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In Case Of Accidental Extinguishing (Automatic Reignition) - Electrolux Gas Hob Instruction Manual

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In case of
extinguishing (automatic
If the burner flame is accidentally extinguished
(draughts, spilling of liquids, etc.), the gas
flow is immediately interrupted.
After about 20 seconds, the ignition device
automatically repeats the ignition procedure.
Upon reignition, the burner flame is first set
at maximum level, then it is automatically
adjusted to the level set before it was
accidentally extinguished.
If three consecutive reignition attempts fail,
a safety device is set on the burner. The
flame level indicators and the residual heat
indicator flash.
Caution! When the safety device is
set on a burner, the burner controls
cannot be operated for about 60
After 60 seconds, you can remove the
safety device on the burner by touching both
the Increasing Control
Decreasing Control
Then, follow the instructions given in the
paragraph "How to light a burner".
and the
at the same time.

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