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75 0 C
User' s Guide


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    75 0 C U P E R C R I PT ™ User’ s Guide...

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    1250 N. Arlington Heights, Suite 500 Itasca, IL 60143 NEC Technologies reserves the right to modify the equipment described in this manual at any time and without notice. TRADEMARKS Any trademarks and/or proprietary names indicated are the property of their respective owners.

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    (From this time on, references to “you” mean the “licensee”, references to “NECTECH” with a written notification of the defect.) mean “NEC Technologies, Inc.”, references to “Printer” mean the printer product purchased with the Software, and references to the “Software” mean the software programs, including the coded font (2) YOU AGREE THAT THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED AND LICENSED “AS IS”.

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  • Page 17: Inserting The Document Supports

    Preface User Guide User Interface - Software printer monitor, indicating print job status and containing a series of printer care functions. - Printer operator panel, giving the functions of the light This manual is structured in several sections: indicators and keys. - Templates, embossed on the printer casing, indicating illustrations, carriage movement, paper out condition and print head...

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  • Page 19: Table Of Contents

    User Interface Table of Contents Printer Monitor ....11 Preface Printer Operator Panel ... . . 12 Embossed Templates .

  • Page 20

    Using Software Appendices How to Use Your Printer Driver ..28 A. Supplies Photo Kit ..... 29 Running the Printer Set-Up Utility .

  • Page 21: Quick Start

    Quick Start...

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    This Page Intentionally Blank...

  • Page 23: Unpacking

    Carton contents Identifying the Printer Parts As well as this instructions manual and the NEC Media Take a few minutes to study your printer and identify its Sample Pak, the packing carton also contains ( see figure parts.

  • Page 24

    2. Plug the printer power cable into a wall socket. 1. The interface socket cover, which covers the parallel The socket outlet shall be installed near the equipment interface cable, is in the accessories kit delivered in the and shall be easily accessible. printer packaging.

  • Page 25: Inserting The Document Supports

    Output tray extension (figure 3b) Inserting the Document Supports See figures 1b, 2b and 3b on page III. With the flat end towards the printer and the lip at the opposite end facing upwards, insert the tray extension Remove the document supports from their packaging (which in the groove in the center of the output tray.

  • Page 26: Loading Paper In The Printer

    Loading Paper in the Printer Inserting the Print Heads See the sequence of figures on page IX. See the sequence of figures on page IV and the instruc- tions on the inside of the cover (template on page XI). 1. Holding the tab on the left edge of the guide on the ASF, move it to its extreme left position (physical left hand The print head carriage on your printer is designed to hold margin).

  • Page 27: Installing Printer Software

    If you are installing using the CD, please follow the (right hand chamber). instructions supplied with the NEC Media Sample Pak. 9. Repeat points 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 of this section to insert the This advanced printing system includes : color print head.

  • Page 28

    Information file (README.TXT) Printer Driver Installation Procedure Whenever necessary, latest information on the printer The installation procedure will vary, depending on the driver, or instructions updating this manual are included in Windows® environment installed on your PC. an information file contained in the diskette(s). If present, the file will automatically be copied into the driver group that Windows®...

  • Page 29

    3. Activate the Control Panel in the Main window, clicking Windows® 95 twice with your mouse indicator on the corresponding icon. The Microsoft Windows® 95 operating system allows automatic installation of peripherals through the 4. Select the Printers icon, in the same way. “Plug &...

  • Page 30

    6. At the end of the installation, you will be asked to change the setting in your system properties, as remove the diskette and restart Windows. follows: – right click on the My Computer icon, A folder with the driver name will be created automatically in the Programs folder.

  • Page 31: Preparing Your Printer Using The Printer Monitor

    3. Click your right mouse button. Preparing your Printer using the Printer Monitor 4. Select the option “Run the Printer Monitor” in the menu which opens. Your printing system, i.e. the printer driver and the printer monitor is now installed. Before using your printing In both environments, the Printer Monitor will also be system, you must prepare your printer by performing two of activated any time a print job is sent (in Windows®...

  • Page 32: Help

    Checking print accuracy (Align) Help Whenever you insert a new print head or ink cartridge, you To simplify the use of the printer, and to help you if you should always check the horizontal and vertical have problems, this printer has an extensive user interface: printing accuracy, to guarantee optimum printing quality.

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    User Guide...

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    This Page Intentionally Blank...

  • Page 35: User Interface

    Checking print accuracy (Align) User Interface Whenever you insert a new print head, you should check the accuracy of bi-directional printing, to guarantee optimum printing quality. The Printer Monitor in your printing system makes this operation extremely easy: This section describes the user interface of your printer, i.e. those parts and features that you use and/or refer to during Make sure that your printer and PC are powered, your the day-to-day use of the printer.

  • Page 36: Printer Operator Panel

    Printing the “demo” page (Demo) Printer Operator Panel The demo page ( see example on page XI ) gives you a full The behavior of the keys and light indicators on the operator color/black monochrome print-out and allows you to check panel will depend on the printer’s status and whether the the correct functioning of the print heads.

  • Page 37

    Basic key functions Printer ready/ ON LINE Toggles the printer ON/OFF LINE Printer ON/OFF POWER Toggles the printer POWER Pause condition. ON/OFF condition. When the printer is powered,, the When the printer is ON LINE, the POWER light indicator is lit. ON LINE light indicator is lit and Also has the printer RESET the printer can process and print...

  • Page 38

    Special key functions with printer cover CLOSED “Demo” page Press and hold PAPER The “demo” page is Hex dump Press and hold in this All subsequent data and press POWER for printed; after which the order: ON LINE, then transmitted to the at least 2 seconds.

  • Page 39

    Special key functions with printer cover OPEN Print head ON LINE Toggles the monochrome/ carriage color print head change movement position. Reset counter Press and hold Resets the ink counter. PAPER and press POWER Re-activates the “end of for at least ink”...

  • Page 40

    Light indicator functions ON LINE POWER ON LINE POWER The printer is powered and either ON single, Ink counter has been reset correctly LINE, or in standby mode (dormant), three-flash following the replacement of a print i.e. within the last two minutes, there sequence head/ink cartridge and the pressing of has been no printer- host activity nor...

  • Page 41: Embossed Templates

    Embossed Templates See figures on page XII. Your printer has two embossed instruction templates: one on the printer casing under the cover, the other on the inside of the cover: ON LINE POWER on the printer casing under the cover flashing Paper jam or spoilers blocked.

  • Page 42: Ink Jet Print Heads

    Replacing the Print Head Ink Jet Print Heads See figures 1d and 2d on page V, for the monochrome print head and 1e and 2e on the same page for the color print head/Photo Cartridge, and the indications on the template on the inside of the cover.

  • Page 43

    position. If you wish to change the color print head, you 6. If you pressed ON LINE before opening the must press ON LINE to move the print carriage to the cover, you must press it again after closing the correct loading/ replacement position.

  • Page 44: Replacing The Ink Cartridge

    4. Open the sealed ink cartridge container and remove the Replacing the Ink Cartridge instructions leaflet (which should be kept for future reference). See the sequence of figures on page VI (1f to 4f) for the monochrome print head and on page VII (1g to 5g) for 5.

  • Page 45: Photo Cartridge

    Photo Cartridge Print Head Care This all-in-one print head has been developed especially for Always keep the print heads and ink cartridges printing photographic images. It contains water-resistant sealed until they are to be used. three-color and Photo Black ink. Separate the ink cartridge from the print head ONLY to You should inserted the Photo Cartridge in place of the replace it.

  • Page 46: Cleaning The Print Head

    When the printer is powered, the print head carriage will If there is still no improvement in the print quality, try automatically return to its rest position after 40 seconds cleaning the print head nozzles. of inactivity. This operation MUST NOT be repeated systematically, as it can damage the print head.

  • Page 47: Paper Types

    When inserting the sheets for printing, make sure Paper that the printing surface is face the correct way (see the instructions on the paper packaging or container). The drying time for the ink on the special printing media is This section contains information on the various types of somewhat longer than for plain paper.

  • Page 48: Dimensions

    Dimensions Document Insertion The following table indicates the document formats you can You can insert all document formats both in packs through use in your printer: the ASF or manually, one at a time, through the manual feeder. A single document in the manual feeder will have insertion priority over the document(s) in the ASF.

  • Page 49: Print Area

    If you load a pack of envelopes or narrow documents, Print Area you cannot then insert a wider format using the manual feeder. The following tables contain the measurements of the physical print area on the document and envelope sizes handled by the printer.

  • Page 50

    Single sheets Envelopes Document 241.3 mm 220 mm 228 mm 162 mm 176 mm Page 297 mm 210 mm 279.4 mm 355.6 mm 266.7 mm length 9.5 in 8.66 in 9 in 6.37 in 6.92 in length 11.7 in 8.26 in 11 in 14 in 10.5 in...

  • Page 51

    Note cards Document length 152.6 mm 203.2 mm 148.5 mm 6 in 8 in 5.85 in Document width 101.6 mm 127 mm 105 mm 4 in 5 in 4.13 in Max. print line length 94.8 mm 120.2 mm 98.2 mm 3.73 in 4.73 in 3.87 in...

  • Page 52: Using Software

    3. Check that your printer is selected (if not, select it), Using Software 4. Click Setup: In Windows® 95: Your printer is optimized for operation under Windows®. 1. Using your mouse, click Start in Desktop, This section gives an overview of your printer driver and the printer setup utility program contained on the diskettes 2.

  • Page 53: Photo Kit

    Modify Photo Kit To change the value of any feature, just click the item or How to install the driver: value. To move from one screen to another, just click the appropriate tab at the top of the window; the property sheet If you are a Windows®...

  • Page 54: Running The Printer Set-up Utility

    The printing clarity and definition of photographs and high resolution or fine pattern images require special paper; the Use a good quality interface cable for your computer- NEC-recommended Photo and Coated papers guarantee printer connection, to ensure correct communication optimum results.

  • Page 55

    To run the setup utility, proceed as follows: The parameter settings defined in the driver and common to the program always have priority over the 1. Insert the diskette containing the setup utility program in settings made using the setup utility. drive a (usually) of your computer.

  • Page 56

    This Page Intentionally Blank...

  • Page 57: Troubleshooting

    General Care Troubleshooting 1. Environment Keep your printer in a stabilized, ventilated environment (temperature range: 60 - 95 F / 15 to 35 C; relative This section contains a troubleshooting guide which humidity: 20% - 80% without condensation). indicates some of the problems which may occur during the day-to-day use of your printer, together with suggestions for Do not subject your printer to brusque changes in their solution.

  • Page 58: Problems And Solutions

    Try switching the printer off and then on again. Problems and Solutions If the ON LINE and POWER light indicators are flashing If you have problems while working with the printer, check rapidly, there is a failure on the mother board; press through the following list, to see if you can find the cause of POWER to switch the printer off, disconnect it and call the problem.

  • Page 59

    check that the print head(s) are fixed in their blocked Paper position (towards the rear of the printer). Precautions 5. Problems with connection to host. The paper must not be crumpled or torn, otherwise it Check that your interface cable is of the correct type. may jam or even not be inserted.

  • Page 60: Paper

    If you removed the paper from the ASF, you must press – when adding paper to the ASF, ALWAYS remove PAPER, repeat the entire paper loading operation and any paper already present and reload it all as a then press PAPER again. single pack.

  • Page 61: Print Heads

    5. Incorrect stacking. Print heads Too many sheets of paper in the output tray. When changing the print head(s), take care not to touch the print head carriage shaft nor the area The output tray capacity depends on the type of paper under the print head carriage.

  • Page 62

    4. Missing dots If you have any problems with the print test, check that you have followed the operating procedures correctly. If dots or lines are not printed completely, remove the ink jet print head and reinsert it, or: Print test contents Clean the print head, holding ON LINE and pressing The print test ( see figure on page XI ) contains information PAPER for at least 2 seconds.

  • Page 63: Printing

    Printing If the ON LINE light indicator flashes slowly, check that paper is present and that it loads correctly, and that the print heads are fixedly in During a printing operation, do not stop the print head place correctly. carriage manually nor touch the area within its path. 1.

  • Page 64

    the ink counter has not been reset. 5. Strange characters are printed. Press and hold PAPER and press POWER for at least 2 seconds. The POWER light indicator will flash three Check that the default driver you have selected is the times.

  • Page 65

    6. Print test executed correctly, but unable to print in 7. Color printing and your PC monitor. Windows® environment. You are continually getting an “out of memory” The printer driver may not be installed correctly. message which is preventing you from printing. Your color monitor is set to “high resolution”...

  • Page 66

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  • Page 67: Appendices

    Appendices A: Supplies B: Command Code Summary C: Programmable Printer Features D: Product Characteristics E: Getting Service and Support F: Glossary G: Index...

  • Page 68

    This Page Intentionally Blank...

  • Page 69: Supplies

    Supplies The SuperScript 750C is compatible with most ink jet The following items can be ordered from your retailer. They papers (coated and uncoated). For optimum print quality, are packed individually and have specific instructions we recommend the following paper types: leaflets.

  • Page 70

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  • Page 71: Command Code Summary

    Command Code Summary Basic Operations Backspace Horizontal Tabulation Line Feed Form Feed Carriage Return Activates Secondary Font Activates Primary Font Space Fonts and Character Sets ESC ( n @ 27 40 n 64 1B 28 n 40 Primary Font Definition ESC ( 0 @ 27 40 48 64 1B 28 30 40...

  • Page 72

    FONTS AND CHARACTER SETS (continued) ESC ( n m . 27 40 n m ..1B 28 n m ..Primary Character Set Definition ESC ) n m . 27 41 n m ..1B 29 n m ..Secondary Character Set Definition (values of n and m as for ESC ( n m ...

  • Page 73: Print Attributes

    Print Attributes ESC ( s + 1 U 27 40 115 43 49 85 1B 28 73 2B 31 55 Superscripts ESC ( s - 1 U 27 40 115 45 49 85 1B 28 73 2D 31 55 Subscripts ESC ( s 0 U 27 40 115 48 85 1B 28 73 30 55...

  • Page 74

    PRINT ATTRIBUTES (continued) ESC ( s 1 Q 27 40 115 49 81 1B 28 73 31 51 NLQ Printing ESC ( s 9 Q 27 40 115 57 81 1B 28 73 39 51 DRAFT Printing ESC ( s 2 Q 27 40 115 50 81 1B 28 73 32 51 LETTER QUALITY Printing...

  • Page 75: Page Format

    Page Format ESC & l n A 27 38 108 n 65 1B 26 6C n 41 Defines Paper Format ESC & l 0 A 27 38 108 48 65 1B 26 6C 30 41 Selects default paper format ESC & l 1 A 27 38 108 49 65 1B 26 6C 31 41 Selects US Executive format...

  • Page 76

    PAGE FORMAT (continued) ESC & l n L 27 38 108 n 76 1B 26 6C n 4C Skip over Bottom of Form (1 = enables; 0 = disables) ESC & l n D 27 38 108 n 68 1B 26 6C n 44 Line Feed (in LPI) ( n may vary, compatibly with font used) ESC &...

  • Page 77: Graphic Printing

    Horizontal Positioning of Cursor ESC & a n C 27 38 97 n 67 1B 26 61 n 43 Positioning first print position in column “n” (the horizontal movement is calculated from the left margin; the number of columns per line depends on the print pitch) ESC &...

  • Page 78

    GRAPHIC PRINTING (continued) ESC * r n Q 27 42 114 n 81 1B 2A 72 n 51 Graphic Printing Quality ESC * r 0 Q 27 42 114 48 81 1B 2A 72 30 51 Default value (LQ) ESC * r 1 Q 27 42 114 49 81 1B 2A 72 31 51 ESC * r 2 Q...

  • Page 79

    Others ESC E 27 69 1B 45 Logical Reset ESC z 27 122 1B 7A Autodiagnostics ESC Y 27 89 1B 59 Code Printing ESC Z 27 90 1B 5A Disables Code Printing 27 42 114 75 1B 2A 72 4B Tansmits printer identification ESC * r K ESC &...

  • Page 80: Color Printing

    Color Printing ESC * b n S 27 42 98 n 83 1B 2A 65 n 53 Seed row select source plane to compacted modes 3 and 9 (graphics) ESC * b n V 27 42 98 n 86 1B 2A 65 n 56 Data Transfer in Planes (n = number of bytes of binary data to be sent to the printer.) ESC * r n U...

  • Page 81: Programmable Printer Features

    The factory settings for the printer parameters are: Programmable Printer Features Paper format Letter This appendix contains a brief descripton of the printer settings, using the printer setup utility programme. Paper device Perforation skip mode Factory Settings Text scale mode When you receive the printer, its basic operating Graphic resolution 300 dpi...

  • Page 82

    User-Definable Parameters Perforation skip mode (Skip TOF) (continued) The following tables give a brief description of all the features which can be selected using the printer set-up utility Paper Format Indicates the type and dimensions of the document to be printed: Letter;...

  • Page 83

    Character Set Character Set: set of national or specialized Type Style (Font) Shape, size, spacing, etc. of the character/ characters/ symbols to be used for printing: symbol set printed (all fonts are printed both in portrait and landscape): CP 437 International Courier Upright 10cpi 12pts Roman 8 Courier Italic 10cpi 12pts...

  • Page 84

    Text Scale Mode Affects only text, reducing automatically the current Line Feed setting to maintain a half-inch (12.7 mm) non-printable area at the foot of the page even for the maximum number of print lines per page. Possible ONLY with portrait orientation selected and the Perforation Skip feature DISABLED .

  • Page 85: Product Characteristics

    Paper Weight Product Characteristics Single sheets: 15 to 30 lbs Envelopes: 19 to 25 lbs Note cards/thicker documents: 25 to 35 lbs Special printing media : 24 to 30 lbs Printing Technique Paper Size Non-impact, bubble ink jet, with water-resistant ink Single sheets: A4, A5, Letter, Legal, Executive Envelopes: COM-10, DL, C5, C6, B6 Color and Monochrome Print Heads, either with...

  • Page 86

    - Linea: Product Certification orientation:Portrait and Landscape pitch: Proportional For USA and Canada size: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14 points style: Upright (Italic 5, 6, 10, 12 points) Safety regulations: USA: UL 1950/478 Character Sets Canada: CSA C22-2 CP 437 International;...

  • Page 87: Getting Service And Support

    SuperScript 750C. whether we have received your warranty card. If you do not wish to provide a credit card number to NEC, SuperScript 750C Printer Limited Warranty the service representative will provide you with an MRA...

  • Page 88: Warranty Length

    Product modification, or failure to follow instructions Warranty supplied with the Product. NEC TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (hereinafter NECTECH) (b) Alteration, repair or attempted repair by anyone not warrants this Product to be free of defects in material and authorized by NECTECH.

  • Page 89: Getting Warranty Service

    Getting Warranty Service Limitation of Damages and Implied Warranties You must return this Product directly to NECTECH factory for warranty service. It shall be your obligation and expense NECTECH’S SOLE LIABILITY FOR ANY DEFECTIVE to ship the Product, freight prepaid, or to deliver it to a PRODUCT IS LIMITED TO THE REPAIR OR NECTECH authorized service center or other facility REPLACEMENT OF THE PRODUCT AT OUR OPTION.

  • Page 90

    Customers are cautioned that Product performance is affected by system configuration, software, the application, customer data, and operator control of the system, among other factors. While NEC TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Products are considered compatible with many systems, the specific functional implementation by customers of the Product may vary.

  • Page 91: Glossary

    byte Glossary Standard unit for character/symbol representation. A byte consists of 8 bits. character generator Resident printer program, which converts a character code Alignment (byte) into a pixel matrix for printing. Control/adjustment of the horizontal and vertical printing accuracy by means of a resident operator function. character set Assignment table between a code and a specific printable ASCII-table...

  • Page 92

    driver grayscale Software program which controls output to the printer and Printing method by which dots from a color file are does necessary code conversions between application combined on a document which is printed in monochrome program and printer. (black) and shades of gray. economy print mode halftoning Low dot resolution print mode.

  • Page 93

    landscape pitch Page orientation in which the characters are printed along The character spacing measured in characters per inch (cpi the long side of the paper. - see item). LOCAL condition portrait Another word for the printer Off-Line state (see item). Page orientation in which the characters are printed across the short side of the paper.

  • Page 94

    resolution user settings Print density defined as the number of dots printed per inch. Parameter values defined by the user. word length (Read Only Memory); a non-volatile memory area that can (7 or 8 bits); refers to the format in which a byte of data is be read (used) but not modified and contains the built-in transmitted to and interpreted by the printer.

  • Page 95: Index

    Color printing command codes, A-10 Connecting the printer, 1 to a computer, 2 to the electrical power supply, 2 Aligning the print heads, 10, 11, 21 Default settings, B-1 how to restore, 31 capacity, 23, 24, C-1 Demo page document support, 3 how to obtain, 10, 12 use of intermediate right margin, 24 key combination, 14...

  • Page 96

    Envelopes accepted weight, 23 ASF capacity, 23, 24, C-1 Identifying the printer parts, 1 dimensions, 24 Ink cartridge, 18, 20 formats, C-1 how to replace, 20 insertion, 24, 25 Ink counter reset, 19, 20 print area, 26 indicator light status, 16 types, 24, 26 key combination, 15 weight, 23, C-1...

  • Page 97

    Key combinations Narrow documents access to special functions, 14 insertion, 24, 25 cleaning print heads, 14 measurements, 24, 25, 27 demo page, 14 use of intermediate right margin, 24, 25 hex dump, 14 Note cards print test (complete), 14 ASF capacity, 23, C-1 print test (first page only), 14 formats, C-1 reset ink counter, 15...

  • Page 98

    Paper, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, C-1 connecting to a PC/host system, 2 accepted weight of plain paper, 23 connecting to the electrical power supply, 1 characteristics, C-1 inserting the document supports, 3 dimensions, 24, 25 inserting the print heads, 4, 5 formats, C-1 loading a printer driver, 5 formats accepted, 24, 25...

  • Page 99

    running the print test (Test), 12 transportation, 33 Printer characteristics, C-1, C-2 Re-activate end of ink signal Printer monitor, 11 SEE Ink counter reset contents, 5 Replaceable ink cartridge, 20 how to activate, 9 Resolution how to use, 9, 10, 11, 12 graphics, C-1 print job status, 11 printer care functions, 38, 40, 11, 22...

  • Page 100

    Templates, 17 Unpacking, 1 ink jet print heads, 17 Use of intermediate right margin paper out, 17 on ASF, 24 Text scale mode on manual feed channel, 25 default setting, B-1 User interface, 11 parameter description, B-4 operator panel, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 Thicker documents printer monitor, 11 ASF capacity, 23, 24, C-1...

  • Page 101

    NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a CLASS B digital device pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio...

  • Page 102

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  • Page 103

    Part Number 222202B...

  • Page 104

    NEC Technologies, Inc., 1250 N. Arlington Heights Rd., Itasca, IL 60143 P/N 819-300015-001...

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