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Protection Against Overheating; Child Safety Function - Electrolux Gas Hob Instruction Manual

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If the hob is used intensively, e.g. several
burners at maximum level for a long time, a
temperature sensor detects possible
overheating and automatically adjusts all the
lit burners to minimum.
If the hob temperature keeps rising although
the flame level has been reduced, all the lit
burners are automatically turned off and a
safety device is set on all the four burners.
Caution! When the safety device is
set on all the burners, their controls
be operated for about 60
If you select all the burners with the
Timer Control
number 9 flashes in the cooking time
After the 60 seconds, you can reactivate all
the burners by touching the Increasing Control
and the Decreasing Control
the four burners at the same time.
Once the safety device has been removed,
wait until the hob has cooled down before
using it again.

Child Safety Function

To avoid children operating the hob controls,
it is possible to lock them.
1. Touch the "Lock" Control
seconds. The red indicator next to the
"Lock" symbol
acoustic signal sounds.
Now all the hob controls are locked, except
the main ON/OFF Touch Control.
Any lit burner keeps operating, but cannot be
2. To unlock the hob controls, touch the
"Lock" Control
(one at a time) code
of one of
for about 3
lights up and an
for about 3 seconds.

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