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Enabling Configuration File Auto-update; Saving Configuration In Different Approaches - HP 6125G Configuration Manual

Fundamentals configuration guide.
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Complete these tasks to save the current configuration:

Enabling configuration file auto-update

Saving configuration in
Enabling configuration file auto-update
The configuration auto-update function enables all subordinate switches to automatically save the
running configuration as the master does when you execute the save [ safely ] [ backup | main ] [ force ]
command or the save filename all command. If this function is disabled, only the master saves the
To ensure configuration consistency, HP recommends enabling the function.
To enable configuration auto-update:
Enter system view.
Enable configuration file

Saving configuration in different approaches

When saving the running configuration to a configuration file, you can specify the file as the next-startup
configuration file or not.
If you are specifying the file as the next-startup configuration file, use one of the following methods to
save the configuration:
Fast mode—Use the save command without the safely keyword. In this mode, the device directly
overwrites the target next-startup configuration file. If a reboot or power failure occurs during this
process, the next-startup configuration file is lost. You must re-specify a new startup configuration file
after the device reboots (see
Safe mode—Use the save command with the safely keyword. Safe mode is slower than fast mode,
but more secure. In safe mode, the system saves configuration in a temporary file and starts
overwriting the target next-startup configuration file after the save operation is complete. If a reboot
or power failure occurs during the save operation, the next-startup configuration file is still retained
Use the safe mode if the power source is not reliable or you are remotely configuring the device.
The configuration file extension must be .cfg.
To save the running configuration, perform either of the following tasks in any view:
slave auto-update config
"Specifying a configuration file for the next
Perform this task to ensure configuration
consistency across member devices.
By default, this function is


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