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Safety And Energy Saving Advice - Electrolux Gas Hob Instruction Manual

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Safety and energy saving advice

For a correct use of the hob
To ensure maximum burner efficiency
lower gas
consumption, you should only use
pots and pans with a flat bottom fitting the
size of the burner used (see table).
If you use a saucepan which is
smaller than the recommended
size, the flame will spread beyond
the bottom of the vessel, causing
the handle to overheat.
Pots must never be placed onto
the control zones.
Always turn the flame down or off
before removing pots from the
Take care when frying food in hot
oil or fat, as the overheated
splashes could easily ignite.
For an easier ignition of the burner,
light it before placing the pan on the
pan support.
Unstable or misshapen pans should
not be used on the hob as unstable
pans can cause an accident by
tipping or spillage.
It is advisable to cook with lids on.
By using a pressure cooker you will
obtain further energy-saving and
shorter cooking times.
As soon as a liquid starts boiling, turn
down the flame so that it will barely
keep the liquid simmering.
Avoid cooking with potstones,
earthenware pots or cast iron
aluminiun foil for protecting the
top during operation.
Large (rapid)
Medium (semirapid)
Small (auxiliary)
diameter diameter
160 mm
240 mm
120 mm
220 mm
80 mm
160 mm

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