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Installing The Dishwasher - Electrolux ESI 6251 User Information

Electrolux dishwasher
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Installing the Dishwasher

• The dishwasher must be installed on a firm floor
and adjusted to ensure that it is stable and level in
all directions.
• To compensate for unevenness in the floor and to
match the height of the appliance to that of sur-
rounding units, extend the threaded feet using a
• Adjust the rear feet of the appliance using a screw-
driver from the front of the appliance. (See installa-
tion instructions.)
• The drain hose, inlet hose and mains cable must
be laid so that they are able to move freely within
the plinth area, and so that they are not kinked or
crushed when the dishwasher is in position.
• The dishwasher must also be screwed tightly to
the work surface or to the adjoining units. This is
essential to ensure the dishwasher does not tip up.
Dishwashers That Can be Integrat-
(see installation template supplied)
The door of the appliance can be fitted with a
wooden door/cupboard door with the follow-
ing dimensions:
591 – 594 mm
16 – 24 mm
dependent on
max. 8 kg
– Recess height
– Plinth height
– Adjusting the dishwasher to match the height of adjoining units
The exact height must be measured at the place of installation from
the adjoining units.



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