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VoIP Gateway
User's Manual
Version 0.0
(31 Aug 2007)


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  • Page 1

    DVG-5112S VoIP Gateway User’s Manual Version 0.0 (31 Aug 2007)

  • Page 2

    D-Link Corporation disclaims any proprietary interest in trademarks and trade names other than its own. Warranty: please contact your D-Link Authorized Reseller or the D-Link Branch Office nearest your place of purchase for information about the warranty offered on your D-Link product.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    DVG-5112S Assigned with a Public IP Address.................... 8 DVG-5112S in a NAT network........................9 DVG-5112S assigned with a Public IP Address and serving as a Bridge........... 10 3. Setting a DVG-5112S with WEB Browser ..........11 Basic Network Settings ..........................12 WAN ..............................

  • Page 4

    4. Setting the DVG-5112S through IVR ............63 IVR (Interactive Voice Response) ....................... 63 IP Configuration Settings—Setting IP Configuration of WAN Port........... 66 PPPoE Character Conversion Table ......................68 5. TCP/IP Setting ....................69...

  • Page 5: Introduction

    1. Introduction Product Overview The DVG-5112S VoIP Gateway carries both voice and facsimile over the IP network. It uses the industry standard SIP call control protocol so as to be compatible with free registration services or VoIP service providers’ systems.

  • Page 6: Hardware Connections And Description

    1. DC+12V: Connect to the bundled power adaptor. Plug power adapter to a proper power source. 2. Phone: Connect to your analog telephone. These are FXS (Foreign Exchange Station) ports. 3. LAN: Connect to a PC for later DVG-5112S configuration. 4. WAN: Connect to your broadband device with RJ-45 cable.

  • Page 7: Front Panel

    Phone1/Line, Phone2 Indicator: Phone LED should be in orange while Phone in use. Note: When starting up DVG-5112S, the Alarm and VoIP will light up. After about 40 seconds, the VoIP indicator will blink in green. If the Alarm indicator continues to blink, it means DVG-5112S is currently communicating with ISP and has yet to obtain an IP address or fail to register to Voice Service Provider.

  • Page 8: Installation And Applications

    DVG-5112S can be assigned with a Public IP address and serves as a Bridge device DVG-5112S Assigned with a Public IP Address DVG-5112S will have a Public IP address for Internet connection regardless of whether it is a static IP address, DHCP (using a Cable Modem), or PPPoE (Dialup / ADSL).

  • Page 9: Dvg-5112s In A Nat Network

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual DVG-5112S in a NAT network Under this mode, the gateway uses a virtual IP address and the IP sharing function of other systems to connect to the Internet. Please avoid IP addresses in the following range: LAN IP address for IP sharing (You may need to change the settings of...

  • Page 10: Dvg-5112s Assigned With A Public Ip Address And Serving As A Bridge

    Bridge DVG-5112S will have a public IP address regardless of whether it is a static IP application, DHCP (using a Cable Modem), or PPPoE (to connect to your ADSL account), which can then use the functions of built-in IP sharing to allow other PCs to be on-line at the same time.

  • Page 11: Setting A Dvg-5112s With Web Browser

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual 3. Setting a DVG-5112S with WEB Browser DVG-5112S allows users to configure its settings using a web interface (Web UI). You can access the Configuration Menu by opening a web-browser (e.g., Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) and entering the factory default LAN IP address:

  • Page 12: Basic Network Settings

    RTP Starting Port UDP: The initial value of the port number for transmitting voice data among gateway(s). Each line requires 2 ports. For the DVG-5112S gateway 4 UDP ports are required. It is not necessary to change the setting, unless it conflicts with ports used by another network device.

  • Page 13

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual IP Configuration There are five methods of obtaining a WAN port IP address: Static IP DHCP, which means a Dynamic IP (Cable Modem) PPPoE (dial-up ADSL) PPTP BigPond (for Australia only) Methods for using DHCP and PPPoE for obtaining an IP address may vary. If you are not familiar with creating a network connection, please contact your local ISP.

  • Page 14

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual PPTP Select “PPTP” and enter the IP Address, Subnet mask, PPTP Server, PPTP ID and Password. Then click the “Accept” button at the bottom of the screen. BigPond (for Australia only) Click “BigPond Cable” and enter the User Name and Password. Then click the “Accept” button at the bottom of the screen.

  • Page 15

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual Item Description Enable VLAN Tagging It is to tag the packets for VLAN Router or Switch identifying. VLAN ID It is to assign uniquely a user-defined ID to each packet. Priority It is the proprietary to VLAN Router or Switch.

  • Page 16: Sip

    FXS Representative Number: Register all FXS ports as a hunting group. Register: Register to proxy if selected. Invite with ID / Account: The DVG-5112S can be invited to a VoIP trunk gateway without registering to a proxy. Please contact your VoIP service provider.

  • Page 17

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual Registration by each line: If your VoIP account and password are individual, the settings should be as below. Registration by FXS Representative Number: If you have one VoIP account and password, the settings should be as below.

  • Page 18

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual Enable Support of SIP Proxy Server / Soft Switch Enable Support of SIP Proxy Server / Soft Switch: Enable the functions to inter-work with Proxy Server / Soft Switch. When SIP Proxy 1 and 2 are enabled, the system will register to SIP Proxy 2 after all lines have failed to register to SIP Proxy 1.

  • Page 19: Outbound Proxy

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual Outbound Proxy All Call through OutBound Proxy:An outbound proxy server handles SIP call signaling as a standard SIP proxy server would. Further, it receives and transmits phone conversation traffic (media) between two communication parties. This option tells the gateway to send and receive all SIP packets to the destined outbound proxy server rather than the remote gateway.

  • Page 20

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual Example of To Invite Proxy: International Call Prefix Digit: 00 Country Code: 1 Long Distance Call Prefix Digit: 0 Area Code: 567 ENUM Head Exception: 070 Phone Number Dialed By The True Phone Number Description The User...

  • Page 21: Phone Book

    DVG-5112S to the peer VoIP device, it will get the number and IP from Phone Book Manager. Phone Book: Some peer information is added to Phone Book. DVG-5112S can set up and store 100 phone numbers into Phone Book and provide an IP address query when calling to other VoIP devices.

  • Page 22

    Using Phone Book DVG-5112S can set up and store 100 phone numbers to a phone book. If there is no Phone Books Manager exiting in private network, all DVG-5112Ss in a group have to set up each gateway’s number one by one to communicate with each other.

  • Page 23: Basic Voice Services

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual Basic Voice Services DVG-5112S supports some voices such as display Caller ID, call forwarding, call hold, call transfer, call-waiting, three-way calling, Emergency No., etc. Caller ID In this section, it allows you to set Caller ID generation.. There are two type of FSK Caller ID. Choose the proper type for you.

  • Page 24: Hot Line

    Enter the Hot Line number for an automatic dial. A user can dial any number within the time. After the time expires, Warm Line (Hot Line Delay) DVG-5112S will divert incoming calls from an outside line to the Hot Line Number. D-Link Systems, Inc.

  • Page 25: Calling Features

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual Calling Features Do Not Disturb: The particular line will only be able to call out when this variable is enabled. All incoming calls will be rejected. Unconditional Forward: All incoming calls will be forwarded to the “Forwarding Number” automatically.

  • Page 26

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual 6. Phone1 dials *61 and then presses Flash to start the conference call. D-Link Systems, Inc.

  • Page 27: Calling Features - Advanced Setting

    *42# It is to cancel the latest automatic redial function. *43# It is to query how long shall DVG-5112S wait to redial (ms). It is to adjust the duration of waiting for automatic redial. *44# Method: Dial *44 + Expiry Time# *45# It is to query the duration of waiting for automatic redial (ms).

  • Page 28: Advanced Network Settings

    DVG-5112S provides interface for advanced network settings to enhance your network security. This is about LAN configuration. There are LAN interface mode that is to set DVG-5112S as a router or a bridge, LAN IP and subnet mask, DHCP settings.

  • Page 29: Lan Settings

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual LAN Settings Note: DVG-5112S LAN port IP address cannot be in the same section as the NAT LAN port IP address. Example: If the LAN IP address of the Internet Sharing Device is, then DVG-5112S’s LAN IP address cannot be in the range between ~

  • Page 30: Dhcp Settings

    DHCP Settings Item Description Enable DHCP Server Tick the check box to enable DHCP server service of DVG-5112S. IP Pool Starting Address The first IP address to be assigned to DHCP clients. IP Pool Ending Address The last IP address to be assigned to DHCP clients.

  • Page 31: Nat Traversal

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual NAT Traversal If DVG-5112S is set up behind an IP sharing device or a router, you can select either the NAT or STUN protocol. Note: NAT IP/Domain must be the same with Hostname (in DDNS page), if DVG-5112S is behind a NAT Server that uses a dynamic IP and registers to DDNS.

  • Page 32: Ddns

    These settings are only necessary when DVG-5112S is set up behind a NAT that uses a dynamic IP address and do not support DDNS. First of all, you need to apply an account from one of the servers. DVG-5112S allows users to choose one of DynDNS, TZO,, PeanutHull or a private server.

  • Page 33: Caller Filter

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual Caller Filter This function is used to allow or deny SIP Invite from the list. The IP address of VSP is allowed while registering to VSP. Item Description Allow Choose the IP addresses in the table are allowed to call in or deny.

  • Page 34: Sip Advanced

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual SIP Advanced In this section, you can set the listen port and RTP port of DVG-5112S. There are some parameters with VSP (Voice Service Provider). Session Timer: It is to identify the connection of a session which is defined in RFC 4028.

  • Page 35

    SIP Proxy Server / Soft Switch Settings Item Description As soon as the registration to proxy server is failed, DVG-5112S will VoIP failure announcement drive IVR system to play out failure announcements for the user. DVG-5112S will always send two packets in N seconds to VSP to Bind Proxy Interval for NAT bind the tunnel.

  • Page 36: Supplementary Features

    Caller ID, so disable it while the call is failed. VoIP Call Out Notification DVG-5112S will play a tone to notify the call is through VoIP. The default setting is that when receiving a call hold request, Enable Built-in Call Hold Music DVG-5112S will play music on hold.

  • Page 37

    Description This function is usually applied when the user set VoIP as the primary path for outgoing calls and PSTN as the backup. DVG-5112S will Use Second CPT after SIP generate a different set of tones to inform the user that VoIP is in registered service.

  • Page 38: Virtual Server

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual Virtual Server Enable users on Internet to access the WWW, FTP and other services from your NAT. It is also known as port forwarding. When remote users are accessing Web or FTP servers through WAN IP address, it will be routed to the server with LAN IP address.

  • Page 39: Port Filtering

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual Port Filtering Port filtering enables you to control all data that can be transmitted in routers. Note: When the port used at the source end is within the limited scope, it will be filtered without transmission. Item...

  • Page 40: Ip Filtering

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual IP Filtering IP Filtering is to limit intranet users from accessing the Internet. Item Description Enable IP Filtering Tick the check box to make this effective Enter the IP address that you want to filter; the limited IP address will be unable to transmit the data to the Internet Select the communication protocols used by the server—TCP or...

  • Page 41: Advanced Voice Services

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual Advanced Voice Services DVG-5112S provides function for advanced voice settings, such as FAX, Codec, Speaking and Listening volume, etc. Line Settings You can adjust listening volume, speaking volume and tone volume here. DVG-5112S Item Description Listening Volume It is to adjust the hearing volume.

  • Page 42

    Specify the interval of ring time to cancel a call when no one answers Ring (Early Media) Time Limit a call. DVG-5112S will play a “Beep-Beep” tone to notify the call is in Enable End of Digit Tone progress. It will play when invite packet is sent.

  • Page 43

    This is used as a standard for FXS and FXO interface to determine whether or not to back to the idle state. DVG-5112S will back to the idle state automatically to avoid keeping the line engaged while the time expires and the detected volume is lower than Silence Detection Threshold.

  • Page 44: Codec Settings

    It is to adjust the jitter to receive a packet. If the jitter range is too Jitter Buffer large, it will delay voice transmission. If one side of a connection is not speaking, DVG-5112S will stop Silence Detection/ Suppression sending voice data (package) to decrease bandwidth usage.

  • Page 45: Fax Settings

    T.30. Item Description DVG-5112S sends the same FAX frame twice to get a high quality of Enable High Quality the FAX when the line is using T.38 Fax. It requires more bandwidth. DVG-5112S provides G.711 and G.726 for T.30 fax transmission.

  • Page 46: Other Settings

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual Other Settings DVG-5112S provides advanced settings to apply to various situations. Here are Digit Map, DTMF & Pulse, CPT/Cadence Settings and Provision Settings. Digit Map Digit Map now is combined the original feature of Digit Map and Speed Dial. You can use “?” or “%” in the column of Scan Code, VoIP Dial-out and PSTN Dial-out.

  • Page 47

    You have to set some rules in Digit Map Setting first and enter the Test Dial No. number for test. DVG-5112S will show the number for VoIP Dial-out and PSTN Result Dial-out according to the Digit Map Table. Methods of Digit Map: Method 1- Single mapping: Fill a short code into the Scan Code column, and enter the desired phone number into the VoIP Dial-out or PSTN Dial-out column.

  • Page 48

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual Pick up the handset and dial 55 and DVG-5112S will dial 07021234567. You also can use Digit Map Testing to know that DVG-5112S will dial 07021234567 and go through Internet. Method 2- Multi mapping; Fill the prefix code into the Scan Code column and the format to transfer into the VoIP Dial-out or PSTN Dial-out column.

  • Page 49

    Scan Code: 11 VoIP Dial-out: test User Dial Length: 2 Route: Auto Pick up the handset and dial 11. DVG-5112S will dial “test” and go through Internet. You also can use Digit Map Testing to know the dialing result. D-Link Systems, Inc.

  • Page 50

    NOTE: In the example of Method 3, the result also shows that DVG-5112S will dial 11 and go through PSTN. That means DVG-5112S will dial 11 to PSTN if the call is fail to Internet. Please select the route is VoIP in this rule if the route is only able to Internet.

  • Page 51: Dtmf & Pulse

    It is to set the waiting time between each key pressing. If the caller Inter Digits Time Out does not press the next number before the time expires, DVG-5112S will play busy tone. Item...

  • Page 52

    Tick the check box to send DTMF keys (0~9, *, #,) follow the Enable Out-of-Band DTMF RFC2833 rules or via SIP Info. According to RFC2833 or SIP info, DVG-5112S will deliver Hook Enable Hook Flash Event Flash signal to the remote party.

  • Page 53: Cpt/cadence Settings

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual CPT/Cadence Settings DVG-5112S will generate the tones by the call process tone parameters table. CPT parameters Table The CPT has 2 sets of parameter tables. Please adjust the parameters based on local PSTN. D-Link Systems, Inc.

  • Page 54: Provision Settings

    Server can not only easily modify a configuration file to change gateway settings but to assign latest firmware for specific gateways to upgrade. Besides, Provision Server also reports the status of DVG-5112S and all actions will be recorded in log file that offers users to trouble shouting effectively. Item...

  • Page 55

    Binding Server for Trigger DVG-5112S. Server will bind a port for the gateway to send provision request. The binding port number of the server is used to tell DVG-5112S the Binding Port path of binding server. It to set the desired Interval at which DVG-5112S will keep the Binding Interval binding.

  • Page 56: Status And Tools

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual Status and Tools This section shows the status of DVG-5112S. There are Current Status, RTP Packet Summary, System Information, Ping Test and STUN Inquiry. Current Status Port Status: It includes if each port registers to Proxy successfully, the lasted dialed number, how many calls each port had since DVG-5112S is start, etc.

  • Page 57: System Information

    PPPoE to obtain IP, you can know if the IP is obtained through this. If IP address, subnet mask, default gateway is blank, it means that DVG-5112S does not obtain IP. LAN Port Information: It shows LAN port IP, subnet mask, and the status of DHCP server.

  • Page 58: Ping Test

    Use Ping to identify if the remote peer is reachable. Fill in remote IP address and click Test will start the test. STUN Inquiry It is to know what NAT type of the router when DVG-5112S is behind NAT. D-Link Systems, Inc.

  • Page 59: System Settings

    This section provides system settings such as NTP, Login Account, Backup/Restore, System Operation, Software Upgrade and Logout. It is to set the Time Zone where DVG-5112S resides. You can set the Time Server where DVG-5112S should sync up during start up.

  • Page 60: Backup/restore

    Port of Web Access from WAN connecting to LAN port. A setting of zero is to disable http port for WAN. If DVG-5112S is inactive for the period defined in this filed, Web UI Web UI auto logout will auto logout to keep DVG-5112S secure.

  • Page 61: System Operations

    Some settings are effective by Restart. Remember to save all settings by Save Settings before to restart. Item Description Save Settings Save settings after completing configuration. The new settings will take effect after DVG-5112S is restarted. Restart Please select it and click the Accept button. D-Link Systems, Inc.

  • Page 62: Software Upgrade

    The location of Directory for Upgrade Server. Logout DVG-5112S only allows one user to login at a time, so whenever a change is made, please save the settings, restart DVG-5112S, or logout to avoid the situation where other users cannot login to change settings.

  • Page 63: Setting The Dvg-5112s Through Ivr

    If using dialup ADSL (PPPoE) for network connection, confirm the dialup account number and password. If users wish to build DVG-5112S under the NAT, DVG-5112S WAN Port IP address and LAN Port should not use the same range. This is to avoid network failures.

  • Page 64: Save Settings

    After entering IVR mode, dial 101. DVG-5112S will repeat the current WAN Port IP address. If DVG-5112S does not repeat the IP address, it indicates that DVG-5112S is not currently connected to the Internet. Please check if the cable connection, account number, and password are correct.

  • Page 65

    114, select 1 112/102 Set/Query WAN Port Subnet Mask for a Static IP function. 113/103 Set/Query WAN Port Default DVG-5112S Set/Query WAN Port IP Type 114/104 (1: Static IP, 2.DHCP, 3.PPPoE) 116/106 Set/Query Phone Book Manager Server IP address...

  • Page 66: Ip Configuration Settings-setting Ip Configuration Of Wan Port

    Wait for about 40 seconds for restart, and then enter 101 to check if the IP address is retained. If the IP address is not repeated, DVG-5112S has not been successfully connected to the Internet, please check if the cable connection is correct.

  • Page 67

    Wait for about 40 seconds for restart, and then enter 101 to check if the IP address is retained. If the IP address is not repeated, DVG-5112S has not been successfully connected to the Internet, please check if the cable connection, account, or password are correct.

  • Page 68: Pppoe Character Conversion Table

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual PPPoE Character Conversion Table Upper Case Lower Case Number Input Key Input Key Input Key Symbol Input Key Letter Letter ‧ " & < > D-Link Systems, Inc.

  • Page 69: Tcp/ip Setting

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual 5. TCP/IP Setting Follow the description if you have problems in how to assign a static IP Address in your PC. Using Windows XP for example Go to Start -> Click on Control Panel -> Double-click on Network and Dial-up Connection ->...

  • Page 70

    DVG-5112S User’s Manual Click Properties. Highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and then click Properties. D-Link Systems, Inc.

  • Page 71

    Select Use the following IP Address. Set IP address, Subnet mask and Default gateway. The IP Address must be within the same range as DVG-5112S (If the IP Address of DVG-5112S is You can assign for your PC). Then, enter the DNS server IP address (varies in different networks.

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