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S U P E R S C R I P T 9 5 0 C
August, 1999
Revision 1.0


   Summary of Contents for NEC SuperScript 950C

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    S U P E R S C R I P T 9 5 0 C USER’S GUIDE August, 1999 Revision 1.0 819-300014-009...

  • Page 2

    Copyright 1999 specific product configurations and applications must be NEC Corporation determined by the customer and is not warranted by NEC 7-1 Shiba 5-Chome, Minato-Ku Technologies. Tokyo 108-01, Japan To allow for design and specification improvements, the All Rights Reserved.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Cleaning the Electrical Contacts Cleaning the Nozzles Manually Chapter 2: Printer Software Chapter 4: Troubleshooting Installing the Software Using Windows Plug-and-Play Overview Using the NEC Meta Installer Printer Hardware Paper NEC SuperScript 950C Folder Print Cartridges The Printer Driver Printing...

  • Page 4

    NEC SuperScript 950C Program Group Limitation of Damages and Implied Warranties 73 Print Cartridge Alignment FCC Statement Viewing the Driver Properties (For United States Use Only) Printer Sharing (For Canadian Use Only) MS-DOS Computers Declaration of Conformity Installing dosetup.exe INDEX...

  • Page 5: Chapter 1: Setting Up The Printer

    Remove the printer from the box and place it on a stable level surface. Make sure all items shown are included in the box. If an item is missing or damaged, call NEC Technologies immediately at 978-742-7010. The contents should include: 1.

  • Page 6: Identifying Printer Parts

    Print Cartridge Rest Position Print Cartridge Release Lever Manual Feed Slot Release Button The Superscript 950C can operate in Primary Profile (vertical profile) or Optional Profile (horizontal profile) allowing you to set up the printer to utilize either its small, vertical foot print or its low, horizontal profile, depending on your...

  • Page 7: Printer Setup

    Slide and snap the Input/Output Paper Tray into the RINTER ETUP adjustable arm slots located above the paper width 1. Remove the shipping tape from the printer. guides of the Main Paper Tray. Flip the printer to its Optional Profile (H). 2.

  • Page 8

    5. Rotate the printer so that the back of the printer faces 7. Flip the printer back to Primary Profile (V), press the you. Connect the bi-directional parallel printer cable Power button on. Open the Printer Cover. The Print to the parallel port on the rear of the printer. Connect Cartridge Carriage will move to the “carriage loading the other end to your computer, and tighten screws position”...

  • Page 9

    8. Remove the Black Print Cartridge from its package 9. A label in the Print Cartridge Seat and Print Cartridge and hold it as shown. Remove the protective tape by identifies the cartridge color. A single indicates a black lifting the label from the bottom. DO NOT touch print cartridge.

  • Page 10

    11. After inserting both print cartridges, close the Printer 13. Hinge the Input/Output Paper Tray up to its angled Cover. position. 14. Open the Paper Length and the Paper Width Guides on the Main Paper Tray. 12. Press and hold the Power button (1), and then press the Paper button (2).

  • Page 11

    Note: If you want to print smaller sheets open the 16. Hinge the Input/Output Paper Tray back and make sure its Paper Width and Paper Length Guides are Intermediate guide on the Main Paper Tray. open. 15. Fan paper and center into the Main Paper Tray adjusting guides to fit snugly.

  • Page 12

    18. Next select Optional Profile (H) on Options Tab of Printer Monitor shown below. To access the Printer Monitor see “Running the Printer Monitor” on page Printer Monitor Window Optional Profile (H) Primary Profile (V)

  • Page 13

    Loading the Input/Output Paper Tray Close the Paper Width Guides against the sides of the paper. Use the Input/Output Paper Tray for short print jobs that require different paper than what is loaded in the Main Paper Tray; for example, glossy paper or 0envelopes. When the Input/Output Paper Tray becomes empty, the printer will then use paper from the Main Paper Tray.

  • Page 14

    Use these directions to load a single sheet of paper in the Manual feeder: 1. Make sure that Manual Feeding is selected on the Settings tab of the SuperScript 950C driver. Insert the sheet in the manual insertion slot in the lower front part of the printer when asked.

  • Page 15: Printer Operator Panel

    The primary functions of the buttons and light are shown RINTER PERATOR ANEL In Primary Profile (V) Paper Power In Optional Profile (H) Paper Power The buttons and indicator light on the Operator Panel will display the printer’s status.

  • Page 16

    2. Loads a sheet of paper in the printer ONLY after a “paper error” signal condition (paper out, paper jam, etc.) has been corrected. Press to load document and continue your print job. SuperScript 950C— User’s Guide...

  • Page 17

    Table 1-2: Indicator Light Status Condition Printer is off Printer is on and in ready mode Flashing Slowly • Printing (1 flash per second) • Printing is paused • Aligning print cartridges Flashing Moderately • Print cartridge initialization (2 flashes per second) •...

  • Page 18

    SuperScript 950C— User’s Guide...

  • Page 19: Chapter 2: Printer Software

    NEC Meta Installer method. The printer software can be installed using the Windows To install a printer driver using Windows Plug-and-Play: Plug-and-Play feature or by using the NEC Meta Installer. Turn on the printer. The Meta Installer is software, located on the SuperScript...

  • Page 20: Using The Nec Meta Installer

    UPER CRIPT OLDER The NEC Meta Installer is a program that installs all the During printer diver installation a NEC SuperScript 950C printer software without having to use Windows Plug-and- folder was created. All the printer software, except for the Play.

  • Page 21: The Printer Driver

    For more information about each Printers window. property, click the Help button. 3. Select NEC SuperScript 950C . 4. From the File menu, select Properties to open the Properties window. To open the Properties window from an application: 1.

  • Page 22: General Tab

    General Tab Details Tab Use this tab for printing test pages, providing a Use this tab for changing a printer port or printer driver description (comment) for the printer, and for printing and for adjusting the spool settings. Spool settings are separator pages between print jobs.

  • Page 23

    It is in the NEC Disable bi-directional support for this printer radio SuperScript 950C format.

  • Page 24: Color Management Tab

    Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0 computers can use Color Management Tab the printer. To view this tab, the computer’s operating Although this is tab only available to computers running system must have sharing turned on. Windows 98, it has no effect on the NEC SuperScript 950C.

  • Page 25: Settings Tab

    6. Click OK to return to the Network control panel. 7. Click OK to accept the changes. 8. Restart your computer. Printing Mode If Opti-Print is selected, the NEC SuperScript 950C analyses your document in order to apply the best settings for your print job.

  • Page 26

    Paper Type UALITY To obtain the best results, the NEC SuperScript 950C This mode is suitable for printing pictures, shadowed driver must recognize the type of paper used for printing. graphics and photographs. This print quality is equivalent The effects of ink on common paper differ from those to a 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution.

  • Page 27

    Paper Feed Orientation When Automatic feed is selected, the paper will be Use orientation to control how the image is printed on automatically fed from one of the automatic paper trays. paper. An example is shown below. When Manual feed is selected, you must manually load Portrait Landscape the paper.

  • Page 28

    • Spray Spray is the NEC SuperScript 950C printing driver name for Error-Diffusion. When using Spray mode, the driver renders an image 32 or 24 bits per pixel in color and 8 bits per pixel in black and white.

  • Page 29: The Printer Monitor

    (CAD) or computer generated artwork. From the Windows taskbar, click Start . • Choose Photos if you want to print photographs or Point to Programs , then NEC SuperScript 950C . printed illustrations. 3. Select SS950C Printer Monitor . •...

  • Page 30: The Printer Monitor Window

    Use the Printer Care tab for changing, aligning, and cleaning the print cartridges. Help systems, such as How Do I and Troubleshooting, can also be started from this tab. If the Always Minimized check box is selected, an icon SuperScript 950C— User’s Guide...

  • Page 31

    The test page shows printer technical specifications and check the horizontal and vertical printing alignment. This can be helpful when calling NEC technical support. To operation can also be performed if the print quality is not print a test page, click the Print Test button.

  • Page 32

    It works by automatically feeding paper into the printer, but delays successive sheets to allow for the ink to dry on the one just printed. Drying time depends on the quality of print and the type of paper selected in the printer driver. SuperScript 950C— User’s Guide...

  • Page 33: Printer Monitor Messages

    Printer Monitor Messages The Printer Monitor Status tab displays messages about printer operational status and the progress of a print job. The following tables list the messages that can appear. Table 2-1: Status Messages Message Condition Correction (if error message) Initializing While turning the printer on, it begins an auto- The message “printer is idle”...

  • Page 34

    “Activate Dry Delay Time” the paper button to button in the Options tab of the printer monitor resume has been selected. Appears when print job requires Dry Delay Time. SuperScript 950C— User’s Guide...

  • Page 35

    Insert paper, then from the Operator’s Paper Panel, press the Paper button. Printing will then continue. The printer connected is The printer connected is another type of NEC Connect the SS950C printer. not a SS950C SuperScript inkjet printer. Switched off or...

  • Page 36

    Check your printer Out of paper. Load paper. The Print Manager is not “Use Print Manager” is set in NEC SuperScript Activate “Use Print Manager” in both active in the Control panel 950C Spool Manager, but not in Windows environments.

  • Page 37: Chapter 3: Print Cartridge Care And Use

    Operator Panel at the same time. Open the Printer Cover. VERVIEW The SuperScript 950C is shipped with two print cartridges. • A Black Print Cartridge • A Color Print Cartridge The cartridges provided are of the disposable kind;...

  • Page 38

    After inserting the cartridge, close the Printer Cover. The printer will then initialize the new cartridge. Initialization will take 3-5 minutes. 10. Use the Printer Monitor to align the cartridge (described in the next section). SuperScript 950C— User’s Guide...

  • Page 39: Print Cartridge Alignment

    3. Click the Align button. RINT ARTRIDGE LIGNMENT Follow the on screen instructions. After a print cartridge is replaced, they must be aligned. Click Print test to verify the alignment. 1. Open the SS950C Printer Monitor file. Note: This operation takes about 3 minutes and 2.

  • Page 40: Cleaning The Print Cartridges

    4. Insert the print cartridge in the printer and close the LEANING THE RINT ARTRIDGES Printer Cover. Print cartridges are automatically cleaned at regular 5. Print test page to verify the quality. intervals when the printer is on. This operation keeps print cartridge nozzles unobstructed, to assure the correct Note: If print quality fails to improve, try cleaning...

  • Page 41

    4. Keeping the print cartridge with the nozzles facing downwards, gently blot the cartridge on the napkin. 5. Repeat the operation several times on different points of the napkin to clean the nozzles. 6. Insert the print cartridge in the printer and close the Printer Cover.

  • Page 42

    SuperScript 950C— User’s Guide...

  • Page 43: Chapter 4 Troubleshooting

    CHAPTER 4 ROUBLESHOOTING Table 1-3: Indicator Light Status Condition VERVIEW Printer is off This chapter describes some of the problems that may Printer is on and in ready occur during the day-to-day use of your printer, together mode with suggestions for their solution.Your printer is designed to require only minimum maintenance.

  • Page 44

    If not, call technical any problems with printer cable connection. support. • Try switching the printer off and then on again. If nothing happens disconnect the printer and call technical support. SuperScript 950C— User’s Guide...

  • Page 45

    Print Test Did Not Run Switched Off or Disconnected Message If the Indicator Light is flashing, check that you have If this message is displayed on your printer monitor installed both print cartridges and load some paper in one and the Indicator Light does not blink: of the paper trays.

  • Page 46: Paper

    950C Printer • Check that the paper is positioned correctly. If you are connected to another NEC printer through a • Check that the paper is not held too tightly nor has too switch box, but printing with the NEC SS950C driver, this much play.

  • Page 47

    To clean the paper drive rollers: Turn off the printer. Close the printer. 1. Open the printer by pressing the release button highlighted in the figure, (If the printer is in vertical operating position, you need to rotate it to the horizontal position).

  • Page 48: Print Cartridges

    (in this case you are advised to clean the print cartridges from the printer monitor). 5. Remove any imperfect or damaged paper from the paper trays. 6. Reconnect and turn the printer power on. 7. Load some paper. 8. Begin printing. SuperScript 950C— User’s Guide...

  • Page 49

    Table 4-2 describes the printer settings that are listed on values indicated are the printer default settings set by the Test Page. the manufacturer). DOSETUP parameter values illustrated in the table are valid only for DOS and are Note: The DOSETUP values indicated after the not displayed in Windows.

  • Page 50

    Check that you removed the protective film from the Printer Monitor. print cartridges. • Print test page to check if nozzles are blocked and that • Assure that the paper is present and loaded correctly. all electrical contacts are active in the Print Cartridge. SuperScript 950C— User’s Guide...

  • Page 51: Printing

    • If the printed document appears faint, clean the Print Print Cartridge not in the right housing message Cartridges from the Printer Monitor. • You have inserted the black cartridge in the color housing or the color cartridge in the black housing. •...

  • Page 52

    Check if the printer is in the special functions mode • Make sure you are using good quality paper, preferably (Indicator Light flashing with a fast/slow sequence). NEC recommended media which has been thoroughly • Try switching the printer off then on. tested and guarantees optimum results.

  • Page 53

    Borders Are Not in a Straight Line Running a Hex-Dump An imperfect alignment is most evident if you are printing This is a printing mode where the transmitted characters table borders. This error occurs generally when you insert and also control codes are printed as two digit a new print cartridge.

  • Page 54

    SuperScript 950C— User’s Guide...

  • Page 55: Appendix A Media Specifications

    This appendix has general guidelines for purchasing and more difficult it is to feed properly. You should load storing paper and other media for your NEC SuperScript envelopes with the flap edge to the right. The address 950C inkjet printer. Your printer supports a wide variety of side must face down and the flap side must face up.

  • Page 56

    You must judge the quality and performance of any paper. Paper Tray the weight should be (16 to 53lbs), If the Input/ Test any paper for compatibility with your SuperScript 950C Output Tray is used the weight should not exceed (16 to printer before you make a large purchase.

  • Page 57

    • Paper that is sticky or has an adhesive surface Paper Sizes and Capacity The Main Paper Tray holds upto 150 sheets of 16 to 53- • Paper that is pasted pound (60 g/m2) paper. The Input/Output Paper Tray can •...

  • Page 58

    Table 5-1: Standard Format Sheets Table 5-2: Narrow Format Sheets Paper Size Millimeters Inches Paper Size Millimeters Inches User Defined 216 x 356 8.5 x 14 114 x 162 4.49 x 6.38 (maximum) DIN A5 148.5 x 210 5.85 x 8.27 (vertical) Table 5-2: Narrow Format Sheets Note Card No 1...

  • Page 59

    Table 5-3: Single Sheets Format/ Letter Legal US EXEC Measurement Left margin 6.35 mm/ 6.35 mm/ 3.30 mm/ 3.30 mm/ 3.30 mm/ 0.25 in 0.25 in 0.13 in 0.13 in 0.13 in Right margin 6.35 mm/ 6.35 mm/ 3.30 mm/ 3.30 mm/ 3.30 mm/ 0.25 in...

  • Page 60

    149 mm/5.83 in width 102 mm/4 in 127 mm/5 in 105 mm/4.1 in Left margin 3.30 mm/0.13 in 3.30 mm/0.13 in 3.30 mm/0.13 in Right margin 3.30 mm/ 0.13 in 3.30 mm/ 0.13 in 3.30 mm/ 0.13 in SuperScript 950C— User’s Guide...

  • Page 61

    Table 5-5: Cards Format/ U.S. Cards 4x6 in. U.S. Cards 5x8 in. A6 Cards Measurement Top margin 1.00 mm/ 0.04 in 1.00 mm/ 0.04 in 1.00 mm/ 0.04 in Bottom margin 18.00 mm/ 0.71 in 18.00 mm/ 0.71 in 18.00 mm/ 0.71 in (color) Bottom margin 13.00 mm/ 0.51 in...

  • Page 62

    SuperScript 950C— User’s Guide...

  • Page 63: Appendix B Printer Specifications

    APPENDIX B Power Consumption Operating average: Less than 26 watts (W) average RINTER PECIFICATIONS during operation In Power-save mode: Less than 2 watts (W) Temperature Printing Technique Operating: 50°F to 90°F (10°C to 32°C) Non-impact, bubble ink jet, with water-resistant ink Non-operating: 35°F to 104°F (2°C to 40°C) Print Speed Humidity...

  • Page 64

    Black: 1050 pages Color: 460 pages Noise Level • Operating Print Quality Setting: Speed/Ink Saving : Less than 46 dBA Quality/Speed: Less than 42.5 dBA Highest Quality: Less than 41.9 dBA • Standby: Less than 26 dBA SuperScript 950C— User’s Guide...

  • Page 65: Overview

    APPENDIX C 9. Click Browse to open the Browse dialog box. 10. Navigate to the root directory of the NEC SuperScript MS-DOS INDOWS 950C Printing Solutions CD. 11. Click OK to return to the Install Driver window. 12. From the List of Printers list, assure NEC SuperScript 950C is seen.

  • Page 66: Print Cartridge Alignment

    1. Move to the Program Manager window. 1. Move to the Program Manager window. 2. Double-click Control Panel to open the Control Panel 2. Double-click on NEC SuperScript 950C to open the window. NEC SuperScript 950C window. 3. From the Control Panel window, double-click Printers 3.

  • Page 67: Printer Sharing

    17. Double-click on Printer Manager to open the Printer Manager window. Two procedures are used for setting up printer sharing. 18. From the Printer Name list, select NEC SuperScript One involves configuring the sharing computer, and the 950C . other involves configuring the client computer.

  • Page 68

    19. From the Show shared printers on list, navigate to 4. From the NEC SuperScript 950C window, double- the computer that is sharing the printer. click Spool Manager to open the Spool Manager 20. Select the sharing computer to display the printer in the window.

  • Page 69: Ms-dos Computers

    Type dosetup.exe then press Enter. To install dosetup.exe: Follow the instructions presented on the screen to Align the print cartridge. 1. Insert the NEC SuperScript 950C Printing Solutions CD into your computer. How to Print 2. Move to your computer’s command prompt.

  • Page 70

    25 - CP 852 Latin 2 width of the 26 - CP 857 Turkey paper. Select 27 - CP 866 Cyrillic HalfHieght to print 28 - CP 210 Greece 29 - CP 851 Greece 30 - 862 Hebrew SuperScript 950C— User’s Guide...

  • Page 71: Appendix D Ordering Supplies

    Service Xpress Brochure or register at NEC’s website: VERVIEW To order printer supplies, contact your NEC printer dealer or call NEC Technologies at 1 800-632-2326 . You can also contact NEC through the Internet at the following internet address.

  • Page 72

    SuperScript 950C— User’s Guide...

  • Page 73: Appendix E Technical Support

    APPENDIX E backed by complete support resources and programs within NEC. Your dealer can provide you with details on ECHNICAL UPPORT all available support options. NEC T ECHNICAL UPPORT NEC Technical Support is available to answer your VERVIEW questions, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.

  • Page 74: How To Contact Nec

    Sending Internet Electronic Mail You can e-mail your questions to NEC. NEC will respond There are a number of ways to contact NEC or receive within three business days. Send e-mail messages to: information about technical issues, products, and services.

  • Page 75: Nec Warranty And Service

    The initial one-year warranty period comes with two or software as required or specified by NEC to assure options. The first one is where you must return your normal product operation. NEC incurs no obligation to product for repair or replacement.

  • Page 76: Superscript 950c Printer Limited Warranty

    ARRANTY unauthorized product modification, or failure to follow instructions supplied with the Product. NEC TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (hereinafter NECTECH) warrants this Product to be free from defects in material b. Alteration, repair, or attempted repair by anyone not and workmanship and agrees to repair or replace any part authorized by NECTECH.

  • Page 77: Obtaining Warranty Service

    Obtaining Warranty Service You can contact Customer Service and Technical Support by dialing 978-742-7010. All service calls must be qualified by a NECTECH technical support specialist. A service request can be made Limitation of Damages and Implied by calling 978-742-7010. Warranties NECTECH may send a replacement printer which will be, NECTECH’s sole liability for any defective product is...

  • Page 78: Fcc Statement

    While NEC which can be determined by turning the equipment off and TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Products are considered to be on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference compatible with many systems, the specific functional...

  • Page 79: (for Canadian Use Only)

    1. This device may not cause harmful interference. 2. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. U.S. Responsible Party: NEC Technologies, Inc. 1250 N. Arlington Heights Road, Address: Itasca, Illinois 60143 Telephone Number: 630-467-5000 Type of product: Inkjet Printer Equipment Classification: Class B Peripheral...

  • Page 80

    SuperScript 950C— User’s Guide...

  • Page 81

    Messages weights cleaning error paper sizes and capacity life expectancy status paper weights replacing plain paper thick stock NEC SuperScript 950C folder Demonstration page Plug-and -Play noise level power consumption printing power requirements Driver Properties Optional Profile Primary Profile options...

  • Page 82

    Primary Profile Printer parts repair setting up the printer printer dimensions printer processor release button Run/Show Printer Monitor SCSI service contracts supplies, ordering technical support Test page Troubleshooting paper Print Cartridge Printer hardware printing uninstalling software Warranty SuperScript 950C— User’s Guide...

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