ANNUALLY Display Console Console Mounting Bolts Frame Plastic Covers KEY: C=Clean; I=Inspect...

  • Page 14: How To Obtain Product Service

    Telephone: (+55) 11.7295.2217 FAX: (+43) 1615.7198.20 FAX: (+55) 11.7295.2218 Life Fitness Atlantic BV Life Fitness Benelux Life Fitness Asia Pacific Ltd Life Fitness Japan Telephone: +31 (0) 180 64 66 66 Telephone: (+852) 2891.6677 Telephone: (+81) 3.3359.4306 FAX: +31 (0) 180 64 66 99 FAX: (+852) 2575.6001...

  • Page 15: Warranty Information

    WHO PAYS SHIPPING & INSURANCE FOR SERVICE: If the Product or any warranted part must be returned to a service facility for repairs, Life Fitness will pay all shipping and insurance charges during the warranty period (within the United States only). The purchaser is responsible for shipping and insurance charges after the warranty has expired.

  • Page 16

    Product as specified in the Manual; notify Customer Service of any defect within 10 days after discov- ery of the defect; if instructed, return any defective part for replacement or, if necessary, the entire Product for repair. Life Fitness reserves the right to decide whether or not a product is to be returned for repair.

  • Page 17

    CHANGES IN WARRANTY NOT AUTHORIZED: No one is authorized to change, modify or extend the terms of this limited warranty. EFFECT OF U.S. STATE LAWS: This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary from state to state. MODEL LIFETIME 5 YEARS...

  • Page 18: Specifications

    PECIFICATIONS Designed use: Consumer Maximum user weight: 300 pounds / 136 kilograms Resistance system: Eddy current Resistance levels: Pedal size 16 inches by 7 inches / 41 centimeters by 18 centimeters Drive type: Link6 Power requirements: 120V in United States 220V in Europe 240+V in Australia Color:...

  • Page 19

    ASSEMBLED DIMENSIONS: Length 65 inches / 165 centimeters Width 27 inches / 68 centimeters Height 62 inches / 157 centimeters Weight 204 pounds / 93 kilograms SHIPPING DIMENSIONS: Length 73 inches / 185 centimeters Width 28.5 inches / 72.5 centimeters Height 32 inches / 81 centimeters Weight...

  • Page 20

    Life Fitness offers a full line of premier fitness equipment for the home. T O T A L - B O D Y E L L I P T I C A L C R O S S - T R A I N E R S | T R E A D M I L L S | L I F E C Y C L E E X E R C I S E B I K E S ®...

  • Page 22

    X1 Cross-Trainer Hardware List Lift the front end of the USER RIGHT PEDAL LEVER (M) to meet the USER RIGHT ROCKER ARM CLEVIS (T). Secure the PEDAL LEVER to the ROCKER ARM Item Description CLEVIS using two CAP WASHERS (2), one 81.5 mm HEX HEAD BOLT (15), one NUT (3) and two PLASTIC COVER CAPS (5). Tighten the BOLT and NUT securely.

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