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Starting A Dishwashing Cycle; Setting The Delay Timer; Switching Off The Dishwasher - Electrolux ESI 6251 User Information

Electrolux dishwasher
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Starting a Dishwashing Cy-
1. Check that the spray arms can turn freely.
2. Turn the water tap on fully.
3. Close the door.
4. Press the ON/OFF button.
5. Select the desired cycle.
The programme indicator comes on. The remaining
time expected for the cycle will be shown in the
The selected cycle will begin after approximately 3
During the dishwashing cycle, the remaining
time shown in the multi-display may be adjust-
ed according to the size of the load, degree of
soiling, etc.
Interrupting or Cancelling a dish-
washing cycle
Interrupt a dishwashing cycle that is in progress if it
is absolutely necessary.
Interrupting the dishwashing pro-
gramme by opening the dishwasher door
Hot steam may escape when the door is
opened. There is a risk of scalding.
1. Open the door carefully. The dishwashing cycle will
2. Close the door. The cycle will continue.
Cancelling the dishwashing cycle
1. Press function buttons 2 and 3 and keep them
The programme display for the current cycle will
flash for several seconds and then go out.
2. Release the function buttons. The dishwashing cy-
cle has been cancelled.
3. If you want to start a new cycle, check whether
there is any detergent in the dispenser.
Turning off the dishwasher will only interrupt a
selected dishwashing cycle, not cancel it. The
cycle will recommence after turning the dish-
washer back on again.

Setting the Delay Timer

With the delay timer you can delay the start of
a dishwashing cycle for between 1 and 19
1.Press the Delay Timer button repeatedly until the
multi-display shows the desired time delay, for ex-
ample 12h, if the cycle is to start in 12 hours. The
Delay Timer indicator is illuminated.
2.Select dishwashing cycle.
3.The time remaining to the start of the cycle is con-
tinuously displayed (e. g. 12h, 11h, 10h, ... 1h etc.).
To change the time delay:
As long as the cycle has not yet started, you can still
change the setting by pressing the DELAY TIMER
Cancelling the time delay:
Press the Delay Timer button repeatedly until the
length of the selected cycle appears in the multi-dis-
play. The selected dishwashing cycle will begin im-
To change a dishwashing cycle
As long as the cycle has not yet started, you can still
change the dishwashing cycle. First cancel the dish-
washing cycle, then re-set the time delay, lastly se-
lect the new dishwashing cycle.
Switching Off the dish-
Do not switch off the dishwasher until the multi-dis-
play indicates "0" for the remaining cycle time.
1.Press the ON/OFF button. All display indicators will
go out.
2.Turn off the water tap.
Carefully open the door. Hot steam may es-
• Hot dishes are sensitive to knocks. Therefore leave
the dishes to cool for about 15 minutes before re-
moving them. You also get a better drying result.
• Dishes dry more quickly if you open the door for a
moment after the cycle has ended and then leave it
slightly open.
Removing the Dishes
It is normal for the inner door and the dispens-
ers to be damp.
• Empty the lower basket first, then the upper bas-
ket. This way you avoid dripping water from the
upper basket onto dishes in the lower basket.



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