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Using The Undo Form Of A Command; Cli Views - HP 6125G Configuration Manual

Fundamentals configuration guide.
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Command keywords are case insensitive.
The following example analyzes the syntax of the clock datetime time date command according to
Figure 2 Understanding command-line parameters
For example, to set the system time to 10:30:20, February 23, 201 1, enter the following command line
at the CLI and press Enter:
<Sysname> clock datetime 10:30:20 2/23/2011

Using the undo form of a command

Most configuration commands have an undo form for canceling a configuration, restoring the default, or
disabling a feature. For example, the info-center enable command enables the information center, and
the undo info-center enable command disables the information center.

CLI views

Commands are grouped in different views by function. To use a command, you must enter the view of the
CLI views are organized in a hierarchical structure, as shown in
from which you can identify where you are and what you can do. For example, the prompt
[Sysname-vlan100] shows that you are in the view of VLAN 100 and can configure attributes for the
You are placed in user view immediately after you are logged in to the CLI. The user view prompt is
<Device-name>, where the Device-name argument defaults to Sysname and can be changed by using
the sysname command. In user view, you can perform some basic operations, including display, debug,
file management, FTP, Telnet, clock setting, and reboot. For more information about the sysname
command, see Fundamentals Command Reference.
From user view, you can enter system view to configure global settings, including the daylight saving time,
banners, and hotkeys. The system view prompt is [Device-name].
From system view, you can enter different function views. For example, you can enter interface view to
configure interface parameters, enter VLAN view to add ports to the specific VLAN, enter user interface
The argument or keyword and argument combination before the ampersand (&) sign can
be entered 1 to n times.
A line that starts with a pound (#) sign is comments.
3. Each view has a unique prompt,


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