NEC 750C User Manual
NEC 750C User Manual

NEC 750C User Manual

Nec display solutions handheld pc user's guide mobilepro 750c
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NEC MobilePro 750C
User's Guide


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  • Page 1 NEC MobilePro 750C User’s Guide...
  • Page 2 Reproduction of this document or portions thereof without prior written approval of NECCSD is prohibited. NEC is a registered trademark and MobilePro is a trademark of NEC Corporation, used under license. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S.A., and/or other countries.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Installing the Batteries...1-3 MobilePro Quick Setup...1-5 Windows CE Services Desktop Software Installation...1-6 MobilePro H/PC Software CD Installation...1-7 2 Getting Familiar with Your MobilePro 750C What’s in the Box ...2-2 Introducing MobilePro Features ...2-2 Opening the Display Panel ...2-6 Using the Stylus...2-7 Recharging the Main Battery Pack ...2-8...
  • Page 4 Application Shortcut Keys ...3-5 Assigning Application Shortcut Keys ...3-6 Enabling the Display Linkage Switch ...3-8 Voice Recording ...3-9 Using the Voice Recorder...3-10 PC Cards...3-10 Inserting PC Cards...3-10 Removing PC Cards ...3-12 Compact Flash Cards...3-12 Inserting Compact Flash Cards ...3-13 Removing Compact Flash Cards ...3-14 Transferring Data ...3-15 Connecting External Devices...3-16 Connecting the AC Adapter...3-16...
  • Page 5: Using This Guide

    Handheld Personal Computer (H/PC). Read the following sections. Chapter 1, Quick Start, provides all the information you need to get your MobilePro 750C working and synchronized with your desktop or notebook computer. Chapter 2, Getting Familiar with Your MobilePro 750C, introduces you to your MobilePro features, battery installation, the display panel, and general unit care.
  • Page 6 Warnings alert you to situations that could result in serious personal injury or loss of life. Cautions indicate situations that can damage the system hardware or software. NOTE Notes give particularly important information about whatever is being described. Names of keys are printed as they appear on the key- board, for example, Text that you must type or keys that you must press are presented in bold type.
  • Page 7: Quick Start

    FEATURES OVERVIEW Your new MobilePro 750C has the following key features: A 256-color LCD screen, with a backlight key on the keyboard that lets you toggle between standard (low) or full backlight.
  • Page 8: About Quick Start

    ABOUT QUICK START The MobilePro 750C H/PC uses the Microsoft CE 2.0 operating system, which has a user interface very similar to the Microsoft Windows 95 and Microsoft Win- dows NT operating systems. This chapter assumes that you are already familiar with at least one of these operating systems.
  • Page 9: Installing The Batteries

    Installing the Batteries Slide the main battery cover lock to the unlocked posi- tion. Slide the main battery bay cover toward the arrow and remove it. Put the Lithium-Ion battery pack in the bay. Slide the battery toward the arrow. Firmly press the battery until it is secure.
  • Page 10 Replace the main battery bay cover. Slide the battery cover lock to the locked position. Remove the backup battery protective insulating sheet by firmly pulling on the sheet tab that protrudes from the backup battery compartment. 1-4 Quick Start Replacing the main battery bay cover Removing the insulating sheet...
  • Page 11: Mobilepro Quick Setup

    Be sure to read the section “Battery Precautions” for important battery handling information. NOTE You can only operate the MobilePro H/PC when the battery cover lock is in the locked position. For optimum data protection, be sure to install both the main battery and the back-up battery before turning on the power.
  • Page 12: Windows Ce Services Desktop Software Installation

    After the Setup Wizard completes, you are ready to config- ure the MobilePro to partner with your desktop (or note- book) computer. Before continuing, connect the MobilePro PC Connect serial cable to an available 9-pin serial port on your desktop (or notebook) computer. Plug the other end into the serial port at the back of the MobilePro.
  • Page 13: Mobilepro H/Pc Software Cd Installation

    Insert the “Desktop Software for Microsoft Windows CE” CD. If your system is configured for auto-insert notifica- tion, the Setup program is automatically launched. Other- wise, manually run the Setup program in the main directory. The Setup program guides you through the steps that will let your system communicate with the MobilePro.
  • Page 14: Getting Familiar With Your Mobilepro 750C

    Getting Familiar with Your MobilePro 750C Your NEC MobilePro™ Handheld PC (H/PC) lets you: Edit, create, send, and receive documents including spreadsheets and e-mail Manage your schedule and contacts Access the Internet with the internal modem Synchronize data with your notebook or desktop com- puter.
  • Page 15: What's In The Box

    If anything is missing or damaged, immediately contact the vendor who sold you the unit. MobilePro 750C (a stylus ships in a holder in the Mo- bilePro) MobilePro AC Adapter...
  • Page 16 Modem Port — provides connection access to the inter- nal modem using the modular modem cable. Display Panel Latch Display Panel Stylus Backlight Modem Port Power Button PC Card Slot Front and side features Getting Familiar with Your MobilePro 750C 2-3...
  • Page 17 User’s Guide for details on setting up appointments.) The bottom and back of the MobilePro also include a num- ber of important features. These are shown in the following figure and described after the figure. 2-4 Getting Familiar with Your MobilePro 750C...
  • Page 18 Your data is preserved if it has been saved in a file. Serial Port — provides a connection point for the PC connect serial cable. Getting Familiar with Your MobilePro 750C 2-5 Battery Cover Lock Sub Battery Bay Cover RAM Bay Cover...
  • Page 19: Opening The Display Panel

    Handheld PC (H/PC) User’s Guide for details.) OPENING THE DISPLAY PANEL Open the Display Panel as follows. Slide the display panel latch to the right. Lift the display panel up and towards the back of the unit. 2-6 Getting Familiar with Your MobilePro 750C...
  • Page 20: Using The Stylus

    To use the stylus, follow these steps. Locate the stylus holder on the back right of the Mo- bilePro. To remove the stylus, slide it away from the unit. Open the MobilePro display panel. Opening the display panel CAUTION Getting Familiar with Your MobilePro 750C 2-7...
  • Page 21: Recharging The Main Battery Pack

    Recharge a battery pack when you see the following message. Main Batteries Very Low To recharge a battery pack installed in the battery bay, con- nect the AC Adapter. See “Connecting the AC Adapter” in Chapter 3. 2-8 Getting Familiar with Your MobilePro 750C Using the stylus CAUTION...
  • Page 22: Battery Replacement

    If you fail to replace a depleted main battery for an ex- tended period of time and the back-up battery is weak, the contents of the MobilePro memory may be lost. WARNING Getting Familiar with Your MobilePro 750C 2-9...
  • Page 23: Main Battery

    Have a new Lithium-Ion battery pack available. Slide the battery cover lock to the unlocked position. Slide the main battery bay cover toward the arrow and remove the cover. 2-10 Getting Familiar with Your MobilePro 750C...
  • Page 24 Firmly press the battery until it is securely in the bay. Replace the main battery bay cover and slide the battery cover lock to the locked position. Getting Familiar with Your MobilePro 750C 2-11 Inserting the battery...
  • Page 25: Back-Up Battery

    When you see the following message, the back-up bat- tery must be replaced. Backup Battery Very Low Save your data, turn off unit power, remove the stylus, and close the display panel. 2-12 Getting Familiar with Your MobilePro 750C Replacing the bay cover...
  • Page 26 Disconnect any cables attached to the unit, such as the AC adapter cable. Have a new back-up battery available. WARNING Only replace the back-up battery with a CR2032 Lithium battery. Using another battery type can result in an explo- sion or fire. Getting Familiar with Your MobilePro 750C 2-13...
  • Page 27 MobilePro. Slide the lock to the un- locked position. Using a small screwdriver, remove the screw and sub- battery bay cover. 2-14 Getting Familiar with Your MobilePro 750C Locked Position Releasing the Battery Cover Lock Removing the bay cover...
  • Page 28 Angle the new battery into the bay and insert it with the positive (+) notation facing up. Replace the sub-battery bay cover and slide the lock to the locked position. Tighten the screw to secure the bay cover. Getting Familiar with Your MobilePro 750C 2-15 Removing the battery Inserting the battery...
  • Page 29: Battery Precautions

    Do not recharge batteries unless they are spe- cifically designed for recharging. Do not disassemble batteries. Do not solder or puncture batteries. 2-16 Getting Familiar with Your MobilePro 750C WARNING...
  • Page 30: Taking Care Of The Mobilepro

    Always use the MobilePro H/PC with a back-up battery. TAKING CARE OF THE MobilePro The NEC MobilePro is a durable, dependable unit built for extensive use and travel. Follow these guidelines to main- tain the condition and performance of your MobilePro.
  • Page 31: Precautions

    Turn off the MobilePro power before cleaning the sys- tem. Avoid exposing the MobilePro or AC adapter to extreme changes in temperature or humidity. If it is unavoidable, allow your MobilePro to adjust to room temperature be- fore use. 2-18 Getting Familiar with Your MobilePro 750C...
  • Page 32: Storage Requirements

    Keep the storage area free from vibration and magnetic fields. Keep the unit and its components away from organic solvents or corrosive gases. Avoid leaving the unit and its components in direct sun- light or near heat sources. CAUTION Getting Familiar with Your MobilePro 750C 2-19...
  • Page 33: Routine Cleaning

    Special screen wipes are available through your local computer dealer. Unit case — NEC recommends that you carefully wipe the case with a slightly damp, almost dry cloth. 2-20 Getting Familiar with Your MobilePro 750C...
  • Page 34: Using The Mobilepro

    Using the MobilePro This chapter details how to use the MobilePro. (See the soft- ware manual that came with the unit for additional software operating instructions.) Instructions include how to: Power on and off Make display panel adjustments Set application shortcut keys Record audio Install PC cards Install Compact Flash™...
  • Page 35: Powering On And Off

    POWERING ON AND OFF Power on the MobilePro as follows. Slide the display panel latch to the right. Lift the display panel up towards the rear of the unit. Do not push the display panel beyond its pre- designed stop point as you open the panel. Locate and press the Power button.
  • Page 36: Making Display Panel Adjustments

    NOTE The first time you install the main battery, the MobilePro automatically powers when you open the display panel. The first time you power on the MobilePro H/PC, screen contrast may need adjustment. Follow the in- structions in “Making Display Panel Adjustments.” You can power on or off with the display panel opened or closed.
  • Page 37: Backlight

    NOTE You can also adjust the contrast through the Control Panel. See the software user’s guide for de- tails. Backlight You can toggle the backlight setting between standard and full by pressing the Backlight button. NOTE Keeping the backlight full depletes the battery twice as fast as when the backlight is standard.
  • Page 38: Application Shortcut Keys

    Toggle the backlight as follows. Open the display panel and locate the Backlight key on upper-right side of the keyboard. With power on, press the Backlight key to toggle the backlight between standard and full. APPLICATION SHORTCUT KEYS The MobilePro H/PC has programmable function keys (F1 to F10 keys) that let you launch applications directly.
  • Page 39: Assigning Application Shortcut Keys

    Default Application Shortcut Keys APPLICATION Inbox Microsoft Internet Pocket Explorer Calendar Contacts Tasks Microsoft Pocket Word Microsoft Pocket Excel Microsoft Pocket PowerPoint Calculator Voice Recorder Assigning Application Shortcut Keys Application launch keys are programmed through the "Mo- bilePro Settings" applet in the Control Panel. Using this ap- plication you can manually assign programs to function keys F1 through F10 as well as CTRL-F1 through CTRL-F10.
  • Page 40 Scroll or tap on the shortcut key you want to select. As- sign the application using the following buttons: Default — selects the factory-assigned application listed in the Default Application Shortcut Keys table. Browse — opens a directory dialog so you can locate the application you want to assign.
  • Page 41: Enabling The Display Linkage Switch

    Delete — removes the currently assigned application reference so you can select another application. ENABLING THE DISPLAY LINKAGE SWITCH You can configure your MobilePro H/PC to power on or off by simply opening or closing the display cover. The display linkage switch acts as a switch for both the power and the backlight.
  • Page 42: Voice Recording

    Select either to enable suspend mode with battery power or external AC power. VOICE RECORDING Recording voice memos with the MobilePro is easy, even with the unit closed: Hold your MobilePro with the microphone facing you. Press and hold the Record button. A short beep will sound indicating that you should begin speaking.
  • Page 43: Using The Voice Recorder

    NOTE Recording works best if you position the micro- phone about three inches away from your mouth while speaking. Memory required for voice memo storage varies de- pending on user settings. Refer to “Using the Voice Recorder" for further details. Using the Voice Recorder The MobilePro H/PC features a voice recorder application that lets you record and play voice memos.
  • Page 44 PC Card Inserting a PC card Verify that the PC card is fitted securely into position. CAUTION Make sure you align the PC card correctly for inser- tion. Inserting a PC card incorrectly can damage the card and/or the MobilePro. Using the MobilePro 3-11...
  • Page 45: Removing Pc Cards

    Removing PC Cards Remove a PC card from the MobilePro as follows: Save your data and power off the MobilePro. Locate the PC card slot’s Eject button and press it to re- lease the card from the slot. Once the card is released, pull it the rest of the way out of the slot.
  • Page 46: Inserting Compact Flash Cards

    NOTE We recommend using the AC adapter when using Compact Flash cards. Using the adapter can help you avoid potential data loss caused by the high- energy consumption of some Compact Flash cards. Inserting Compact Flash Cards Follow these procedures to install a Compact Flash card. Save your data and power off the MobilePro.
  • Page 47: Removing Compact Flash Cards

    Make sure you align the Compact Flash card correctly for insertion. Inserting a Compact Flash card incor- rectly can damage the card and/or the MobilePro. Removing Compact Flash Cards Remove a Compact Flash card from the MobilePro as fol- lows: Save your data and power off the MobilePro.
  • Page 48: Transferring Data

    TRANSFERRING DATA With the MobilePro H/PC, you can send and receive data to and from another similarly equipped device using the infrared (IrDA) communication port. Communicate with another Mo- bilePro as follows. Open the display panels on the two MobilePro units that you want to use for communication.
  • Page 49: Connecting External Devices

    The following sections provide instructions for connecting these accessories. Connecting the AC Adapter NEC recommends using the AC adapter if you have your MobilePro H/PC on for long periods are recharging the battery pack are using PC cards or Compact Flash cards...
  • Page 50: Connecting The Pc Connect Cable

    are using the internal modem Using AC power saves battery life for when you are on the go and helps prevent data loss. Follow these precautions whenever you use the AC adapter and the MobilePro. When using the AC adapter, make sure the AC outlet is near the MobilePro and easily accessible.
  • Page 51 Connect the cable as follows: Locate the serial port cover on the MobilePro, and open it. Align and attach the connector on the PC Connect Cable to the serial port on the MobilePro. Connect the other end of the cable to the serial port on your desktop or notebook computer.
  • Page 52: Connecting The Vga Cable

    For an external modem, connect the other end of the cable to the null modem adapter, then connect the adapter to the modem cable. The maximum data rate will be 19,200 bps unless you alter the default setting for the MobilePro serial port.
  • Page 53 Align and attach the connector on the MobilePro VGA ca- ble to the VGA port on the MobilePro. Connect the other end of the VGA cable to the monitor ca- ble connector. Power on the external monitor. Launch Microsoft Pocket PowerPoint and open the file you want to show.
  • Page 54: Connecting The Internal Modem

    Make sure you properly align the cable connectors and ports. Incorrect connection can damage the Mo- bilePro H/PC and the monitor. Connecting the Internal Modem Use the following steps to connect a phone cable to the inter- nal modem. Locate the modem cover on the MobilePro and open it by pulling down the top of the cover.
  • Page 55: Remote Access Service Setup

    Connect the other RJ-11 connector into an active (analog) phone jack. Do not connect the internal modem to a digital private branch exchange connector, or the digital side of an integrated digital network. Use only analog phone connections. Failure to do so may result in explosion or fire.
  • Page 56 1. Press Start on the Taskbar and scroll up to Programs. Ac- cess the Communications selection and open Remote Net- working. 2. Double tap on Make a New Connection, and name it “On- board Modem.” 3. In the dialog box, Dial Up Connection, select the port for the on board Modem.
  • Page 57: Printing Your Documents

    Select any other features you want to enable, then press Finish. You can now access your corporate email re- motely using your MobilePro. PRINTING YOUR DOCUMENTS You can print documents created in Microsoft Pocket appli- cations directly from your MobilePro. Select Print… from the Microsoft Pocket application’s File menu.
  • Page 58: Resetting The Mobilepro

    Remove the main and back-up batteries. See “Battery Re- placement” for details. Turn over the MobilePro and locate the screw that secures the ROM or RAM bay cover. Using a small screwdriver, remove the screw and the bay cover. (The MobilePro does not power on when the ROM bay cover is removed.) With the small screwdriver, remove the screw on the ROM or RAM module.
  • Page 59 When you reset the MobilePro, you may lose stored data and unit parameter settings. Reset the MobilePro as follows. Remove the stylus from its holder and open the display panel. Power on the MobilePro. (You cannot reset the unit with- out the power on.) Close the display panel and turn the MobilePro over.
  • Page 60: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Your MobilePro H/PC is designed to provide many hours of service while you are at home or on the road. For optimum performance, frequently back up and synchro- nize the MobilePro data with your notebook or desktop computer. Then if something happens, most of your data is still available.
  • Page 61 Troubleshooting (cont'd) PROBLEM Nothing appears on the screen. (cont'd) A low battery message appears. When using a PC card, such as a modem, the unit powers off. The AC adapter doesn't work. The keyboard doesn't respond. The serial port doesn’t work. The IrDA port doesn’t work.
  • Page 62 Troubleshooting (cont'd) PROBLEM RESOLUTION The PC card Make sure the card is inserted correctly and cannot be seated properly. accessed. Connect the unit to AC power using the adapter. Some cards do not operate properly unless the AC adapter is connected.
  • Page 63: Specifications

    The following specifications are standard except where noted. Display 640 x 240, 256 color, backlight, liquid crystal display (LCD) touch-screen NEC Vr4111, 80-MHz processor, optimized for Windows User Data Entry Methods 80-key QWERTY keyboard with stylus Touch panel (input via stylus) Random Access Memory (RAM) 16 megabytes (MB);...
  • Page 64 Serial Interface Baud rate — 115.2 Kbps maximum I/O Ports Serial port (Direct Cable connection) IrDA port VGA port (output) Modem Data — 33.6 Kbps (AT command) Fax — 9.6 Kbps (Fax control command Class I) PC Card Slot One Type I or Type II slot Compact Flash Card Slot One Compact Flash card slot Power...
  • Page 65 Recharge Time Use the AC adapter to recharge the MobilePro main battery Recharging time is approximately 4.5 hours when the system is on or off Accessories AC adapter — S1424-21A Listed Direct Plug-In Power Unit Input Voltage - 100 to 240V AC; 60Hz, 13W Output Voltage - 9.5V DC 1000 mA Direct Connection Cable Modem Cable...
  • Page 66 Available Options Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack (S1424-25A) Stylus Pack (S1424-17A) 32-MB RAM Module (S1424-18B) Direct Connection Cable (S1424-12S) VGA Cable (S1424-12V) AC Adapter (S1424-21A) 5-4 Specifications...
  • Page 67: Modem Commands

    Modem Commands AT Commands Command Description Repeat last command Answer a call Select ITU-T modulation at 300 and 1200bps Select Bell modulation at 300 and 1200bps X Dial, where n = P — Pulse dial T — Tone dial W — Wait for dial tone , —...
  • Page 68 AT Commands (cont’d) Command Description Go into online data mode without retrain sequence Go online data mode with retrain sequence Set pulse dial Enable result code Disable result code Sn=m Write m to S-register n Return the value of S-register n Set dial tone Set numeric result code Set verbose result code...
  • Page 69 AT Commands (cont’d) Command Description &D1 Go to command mode on ON-to-OFF DTR transition &D2 Hang-up and go to command mode on ON- to-OFF DTR transition. Disable auto answer &D3 Reset on ON-to-OFF DTR transition &F Recall default setting &G0 Disable guard tone &G1 Disable guard tone...
  • Page 70 AT Commands (cont’d) Command Description Select normal mode connection Select LAPM and MNP connection Select LAPM, MNP and normal mode connection Select only LAPM connection Select only MNP connection Disable extended result code Enable extended result code Disable data compression Enable MNP 5 data compression negotiation Enable V.42 bis data compression...
  • Page 71 S-Registers Register Function Rings to Auto answer Ring Counter Escape Character Carriage Return Character Line Feed Character Backspace Character Wait Time for Dial Tone Wait Time for Carrier Pause Time for Dial Delay Modifier Carrier Detect Response Time Carrier Loss Disconnect Time 1-255 DTMF Tone Duration Escape Prompt Delay Sleep Inactivity Timer...
  • Page 74 Index adapter, 2-4, 3-17 power port, 2-4 Application shortcut keys, 3-5 Assigning shortcut keys, 3-6 Audio application using, 3-10 Audio memos, 3-9 Backlight, 3-4 Backlight key, 2-3 Back-up batteries battery low message, 2-13 replacement, 2-12 Battery cover lock, 2-5 installation, 1-3 precautions, 2-16 types, 1-2 Caring for the MobilePro, 2-17...
  • Page 75 PC card eject button, 2-5 PC card slot, 2-4 RAM bay cover, 2-5 Record button, 2-4 Reset button, 2-5 ROM bay cover, 2-5 serial port, 2-5 speaker, 2-6 stylus, 2-3 summary listing, 1-1 VGA port, 2-6 Finding the stylus, 2-7 Function keys, 3-5 Inbox setup for RAS, 3-22...
  • Page 76 upgrading, 3-24 RAS setup, 3-22 Record switch, 2-4 Removing the stylus, 2-7 Replacing batteries, 2-9 Reset button, 2-5 Resetting the MobilePro, 3-25 bay cover, 2-5 upgrading, 3-24 Serial port, 2-5 Setting a MobilePro time-out, 3-3 Setup desktop software, 1-7 first-time instructions, 1-2 MobilePro Software Suite, 1-7 Setup Wizard using, 1-5...
  • Page 77 BATTERY REPLACEMENT There is a danger of explosion if the battery is incorrectly re- placed. Replace only with the same or equivalent type rec- ommended by the manufacturer. Discard used batteries according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Il y a danger d’explosion s’il y a replacement incorrect de la batterie.
  • Page 78 (For United States Use Only) FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION RADIO FREQUENCY INTERFERENCE STATEMENT Changes or modifications to this unit not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. NOTE This is a Class B Digital Device. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
  • Page 79 the RENs should not exceed five (5). To be certain of the number of devices that may be connected to the line, as determined by the total RENs contact the telephone company to determine the maximum REN for the calling area. If the MobilePro causes harm to the telephone network, the telephone company will notify you in advance that temporary termination of service may be required.
  • Page 80 IC CS-03 “NOTICE: The Industry Canada label identifies certified equipment. This certification means that the equipment meets telecommunications network protective, operational and safety requirements as prescribed in the appropriate Terminal Equipment Technical Requirements document. The Department does not guarantee the equipment will operate to the user’s satisfaction. Before installing this equipment, users should ensure that it is permissible to be connected to the facilities of the local telecommunications company.
  • Page 81 FCC PART 15 CLASS B This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interface in a residential installation.
  • Page 82 FCC WARNING Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. Properly shielded and grounded cables and connectors must be used for connection to host computer and/or peripherals in order to meet FCC emission limits.
  • Page 83: Declaration Of Conformity

    (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Trade/Model Name: NEC MobilePro 750C Model No.(s): S1424-04A03 Responsible Party: NEC Computer System Division, A Division of Packard Bell NEC, Inc. 1414 Massachusetts Avenue Boxborough, Massachusetts 01719 1-800-632-4525 Type of Product:...

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