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Periodical Maintenance - Electrolux Gas Hob Instruction Manual

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The Burners
The cap and the crown of each burner are
secured with two screws. To separate the
two pieces, lift the cap, turn it upside down,
then undo the two fixing screws as shown
in the diagram.
After a thoroughly cleaning, reassemble the
two parts and refit the cap in its correct
position on the burner.
wash the burner caps and crowns
using hot soapy water and remove marks
with a mild paste cleaner. A well moistened
soap impregnated steel wool pad can be
used with caution, if the marks are particularly
difficult to remove.
For stubborn stains, use normal non-
abrasive cleaners or specific products
available on the market. NEVER use
scouring pads, steel wool or acids for
The ignition system
The electric ignition is obtained through a
spark plug containing a metal electrode
(letter A). Keep these components clean,
to avoid difficult lighting, and check that the
burner crown holes are not obstructed.

Periodical maintenance

Ensure that the condition and efficiency of
the gas pipe and any pressure regulator are
periodically checked. If any anomalies are
detected, do not ask for repairing but always
have the part replaced.
A - Spark plug

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