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Minimum Flame Adjustment - Electrolux Gas Hob Instruction Manual

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5. Touch the Decreasing Control
select the required type of gas.
6. After selecting the type of gas, switch
off the hob touching the main ON/OFF
7. Touch the main ON/OFF Control
to reactivate the hob.
The appliance is automatically set to the
normal "User Mode".
8. Light all the burners and adjust their
flame to minimum, in order to check the
flame stability (visual check).
9. At the same time, check the flame
aspect (visual check).
If both the flame stability and the flame
aspect are satisfactory, the setting of the
hob for the new gas type is completed.
If the flame stability is not satisfactory, carry
out an additional adjustment as described
in the following paragraph.

Minimum flame adjustment

If it is necessary to adjust the minimum
flame setting, proceed as follows:
1. Carry out the steps described in the
paragraph "Setting the hob for the new
gas type" - points 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
2. Light the burner to be adjusted by
touching the Burner Ignition Control
The burner lights at the maximum flame
level and, after a regular flame is
obtained, it sets at the minimum flame
level .
3. If the minimum level is too low or not
satisfactory to maintain the burner lit,
touch the Increasing
Control to carry out a fine adjustment
(visual check).
4. Switch off the hob touching the main
ON/OFF Control
or Decreasing

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