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Electrolux dishwasher
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ESI 68850



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  • Page 1 ESI 68850...
  • Page 2 We were thinking of you when we made this product...
  • Page 3 You’ve chosen a first class product from Electrolux, which hopefully will provide you with lots of pleasure in the future. Electrolux ambition is to offer a wide variety of quality products that would make your life even more comfortable. You can look at some examples on the cover in this manual.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    4 electrolux Contents Safety information Unloading the dishwasher Product description Washing programmes Control panel Care and cleaning First use What to do if... Set the water softener Technical data Use of rinse aid Hints for test institutes Daily use Installation...
  • Page 5: Safety Information

    5 Safety information • Do not take any dishes out of the dishwasher before the end of the washing cycle. In the interest of your safety and to • After use, isolate the appliance from ensure the correct use, before in-...
  • Page 6: Child Safety

    6 electrolux safety information carried out by a qualified and compe- Child safety tent person. • This appliance is designed to be • For safety reasons it is dangerous to operated by adults. Do not allow chil- alter the specifications or attempt to dren to use the dishwasher unsuper- modify this product in any way.
  • Page 7: Product Description

    7 Product description 1. Upper basket 2. Water hardness dial 3. Salt container This dishwasher has an internal light that turns on when the door opens 4. Detergent dispenser and off when it closes. 5. Rinse aid dispenser Internal light equipped with led lamp 6.
  • Page 8: Control Panel

    8 electrolux control panel Control panel 1. On/Off button Light bar 2. Light bar The light bar: 3. Display scrolling button • illuminates when the appliance is 4. Display switched on, 5. Up and down scrolling buttons • turns off when the appliance is switched off.
  • Page 9 9 • In the display appears the message The display will again show the three for the time setting. Follow the instruc- areas. tions given in the display to set the In the menu programmes area is dis- right time and press OK to confirm.
  • Page 10 10 electrolux control panel This area offers Menu options Submenu Extra rinse Adds another rinse phase to the set programme. Not available with all washing programmes (see "Washing programmes" chart). Multitab Multitab function; allows the use of the combi detergent tablets (see "Multitab function").
  • Page 11: Demo Mode

    11 • Select Back and press OK to return the upper left-hand corner appears to menu options. the message DEMO. • Press Home button or wait a few sec- • It is now possible, using the scrolling onds to come out from menu options.
  • Page 12: Key Lock

    12 electrolux control panel Menu options Submenu Option description Rinse aid Allows you to activate/deacti- vate the rinse aid dispenser. Factory setting: activated Key lock Allows you to lock the use of the buttons to avoid an incor- rect use of the controls.
  • Page 13: First Use

    13 First use Before using your dishwasher for the first • Fill the rinse aid dispenser time: • Ensure that the electrical and water connections comply with the installa- If you want to use combi detergent tion instructions tablets such as: ''3 in 1'', ''4 in 1'', ''5 •...
  • Page 14: Use Of Rinse Aid

    14 electrolux use of rinse aid Enter Menu options - Settings - Wa- ter hardness. Using the up and down scrolling buttons set the level of the water softener ac- cording to the hardness of the water in your area (see chart).
  • Page 15 15 tween 16 and 40 washing cycles, depending upon the dosage setting. 3. Ensure that the lid is closed after ev- Rinse aid ensures thorough rinsing, ery refill. and spot and streak free drying. Rinse aid is automatically added during the last rinse.
  • Page 16: Daily Use

    16 electrolux daily use You are reminded of this by a displayed the running of the programme the indi- message. cation for rinse aid refilling is not active. This occurs only at the start and at the end of the washing programme; during Daily use •...
  • Page 17: Load Cutlery And Dishes

    17 For washing in the dishwasher the following cutlery and dishes are not suitable: are of limited suitability: • Cutlery with wooden, horn, china or • Only wash stoneware in the mother-of-pearls handles. dishwasher if it is specially marked as being dishwasher-safe by the •...
  • Page 18: The Cutlery Basket

    18 electrolux load cutlery and dishes handles facing downwards and the kni- ves with their handles facing upwards. The rows of prongs in the lower basket can lie flat to allow you to load pots, pans and bowls. If the handles protrude from the bottom...
  • Page 19: The Upper Basket

    19 Glasses with long stems can be placed upside down in the cup racks. The cup racks can be adjusted in three The cutlery basket is in two parts which different positions to improve loading can be separated to give greater loading flexibility.
  • Page 20 20 electrolux load cutlery and dishes For glasses with long stems (according Maximum height of the dishes in to the size and dimensions), set the glass the lower basket holder to the left or right position. With upper basket 31 cm...
  • Page 21: Use Of Detergent

    21 After loading your machine always close the door, as an open door can be a hazard. Use of detergent 2. Fill the detergent dispenser (1) with detergent. The marking indicates the dosing levels: Only use detergents specifically de- 20 = approximately 20 g of detergent signed for use in dishwashers.
  • Page 22: Multitab Function

    22 electrolux multitab function Detergent tablets from different manufacturers dissolve at different rates. For this reason, some deter- gent tablets do not attain their full cleaning power during short wash- ing programmes. Therefore, please use long washing programmes when using detergent tablets, to en- sure the complete removal of deter- gent residuals.
  • Page 23: Select And Start A Washing Programme

    23 If the drying results are not If you decide to revert back to the satisfactory we suggest that you: use of individual detergents we ad- vise that you: 1. Fill up the rinse aid dispenser with rinse aid.
  • Page 24: Unloading The Dishwasher

    24 electrolux unloading the dishwasher • If the delay start has been selected, Cancel a washing programme in the display will show the time duration progress and the end time of the programme. • Press start button, follow the dis-...
  • Page 25: Washing Programmes

    25 • Empty the lower basket first and then the upper one; this will avoid water dripping from the upper basket onto When the washing programme has the dishes in the lower one. finished, it is recommended that the •...
  • Page 26 26 electrolux washing programmes Degree of Programme Type of load Programme description soil Main wash up to 45°C Delicate 1 intermediate rinse 45° Glass Normal soil crockery and Final rinse glassware Drying This is a programme both designed to heat plates be-...
  • Page 27: Care And Cleaning

    27 Consumption values Programme Programme du- Energy con- Water consump- ration sumption tion (in minutes) (in kWh) (in litres) Prewash 1) Test programme for test institutes pressure and the temperature of the water and also by the variations of...
  • Page 28: External Cleaning

    28 electrolux care and cleaning NEVER use the dishwasher without filters. Incorrect repositioning and fitting of the filters will produce poor washing results and will result in damage to the appliance 4. Take hold of the coarse filter (A) by...
  • Page 29: What To Do If

    29 1. Unplug the appliance and then turn Moving the machine off the water. If you have to move the machine (moving 2. Leave the door ajar to prevent the house etc...): formation of any unpleasant smells.
  • Page 30 30 electrolux what to do if... Display message and malfunction Possible cause and solution A displayed message informs you • The sink spigot is blocked. that the dishwasher does not drain Clean out the sink spigot. • The water drain hose has not been correctly laid or it is kinked or squashed.
  • Page 31 31 S.N. : ......The wash results are not satisfactory The dishes are •...
  • Page 32: Technical Data

    32 electrolux technical data Technical data Dimensions Width 59,6 cm Height 81,8 - 89,8 cm Depth 57,5 cm Electrical connection - Information on the electrical connection is given on the Voltage - Overall power - rating plate on the inner edge of the dishwasher door.
  • Page 33: Installation

    33 Cup racks: position 2 Arrangement upper basket (take off the glass holder) Arrangement lower basket Arrangement cutlery basket Installation should be carried out by a qualified electrician and/or plumber or com- petent person. Any electrical and/or plumbing work...
  • Page 34: Water Connection

    34 electrolux water connection Remove all packaging before position- the supply cable are not kinked or ing the machine. squashed. If possible, position the machine next to Fixing to the adjacent units a water tap and a drain. This dishwasher is designed to be fitted The dishwasher must be secured under a kitchen counter or work surface.
  • Page 35: Water Outlet Hose Connection

    35 • If water inlet hose or the safety valve is damaged, remove the mains plug immediately. Attention! NOT all models of dish- • A water inlet hose with safety valve washers have fill and drain hoses must only be replaced by the Service provided with a locknut.
  • Page 36 36 electrolux water connection When connecting the drain hose to an under sink trap spigot, the entire plas- tic membrane (A) must be re- moved. Failure to remove all the mem- brane will result in food particles building up over time eventually blocking the...
  • Page 37: Electrical Connection

    37 Electrical connection This could constitute a fire hazard through overheating. If necessary, have the domestic wir- Safety standards require the appli- ing system socket replaced. In case ance to be earthed. that the electrical cable has to be...
  • Page 38 38 electrolux environment concerns • Dispose of the door catch. This prevents children from trapping themselves inside and endanger- When a unit is no longer being used: ing their lives. • Pull the plug out of the socket. • Cut off the cable and plug and dis-...
  • Page 40 117979120 - 092007...