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Electrolux Gas Hob Instruction Manual page 26

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The adjustable connection is fixed to the
comprehensive ramp by means of a
threaded nut G 1/2".
Interpose the sealing between the
components as shown in the diagram.
Screw the parts without forcing, adjust the
connection in the required direction and
tighten everything.
The appliance, before leaving the factory,
has been tested in order to give you the
best results.
Carry out connection to the gas supply using
a rigid metal pipe with connections
conforming to the rules in force, or with a
flexible s/steel tube conforming to the
relevant rules in force, limited to those
whose max. length is 2 m. If flexible metal
tubes are used, make sure they do not
come into contact with mobile parts or are
crushed. Pay the same attention also when
an oven and top combination is provided for.
The appliance gas inlet connection is 1/2"
cylindrical threaded male. Carry out
connection avoiding any kind of stress to
the appliance.
IMPORTANT: After installation,
tightness of all the connections,
using a soapy solution.
NEVER carry out this check with
a flame.
A) Gas ramp end with nut
B) Washer
C) Elbow

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